Eye quotes

  • Success in God's eyes is faithfulness to His calling.
    -- Billy Graham

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  • Knowing we will be with Christ forever far outweighs our burdens today! Keep your eyes on eternity!
    -- Billy Graham

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  • Your empty eyes seem to pass me by and leave me dancing with myself.
    -- Billy Idol

    #Eye #Dancing #Rejection

  • Such a human waste, your eyes without a face.
    -- Billy Idol

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  • My hair used to be real long, and my parents were encouraged when I cut it. They thought I was going 'straight,' but I was just getting weirder - at least in their eyes. I was getting into the punk thing.
    -- Billy Idol

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  • They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known. And I believe there is a time for meditation in cathedrals of our own. Now I have seen that sad surrender in my lovers eyes...and I can only stand apart and sympathize...for we are only what our situations hand us...it's either sadness or euphoria...
    -- Billy Joel

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  • I am and always will be a sinner. But that's the beautiful thing about Jesus. I'll always try to be a better person in the eyes of God. But I'm not all of a sudden stepping up on a pedestal and saying I'm holier than thou, 'cause I'm not!
    -- Billy Ray Cyrus

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  • The road to Hades is easy to travel; at any rate men pass away with their eyes shut.
    -- Bion of Borysthenes

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  • Kyouya my hair stylist. Mori-senpi go to the eye doctor and get him some contact lenses. -Tamaki What about me Tama-chan? -Hunny Hunny senpi. -Tamaki Yes sir! -Hunny You... go have some cake. -Tamaki It's just us Ousa-chan.Everyone else said they were too busy. . . -Hunny
    -- Bisco Hatori

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  • Tamaki to Kyoya: I thought you wanted more because your eyes don't show satisfaction now.
    -- Bisco Hatori

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  • The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music. Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music.
    -- Bjork

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  • It seems that most the world is driven by the eye, right? They design cities to look great but they always sound horrible, ... They design telephones to look great, but they sound horrible. I think it was about time that the other senses were celebrated.
    -- Bjork

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  • i'm back at my cliff still throwing things off i listen to the sounds they make on their way down i follow him with my eyes 'till they crash imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks.
    -- Bjork

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  • Hear me, four quarters of the world-a relative I am! Give me the strength to walk the soft earth, a relative to all that is! Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand, that I may be like you. With your power only can I face the winds.
    -- Black Elk

    #Eye #Wind #Giving

  • It's in the darkness of men's eyes that they get lost.
    -- Black Elk

    #Eye #Men #Darkness

  • But if the Vision was true and mighty, as I know, it is true and mighty yet;for such things are of Spirit, and it is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost.
    -- Black Elk

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  • Writing is to descend like a miner to the depths of the mine with a lamp on your forehead, a light whose dubious brightness falsifies everything, whose wick is in permanent danger of explosion, whose blinking illumination in the coal dust exhausts and corrodes your eyes.
    -- Blaise Cendrars

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  • Our own interests are still an exquisite means for dazzling our eyes agreeably.
    -- Blaise Pascal

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  • Come a little closer, love the way you look tonight My eyes are the only thing I don't wanna take off of you
    -- Blake Shelton

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  • Lord of the far horizons, Give us the eyes to see Over the verge of the sundown The beauty that is to be.
    -- Bliss Carman

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  • The greatest art belongs to the world. Do not be intimidated by the experts. Trust your instincts. Do not be afraid to go against what you were taught, or what you were told to see or believe. Every person, every set of eyes, has the right to the truth.
    -- Blue Balliett

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  • Passing time isn't a steady thing. People try to measure it, but some days seem to have years packed into them, and others pass in the blink of an eye. Some days matter, and others don't.
    -- Blue Balliett

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  • Little by little deep inside us, the diamond shines, the eyes open, the dawn rises, we become what we already are.
    -- Bo Lozoff

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  • So far as we know, Earth is the only planet which supports life, and it is the only planet on which we can survive. Our bodies and our minds are fashioned by it. Our hearts resonate with it. There will be little joy for the human spirit if we destroy the natural fabric of Earth with nothing left to do but go shopping. When we imagine the world a century from now, when we look our great grandchildren in the eye and see them smiling back at us because they know we cared for them, we smile too!
    -- Bob Brown

    #Eye #Heart #Grandchildren

  • I was heart broken, scared, I had a lot of anxiety, I was worried, I felt weak, and I had no idea how I was ever going to come up with the strength. But I just closed my eyes, and took a blind leap. I knew I had to get out of there.
    -- Bob Casey, Jr.

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  • It doesn't seem that long ago to me that the word 'irreverent' seemed affixed to my name. 'Irreverent newcomer.' I went from irreverent to venerable in what seems to me like the blink of an eye.
    -- Bob Costas

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  • These days I smile benignly at the fights that I see in NBA games. There aren't any broken noses or black eyes, which happened quite often when I played.
    -- Bob Cousy

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  • There's beauty in the silver singing river There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky But none of these and nothing else can match the beauty That I remember in my true love's eyes
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky.
    -- Bob Dylan

    #Eye #Jewels #Sky

  • There's a whole lot of people in trouble tonight From the disease of conceit Whole lot of people seeing double tonight From the disease of conceit Give ya delusions of grandeur And a evil eye Give you the idea that You're too good to die Then they bury you from your head to your feet From the disease of conceit
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • She had bullets in her eyes and they fired.
    -- Bob Dylan

    #Romantic #Eye #Bullets

  • Thinking of a series of dreams Where the time and the tempo fly And there's no exit in any direction 'Cept the one that you can't see with your eyes
    -- Bob Dylan

    #Dream #Eye #Thinking

  • Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won't come again And don't speak too soon For the wheel's still in spin And there's no tellin' who That it's namin' For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changin'.
    -- Bob Dylan

    #Eye #Winning #Wheels

  • A million faces at my feet but all I see are dark eyes.
    -- Bob Dylan

    #Eye #Dark #Feet

  • Instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, sometimes God wants us to keep our eyes open for people in need, do something about it, and bow our whole lives to Him instead.
    -- Bob Goff

    #Eye #People #Needs

  • God pursues us into whatever dark place we've landed and behind whatever locked door holds us in. He holds our unwashed and dirty hands and models how He wants us to pursue each other And He says to ordinary people like me and you that instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, sometimes God wants us to keep our eyes open for people in need, do something about it, and bow our whole lives to Him instead.
    -- Bob Goff

    #Dirty #Eye #Dark

  • I think it is incredibly important to be open and accessible and treat people fairly and look them in the eye and tell them what is on your mind.
    -- Bob Iger

    #Eye #Thinking #People

  • Would You Wear My Eyes?
    -- Bob Kaufman


  • Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned... Everything is war. Me say war. That until the're no longer 1st class and 2nd class citizens of any nation... Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significa...nce than the color of his eyes, me say war. That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race me say war!
    -- Bob Marley

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  • You must be able to see yourself, with your inner eye, already in possession of the good you desire.
    -- Bob Proctor

    #Eye #Desire #Able

  • Let us seize the special opportunity that is ours to act boldly and decisively at a time when the eyes of our fellow citizens, both present and future, are upon us.
    -- Bob Taft

    #Eye #Opportunity #Special

  • I love a bright lip with a neutral eye. Its an easy, wearable look that gives brightness to your face without looking over-the-top.
    -- Bobbi Brown

    #Eye #Giving #Looks

  • My grandfather taught me how important it is to have your eyes open,because you never know what's going to come your way.
    -- Bobbi Brown

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  • What are you doing, looking at me with one eye and chasing a fly with the other?
    -- Bobby Heenan

    #Eye #Chasing

  • I think marriage is between a man and a woman. I think we're all created equal in God's eyes, I think we need to respect and love those we disagree with. I think we can have religious liberty without discrimination. My views on marriage aren't evolving with the polls. It's based on my faith, I think it should remain between a man and a woman.
    -- Bobby Jindal

    #Religious #Eye #Men

  • I think it's offensive to equate evangelical Christians, Catholics, others that view marriage as between a man and a woman, as being racist. We're not racist. We love our fellow man, we think we're all equal under God's eyes, we don't believe we should change the definition of marriage simply because of opinion polls or because of a court that quite frankly isn't looking at the constitution.
    -- Bobby Jindal

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  • I had held a notion that I could make a pretty fair appraisal of the worth of an opponent simply by speaking to him on the first tee and taking a good measuring look into his eyes.
    -- Bobby Jones

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  • I couldn't do anything without faith. I couldn't open up my eyes, I couldn't walk, I couldn't speak, I couldn't sing.
    -- Bobby McFerrin

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  • I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise... He did the mash He did the monster mash The monster mash It was a graveyard smash...
    -- Bobby Pickett

    #Halloween #Eye #Night

  • Only see you when I close my eyes. We on borrowed time when I delayed the sunlight.
    -- Bobby V

    #Falling In Love #Eye #Sunlight

  • So remember when you tell those little white lies that the night has a thousand eyes.
    -- Bobby Vee

    #Lying #Eye #Night

  • The mind's capacity is limitless, and its manifestations are inexhaustible. Seeing forms with your eyes, hearing sounds with your ears, smelling odors with your nose, tasting flavors with your tongue, every movement or state is all your mind.
    -- Bodhidharma

    #Eye #Mind #Sound

  • Give me Thy light, and fix my eyes on Thee!
    -- Boethius

    #God #Eye #Light

  • Today's Gypsies, who have lived in Prague for only two generations, light a ritual fire wherever they work, a nomads' fire crackling only for the joy of it, a blaze of rough-hewn wood like a child's laugh, a symbol of the eternity that preceded human thought, a free fire, a gift from heaven, a living sign of the elements unnoticed by the world-weary pedestrian, a fire in the ditches of Prague warming the wanderer's eye and soul.
    -- Bohumil Hrabal

    #Children #Eye #Fire

  • I'll close my eyes, so I won't see, all of the love that you don't feel for me.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

    #Eye #Explanation #Feels

  • The fact is that ours is the first generation that can look disease and extreme poverty in the eye, look across the ocean to Africa, and say this, and mean it. We do not have to stand for this. A whole continent written off - we do not have to stand for this.
    -- Bono

    #Ocean #Mean #Eye

  • The eyes of some of the fans at Davis Cup matches scare me. There's no light in them. Fixed emotions. Blind worship. Horror. It makes me think of what happened to us long ago.
    -- Boris Becker

    #Eye #Thinking #Light

  • Some of the best actors in the world are very exterior actors, Anthony Hopkins being one of them. He knows exactly how to turn his face to get a certain expression. He knows exactly what to do with eyes, and with his voice. It's very exterior.
    -- Boris Kodjoe

    #Eye #Expression #Voice

  • Another boat, a straight-four, four sweep oarsmen without a coxswain, raced through our flotilla. I looked at them as they jetted past, and I quickly looked again. This boat appeared to be manned by four skeletons. Their cheek bones stood out like knots, their ribs were clearly defined as if they were painted on. Every leg and arm muscle showed as taut as steel cabling. Four pairs of deep-set eyes peered at us, conveying 'the look.' The four men who were rowing that shell were a special breed of oarsmen known as 'lightweights'...
    -- Brad Alan Lewis

    #Eye #Past #Men

  • I pu my finger to her lips. "You have to hush a minute so that I can tell you something." "What?" she says, bites my finger. I look at her. "I love you." She gets quiet, the kind of quiet that sinks into her, softens her. "Well that works out," she finally says, her voice deeper and breathless, her eyes moist, "because I love you too." She turns, leans against my arm, and settles into me.
    -- Brad Barkley

    #Love You #Eye #Voice

  • Not every President is a great speaker. Not every President is a great thinker. But in the modern era, every single President is a master of one thing: eye contact.
    -- Brad Meltzer

    #Eye #President #Eras

  • They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I find it's often in huge tits, too.
    -- Brad Wilkerson

    #Eye #Men #Beholder

  • Eye's follow energy more than motion.
    -- Bradley Henderson

    #Eye #Magic #Energy

  • Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand, and yet which are; that some people see things that others cannot? But there are things old and new which must not be contemplate by men´s eyes, because they know -or think they know- some things which other men have told them. Ah, it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain.
    -- Bram Stoker

    #Eye #Men #Thinking

  • There was a deliberate voluptuousness that was both thrilling and repulsive. And as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal till I could see in the moonlight the moisture Then lapped the white, sharp teeth. Lower and lower went her head. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited.
    -- Bram Stoker

    #Eye #Animal #White

  • I saw the Count lying within the box upon the earth, some of which the rude falling from the cart had scattered over him. He was deathly pale, just like a waxen image, and the red eyes glared with the horrible vindictive look which I knew so well.
    -- Bram Stoker

    #Lying #Fall #Eye

  • It was like a miracle, but before our very eyes, and almost in the drawing of a breath, the whole body crumbled into dust and passed from our sight.
    -- Bram Stoker

    #Eye #Sight #Dust

  • Give me Your eyes for just one second, Give me Your eyes so I can see, Everything that I keep missing, Give me Your love for humanity, Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted, The ones that are far beyond my reach, Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten, Give me Your eyes so I can see
    -- Brandon Heath

    #Heart #Eye #Broken

  • Running toward danger is foolhardy. ... But so is closing your eyes to it. Many perils become less dangerous once you understand their potential hazards.
    -- Brandon Mull

    #Running #Eye #Hazards

  • And so, does the destination matter? Or is it the path we take? I declare that no accomplishment has substance nearly as great as the road used to achieve it. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

    #Strong #Eye #Journey

  • Too many of us take great pains with what we ingest through our mouths, and far less with what we partake of through our ears and eyes.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

    #Pain #Eye #Ears

  • Good men don't become legends," he said quietly. "Good men don't need to become legends." She opened her eyes, looking up at him. "They just do what's right anyway.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

    #Integrity #Eye #Men

  • So, using his pride like a shield against despair, dejection, and-most important— self-pity, Raoden raised his head to stare damnation in the eyes.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

    #Eye #Pride #Self

  • I just feel my sexuality is private. I'm very shy about being sexy. That part of me has been so closed to the public eye. I've sold millions of records with my clothes on.
    -- Brandy Norwood

    #Sexy #Eye #Clothes

  • To keep from going stale you must forget your professional outlook and rediscover the virginal eye of the amateur.
    -- Brassai

    #Eye #Forget You #Outlook

  • Photography in our time leaves us with a grave responsibility. While we are playing in our studios with broken flowerpots, oranges, nude studies and still lifes, one day we know that we will be brought to account: life is passing before our eyes without our ever having seen a thing.
    -- Brassai

    #Photography #Eye #Responsibility

  • That's what makes it so right. Your eyes—your soul is there, but the rest of you is still so undefined. That's the beauty of childhood. The eyes show everything you've seen so far, but the rest of you is still so open to possibility, to whatever you might become.
    -- Bree Despain

    #Eye #Childhood #Soul

  • If one's sense of self is obtained through the eyes of another it is always subject to being lost.
    -- Brenda Shoshanna

    #Eye #Self #Lost

  • I will try to cram these paragraphs full of facts and give them a weight and shape no greater than that of a cloud of blue butterflies.
    -- Brendan Gill

    #Butterfly #Eye #Clouds

  • One of the the loveliest lines I have ever read comes from Brother Roger, the Prior of the Protestant monks of Taize, France: 'Assured of your salvation by the unique grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.' It is still difficult for me to read these words without tears filling my eyes. It is wonderful.
    -- Brennan Manning

    #Brother #Jesus #Eye

  • Lord, when I feel that what I'm doing is insignificant and unimportant, help me to remember that everything I do is significant and important in your eyes, because you love me and you put me here, and no one else can do what I am doing in exactly the way I do it.
    -- Brennan Manning

    #Eye #Important #Purpose

  • So what does that make you think about God? I think that maybe, if human beings have souls, that maybe their souls are in their eyes. That maybe that's what the color is. Their souls.
    -- Brent Runyon

    #Eye #Thinking #Color

  • Elene gasped and sat up. "Kylar Thaddeus Stern!" Kylar giggled. "Thaddeus? That's a good one. I knew a Thaddeus once." "So did I. He was a blind idiot." "Really?" Kylar said, his eyes dancing. "The one I knew was famous for his gigantic-" "Kylar!" Elene interrupted, motioning toward Uly. "His gigantic what?" Uly asked. "Now you did it." Elene said, "His gigantic what, Kyler?" "Feet. And you know what they say about big feet." He winked lasciviously at Elene. "What?" Uly asked. "Big Shoes," Kylar said.
    -- Brent Weeks

    #Eye #Feet #Shoes

  • She laughs and looks out the window and I think for a minute that she's going to start to cry. I'm standing by the door and I look over at the Elvis Costello poster, at his eyes, watching her, watching us, and I try to get her away from it, so I tell her to come over here, sit down, and she thinks I want to hug her or something and she comes over to me and puts her arms around my back and says something like 'I think we've all lost some sort of feeling.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

    #Eye #Thinking #Doors

  • Never a tear bedims the eye that time and patience will not dry.
    -- Bret Harte

    #Eye #Tears #Dry

  • My teeth have never been touched. Why did I tell you that? Knock on wood. I've got a few scars over the eyes, a couple on the chin, a few on the beak and one across the cheek. But my luck is running out.
    -- Brett Hull

    #Running #Couple #Eye

  • Customers are willing to try new things, and if you can survive, you will have fewer competitors. It's like entering the eye of the storm. As long as you are strong enough to survive, you can end up in still water by yourself.
    -- Brian Chesky

    #Strong #Eye #Long

  • Instead of shooting arrows at someone elses target, which Ive never been very good at, I make my own target around wherever my arrow happens to have landed. You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.
    -- Brian Eno

    #Eye #Arrows #Target

  • People in the arts often want to aim for the biggest, most obvious target, and hit it smack in the bull’s eye. Of course with everybody else aiming there as well that makes it very hard and expensive to hit. I prefer to shoot the arrow, then paint the target around it. You make the niches in which you finally reside.
    -- Brian Eno

    #Art #Eye #Arrows

  • You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.
    -- Brian Eno

    #Eye #Arrows #Target

  • It is inescapable that Ringo was the catalyst for the others. He certainly completed the jigsaw and The Beatles, with Ringo, became a magnet for the great camera artists of the world, a target for the jaded, lately hostile eyes of people who had hardly known that popular music existed.
    -- Brian Epstein

    #Eye #Artist #People

  • Faeries are seen through the heart, not through the eyes. Remember that faeries inhabit the interior of the earth and the interior of all things, so look, in the first place, in the interior of yourself.
    -- Brian Froud

    #Heart #Eye #Looks

  • You do not see fairies through the eyes, you see them through the heart and that took me a long time to learn because I was always trying to see them through my eyes.
    -- Brian Froud

    #Eye #Heart #Long

  • Nothing to me is unexpected. No disappointment is unexpected - whether it's movies or people or relationships. I'm always ready for the punch directly between the eyes. So I get hurt, but I never get hurt. Happens all the time.
    -- Brian Grazer

    #Hurt #Disappointment #Eye

  • In my own research when I'm working with equations, I never feel like I really understand what I'm doing if I'm solely relying on the mathematics for my understanding. I need to have a visual picture in my mind. I'm constantly translating from the math to some intuitive mind's-eye picture.
    -- Brian Greene

    #Eye #Math #Understanding

  • When dogs and humans make eye contact, that actually releases what's known as the love hormone, oxytocin, in both the dog and the human.
    -- Brian Hare

    #Dog #Eye #Oxytocin

  • When dogs are actually looking at you, they're essentially hugging you with their eyes.
    -- Brian Hare

    #Dog #Eye #Hug

  • The man who sees an opportunity and does nothing is asleep with his eyes open.
    -- Brian Herbert

    #Eye #Opportunity #Men

  • If y'can't see with yore own two eyes what's in front of them, then y'better off closin' 'em an' goin' t'sleep, 'tis far more restful! —Gerul
    -- Brian Jacques

    #Sleep #Eye #Two

  • The young mouse's eyes snapped open, clear and bright. He swung the ancient sword high and struck at the giant adder. He struck for Redwall! He struck against evil! He struck for Martin! He struck for Log-a-Log and his shrews! He struck for dead Guosim! He struck as Methuselah would have wanted him to! He struck against Cluny the Scourge and tyranny! He struck out against Captain Snow's ridicule! He struck for the world of light and freedom! He struck until his paws ached and the sword fell from them!
    -- Brian Jacques

    #Eye #Light #Snow