Narcissistic quotes

  • If you limit yourself to sexual pleasure it's narcissistic. You don't connect with the other, you take what pleasure you want from them.
    -- Alain Badiou

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  • Sustenance for the infant and child is more than alimentary nourishment. The child needs love, security, narcissistic supplies -- however one may describe it.
    -- Alexander Lowen

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  • That probably greatest of narcissistic wounds -- not to have been loved just as one truly was -- cannot heal without the work of mourning.
    -- Alice Miller

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  • There are some honorable politicians; and God bless them, there aren't many of them - but they're narcissistic. They need people to love them.
    -- Ann Coulter

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  • A lot of pictures of yourself - you know, it's a little narcissistic.
    -- Barack Obama

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  • I found out about reviews early on. They're mostly written by sad men on bad afternoons. That's probably why I'm less angry than some writers, who are so narcissistic they consider every line of every review, even a thoughtful one, as major treason.
    -- Barry Hannah

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  • People are very narcissistic. It's not all their fault. We live in a society where there is a magazine for you, a channel for you, a perfume for you.
    -- Bill Maher

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  • I'd done three solo albums in a row, and that's quite narcissistic.
    -- Bjork

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  • I thought narcissism was about self-love till someone told me there is a flip side to it... It is unrequited self-love.
    -- Emily Levine

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  • It's no wonder human beings are so narcissistic. The way our ears are constructed, we can hear only what is right next to us or else the internal monologue inside.
    -- Gretel Ehrlich

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  • You've got to be a little vicious. You've got to be narcissistic. You've got to be on fire about your career.
    -- Howard Stern

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  • Observations of the sickening effect of programmed environments show that people in them become indolent, impotent, narcissistic and apolitical. The political process breaks down, because people cease to be able to govern themselves; they demand to be managed.
    -- Ivan Illich

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  • I seem to be attracted to the quiet, brooding type. But not too brooding. Too brooding can be narcissistic. Or psychotic.
    -- Kelli Garner

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  • I don't care what you think unless it is about me.
    -- Kurt Cobain

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  • I don't think I am narcissistic. I think I have low self-esteem.
    -- Lorraine Bracco

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  • Lots of narcissistic people have helped lots of other people with their music. That's such a narcissistic thing to say! Ha ha!
    -- Marina and the Diamonds

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  • I don't think any actor feels comfortable watching themselves in movies. You must be very narcissistic. The problem with your own opinion of yourself is that contrary to the normal spectators, when you watch a film you are in, you only watch yourself.
    -- Omar Sharif

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  • To be sick and helpless is a humiliating experience. Prolonged illness also carries the hazard of narcissistic self-absorption.
    -- Richard Hofstadter

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  • Peace is wonderful, but / ecstatic dance is more fun / and less narcissistic
    -- Rumi

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  • The narcissist devours people, consumes their output, and casts the empty, writhing shells aside.
    -- Sam Vaknin

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  • New Yorkers have a delightfully narcissistic habit of assuming that if they're not conscious of a scene, it doesn't exist.
    -- Sloane Crosley

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  • The Portrait of Dorian Grey' beautifully articulates how the altruistic part of ourselves clashes with our essentially narcissistic state.
    -- Walton Goggins

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  • Being here allows me to make the case that not all aging, narcissistic movie actors whose children could be mistaken for their grandchildren necessarily act with the same motivation.
    -- Warren Beatty

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  • Our brains are very animal but also very strange and egotistical. We're narcissistic.
    -- Zoe Saldana

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  • Can we come to the point where we can accept the impossible strivings that we have, the utter inability to ever fulfill our narcissistic megalomania, and then go on to live our lives and accept our disturbing thoughts? We need to accept our vulnerabilities and have love for our imperfections. If you can want what you have, I think you're on your way.
    -- Francis Levy

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  • One thing that stress does is make us ungenerous, so we constrict, we look after our own. We get solipsistic and go into our own narcissistic spiral. What this taught me is that there is a way of dealing with stress that is much more welcoming and open and hospitable to the world.
    -- Kyo Maclear

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  • I one hundred percent recognize that comedy is a more narcissistic profession and that I cannot directly improve people's lives the way I could if I had stayed in the policy world. But the trade-off is that I'm happier doing jokes.
    -- Negin Farsad

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  • There are certain restaurants where you should photograph the food rather than eat it. These are great places to bring a narcissistic boyfriend before you break up.
    -- Perry Brass

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  • I don't mind being artificial sometimes, because I like veiling myself. I mean, I'm not honest or sincere: I am self-centered and narcissistic. I just want to be this entity.
    -- Willis Earl Beal

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  • How can you be of service to something other than your own ego and bank account, in a business that's inherently narcissistic?
    -- Billy Porter

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  • It's really hard to have a fair discussion when you're faced with militarism, aggression, and greed. The militarists do not want dialogue. They want what they want. They're psychotic. They're greedy, they're narcissistic, and they're dangerous.
    -- Carolee Schneemann

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  • I think it's fantastically narcissistic to believe that in the entire universe, with all of the planetary systems that we've already discovered and the countless others that are out there, that we are the only forms of life.
    -- Ian Bremmer

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  • Acting is usually regarded as a wholly narcissistic pursuit but there really is a hunger in me to unravel the human condition.
    -- Jason Isaacs

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