Batteries quotes

  • I took the batteries out my mysticism / 
And put them in my thinking cap
    -- Alex Turner

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  • My friends always joke that I run on batteries.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • We take better care of our smartphone than ourselves. We know when the battery is depleted and recharge it
    -- Arianna Huffington

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  • I am somewhat exhausted; I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non-conductor?
    -- Arthur Conan Doyle

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  • I travel with a bunch of battery packs because I don't always have time to charge my phone at the hotel room when I'm traveling. I always change them, so I never run out of battery.
    -- Avicii

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  • I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.
    -- Bernard Manning

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  • When I Tell You I Need To Be Alone, What I Mean Is I Don't Want You To See Me Changing The Batteries On My Confidence.
    -- Buddy Wakefield

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  • Cars have a large engine in the front and you have a gearbox, which is cumbersome. Electric cars don't have this problem. The motor is much smaller, the battery is below you. This will allow you to play with different shapes.
    -- Carlos Ghosn

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  • I could sell used battery acid and make it fly.
    -- Dan Aykroyd

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  • Coming back to theatre is something I'm keen to do for the rest of my life. It recharges my batteries, so to speak.
    -- Dan Stevens

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  • We were lavish of blood in those days, and it was thought to be a great thing to charge a battery of artillery or an earthwork lined with infantry.
    -- Daniel Harvey Hill

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  • The positive and negative poles of a battery create an electrical flow. The masculine and feminine poles between people create a flow of sexual energy in motion.
    -- David Deida

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  • We see portability in electronics being a continuing requirement, higher functionality, better battery life, requiring lower power for the actual electronics.
    -- David Milne

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  • I invest in anything that Bernanke can't destroy including Gold, canned beans, bottled water and flashlight batteries....
    -- David Stockman

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  • Batteries are the most dramatic object. Other things stop working or they break, But Batteries... They Die.
    -- Demetri Martin

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  • In a battery, I strive to maximize electrical potential. When mentoring, I strive to maximize human potential.
    -- Donald Sadoway

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  • The liquid metal battery story is more than an account of inventing technology. It's a blueprint for inventing inventors.
    -- Donald Sadoway

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  • People would like better batteries but they are wary of making investments. What is required is both a technology push and a market pull.
    -- Donald Sadoway

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  • In a wristwatch, imagine the battery is in the strap and there's a medical sensor in there connected to the internet. If someone is monitoring that, they could phone up if the user has forgotten to take some medication. This could save hundreds of dollars in medical fees later. What's missing? It's a stable battery.
    -- Donald Sadoway

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  • My mobile phone battery runs out all the time because all the messages come straight to me.
    -- Ed Balls

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  • I ride my bike for transportation a great deal - occasionally I ride it for fun. But I also have a generator bike that's hooked up to my solar battery pack, so if I ride 15 minutes hard on my bike, that's enough energy to toast toast, or power my computer.
    -- Ed Begley, Jr.

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  • A whole roomful of Jews is like a charged battery. The vitality sparks seem to fly, and frequently the result is a short circuit.
    -- Edna Ferber

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  • I know that spinning sets me in a trance; it soothes me and charges my batteries at the same time. When times are tough I sit down to spin during the news-broadcasts, with therapeutic results.
    -- Elizabeth Zimmermann

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  • A sense of electrical current was part of my own experience of being manic. The sensation that my mind was spinning and overheating would sometimes build to a sensation like an electrical short - a burst of light, a melting, or dissipating - and I'd get a metallic taste in my mouth, like when you lick a battery.
    -- Ellen Forney

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  • I love walking in the woods, on the trails, along the beaches. I love being part of nature. I love walking alone. It is therapy. One needs to be alone, to recharge one's batteries.
    -- Grace Kelly

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  • Ewan McGregor and I had very similar first-time light sabre experiences. We both burned ourselves! These things are hot - they're full of batteries!
    -- Hayden Christensen

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  • The law is a battery, which protects all that is behind it, but sweeps with destruction all that is outside.
    -- Henry Ward Beecher

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  • An hour or two of learning from the masters is usually enough to recharge my artistic batteries.
    -- James Dean

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  • I like some time away to recharge the batteries, not only physically, but emotionally so that I get to the point where I'm just dying to direct again and then that's the right time to do it again.
    -- John Lee Hancock

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  • Let's build a battery plant here.
    -- Keith Hobbs

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  • Without vision, even the most focused passion is a battery without a device.
    -- Ken Auletta

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  • Praying in tongues charges your spirit like a battery charger charges a battery.
    -- Kenneth E. Hagin

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  • So,” Wanda cried, “a woman in furs is nothing more than a large cat, a charged electric battery?
    -- Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

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  • Postmodernism represents a moment of suspension before the batteries are recharged for the new millennium, an acknowledgment that preceding the future is a strange and hybrid interregnum that might be called the last gasp of the past.
    -- Lyman Abbott

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  • The lights are better, safer, and start at around $20. They use less battery power. Normally you get 8 to 10 hours of battery life on a standard light. You can get 150 hours with the LED.
    -- Mark Hall

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  • The truth be told, the World Trade Center was neither a very good work of architecture nor a very successful piece of urbanism. Its shortcomings were somewhat mitigated by the westward and southward expansion of the World Financial Center and Battery Park City during the 1980s.
    -- Martin Filler

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  • For Christmas the just came out with a battery-operated battery. But the batteries aren't included.
    -- Milton Berle

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  • Books dont need batteries
    -- Nadine Gordimer

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  • Whenever I am with energetic young people, I feel like a recharged battery.
    -- Nelson Mandela

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  • Travel is like a tonic to me. It's more than just getting away from the studio for a brief rest. I need it to recharge my batteries.
    -- Norman Rockwell

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  • Reading allows me to recharge my batteries.
    -- Rahul Dravid

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  • Each building has to be beautiful, but cheap and fast, but it lasts forever. That is already an incredible battery of seemingly contradictory demands. So yes, I'm definitely perhaps contradictory person, but I operate in very contradictory times.
    -- Rem Koolhaas

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  • Well, I like way downtown near the Battery. I lived down there at this time and for, I guess, the following well, this is where I moved to uptown and I've been here for four years and this is 1965.
    -- Robert Rauschenberg

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  • Our books still do not require batteries. But I am no fool. It is a slender advantage.
    -- Robin Sloan

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  • The International Cricket Calender shouldn't be so packed with action that it drives spectators away. Also there should be enough space between cricket events to help players recharge their batteries - not just physically but mentally too.
    -- Sachin Tendulkar

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  • I'd share a pic if the digital camera battery wasn't as flat as 17th century Earth.
    -- Simon Haynes

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  • If a robin redbreast in a cage Puts all heaven in a rage, How feels heaven when Dies the billionth battery hen?
    -- Spike Milligan

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  • Every person I talk to has a story about how their smoke alarm went off or woke them up with a battery beeping. So you take it off the wall and you take the battery out and say screw this. They hate the products.
    -- Tony Fadell

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  • A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets.
    -- William Tecumseh Sherman

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  • I started in theater, and I love to go back to theater, just to have the experience and recharge my batteries, creatively.
    -- Zachary Levi

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  • When the signal is weak, the phone is working more, you drain the battery faster, so only use a phone when the signal is weak in a true emergency.
    -- Devra Davis

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  • There's a fine line between something saving you time and replacing a bit of you that could be useful. I've certainly become more and more aware of that. All it takes is for my phone to run out of battery and I need to find a place and I suddenly realise I have no sense of direction anymore because I'm so used to using it for that.
    -- Emily Berrington

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  • I was not in a good space in my life, emotionally particularly, so I needed to do something to recharge my batteries emotionally and musically. I took a break and I learnt software and programming a little bit, and that's how I designed my live machine, which I've been using for years.
    -- Jamie Lidell

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  • In the "Intervention" section of the book we go into that looping from a battery of positions (where healer and sufferer are blurred). I'm very interested in "repetition and revision" (to use Suzan Lori-Parks's phrase) and in the culture's desire to loop or repeat.
    -- Laura Mullen

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  • New York, New York, - a helluva town, The Bronx is up but the Battery is down.
    -- Betty Comden

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  • Sometimes the things I learn making paintings or drawings - composition, colour, expressionism, texture - can directly influence the making of a film. Sometimes it's great that they are different, and simply taking a break from one medium to spend time with another, recharges the batteries and I feel refreshed.
    -- Dave McKean

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  • We have to control our battery development and testing.
    -- Henrik Fisker

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