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  • The real you is not a puppet that life pushes around, the real deep down you is the whole universe.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • The more we try to live in the world of words, the more we feel isolated and alone, the more all the joy and liveliness of things is exchanged for mere certainty and security. On the other hand, the more we are forced to admit that we actually live in the real world, the more we feel ignorant, uncertain, and insecure about everything.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • If my happiness at this moment consists largely in reviewing happy memories and expectations, I am but dimly aware of this present. I shall still be dimly aware of the present when the good things that I have been expecting come to pass. For I shall have formed a habit of looking behind and ahead, making it difficult for me to attend to the here and now. If, then , my awareness of the past and future makes me less aware of the present, I must begin to wonder whether I am actually living in the real world.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • What we have forgotten is that thoughts and words are conventions, and that it is fatal to take conventions too seriously. A convention is a social convenience, as, for example, money ... but it is absurd to take money too seriously, to confuse it with real wealth ... In somewhat the same way, thoughts, ideas and words are "coins" for real things.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • You have seen that the universe is at root a magical illusion and a fabulous game, and that there is no separate "you" to get something out of it, as if life were a bank to be robbed. The only real "you" is the one that comes and goes, manifests and withdraws itself eternally in and as every conscious being. For "you" is the universe looking at itself from billions of points of view, points that come and go so that the vision is forever new.
    -- Alan Watts

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  • In a future that portends stronger and more-frequent hurricanes striking North America's Atlantic coast, ferocious winds will pummel tall, unsteady structures. Some will topple, knocking down others. Like a gap in the forest when a giant tree falls, new growth will rush in. Gradually, the asphalt jungle will give way to a real one.
    -- Alan Weisman

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  • What's interesting about books that take place in the future, even twenty years in the future, is that many of them are black or white: It's either a utopia or it's misery. The real truth is that there's going to be both things in any future, just like there is now.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • It's fear. Fear is like a giant fog. It sits on your brain and blocks everything. Real feeling, true happiness, real joy, they can't get through that fog. But you lift it and buddy you're in for the ride of your life.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • I love life - that’s my real weakness. I love it so much that I am incapable of imagining what is not life.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • The real passion of the twentieth century is servitude.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • In art, rebellion is consummated and perpetuated in the act of real creation, not in criticism or commentary.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • I am just coming out of five years of night, and this orgy of violent lights gives me for the first time the impression of a new continent. An enormous, 50-foot high Camel billboard : a GI with his mouth wide open blows enormous puffs of real smoke. So much bad taste hardly seems imaginable.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • We know the surrealist solution: concrete irrationality, objective risk. Poetry is the conquest, the only possible conquest, of the 'supreme position', 'a certain position of the mind from where life and death, the real and the imaginary, the past and the future... cease to be perceived in a contradictory sense.'
    -- Albert Camus

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  • People believe a man is in distress because his loved one dies in one day. But his real pain is less futile: it is that he finds out that sadness too does not last. Even pain has no meaning.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • Real fulfillment, for the man who allows absolutely free rein to his desires, and who much dominate everything, lies in hatred.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • On the whole, men are more good than bad; that, however, isn't the real point. But they are more or less ignorant, and it is this that we call vice or virtue; the most incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance that fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill. The soul of the murderer is blind; and there can be no true goodness nor true love without the utmost clear-sightedness.
    -- Albert Camus

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  • As far as I remember, even younger than eight, I have always been guided by reason. Not cold reason, but that which leads to the truth, to the real, and to sane Justice.
    -- Albert Claude

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  • You bang that piano real nice.
    -- Albert Collins

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  • To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The mere formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skills. To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • We know nothing at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of schoolchildren. The real nature of things we shall never know.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evil.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • It is not a lack of real affection that scares me away again and again from marriage. Is it a fear of the comfortable life, of nice furniture, of dishonor that I burden myself with, or even the fear of becoming a contented bourgeois.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • Life is indeed difficult, partly because of the real difficulties we must overcome in order to survive, and partly because of our own innate desire to always do better, to overcome new challenges, to self-actualize. Happiness is experienced largely in striving towards a goal, not in having attained things, because our nature is always to want to go on to the next endeavor.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • Rational beliefs bring us closer to getting good results in the real world.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • For that again, is what all manner of religion essentially is: childish dependency. If something is irrational, that means it won't work. It's usually unrealistic. People don't just get upset. They contribute to their upsetness. People have motives and thoughts of which they are unaware. Rational beliefs bring us closer to getting good results in the real world. Self-esteem is the greatest sickness known to man or woman because it's conditional. The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • This, perhaps, goes to show that conditional self-esteem, as I have said for many years, is an insidious, real sickness, so much so that even Buddhists carelessly sneak it in and sometimes encourage their clients to achieve it.
    -- Albert Ellis

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  • Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing.
    -- Albert Hadley

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  • There is a strange kind of tragic enigma associated with the problem of racism. No one, or almost no one, wishes to see themselves as racist; still racism persists, real and tenacious.
    -- Albert Memmi

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  • Man's real genius and knowledge remains preserved in books
    -- Albert Pike

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  • Only those who respect the personality of others can be of real use to them.
    -- Albert Schweitzer

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  • Today it is considered as exaggeration to proclaim constant respect for every form of life as being the serious demand of a rational ethic. But the time is coming when people will be amazed that the human race existed so long before it recognized that thoughtless injury to life is incompatible with real ethics. Ethics is in its unqualified form extended responsibility to everything that has life.
    -- Albert Schweitzer

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  • The real scientist is ready to bear privation and, if need be, starvation rather than let anyone dictate to him which direction his work must take.
    -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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  • If any student comes to me and says he wants to be useful to mankind and go into research to alleviate human suffering, I advise him to go into charity instead. Research wants real egotists who seek their own pleasure and satisfaction, but find it in solving the puzzles of nature.
    -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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  • We are all but recent leaves on the same old tree of life and if this life has adapted itself to new functions and conditions, it uses the same old basic principles over and over again. There is no real difference between the grass and the man who mows it.
    -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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  • My school is the world, and my teacher is the people. It is very important not to stay cloistered in the office if you want to create. We have to go out in society to understand how people live and dress in their real lives.
    -- Alberta Ferretti

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  • The telling of stories creates the real world.
    -- Alberto Manguel

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  • Yes, one uses what one knows, but autobiography means something else. I should never be able to write a real autobiography; I always end by falsifying and fictionalizing—I’m a liar, in fact. That means I’m a novelist, after all. I write about what I know.
    -- Alberto Moravia

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  • I adopt a very simple approach. I observe and reflect real life and ordinary people and sooner or later that raises a laugh.
    -- Alberto Sordi

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  • All the people know Tomba, but not the real Alberto,
    -- Alberto Tomba

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  • In the hall of mirrors, you are everywhere. Which is the real you? Find your original Self, the one who perceives all the reflections and is amused by them. Then you will recognize your path and walk it.
    -- Alberto Villoldo

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  • The True Self is infinite. It knows no boundaries. Pure essence. Pure light. Engulfing the mind, the soul, the body, the invisible real, with its radiance.
    -- Alberto Villoldo

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  • Sometimes in June, when I see unearned dividends of dew hung on every lupine, I have doubts about the real poverty of the sands. On solvent farmlands lupines do not even grow, much less collect a daily rainbow of jewels.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • Like all real treasures of the mind, perception can be split into infinitely small fractions without losing its quality. The weeds in a city lot convey the same lesson as the redwoods; the farmer may see in his cow-pasture what may not be vouchsafed to the scientist adventuring in the South Seas.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • In farm country, the plover has only two real enemies: the gully and the drainage ditch. Perhaps we shall one day find that these are our enemies, too.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • The real jewel of my disease-ridden woodlot is the prothonotary warbler. ... The flash of his gold-and-blue plumage amid the dank decay of the June woods is in itself proof that dead trees are transmuted into living animals, and vice versa.
    -- Aldo Leopold

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  • But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • A mind that has come to the stillness of wisdom shall know being, shall know what it is to love. Love is neither personal nor impersonal. Love is love, not to be defined or described by the mind as exclusive or inclusive. Love is its own eternity; it is the real, the supreme, the immeasurable.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Real progress is progress in charity, all other advances being secondary thereto.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Wherever we turn we find that the real obstacles to peace are human will and feeling, human convictions, prejudices, opinions. If we want to get rid of war we must get rid first of all of its psychological causes. Only when this has been done will the rulers of the nations even desire to get rid of the economic and political causes.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Real orgies are never so exciting as pornographic books. In a volume by Pierre Louys all the girls are young and their figures perfect; there's no hiccoughing or bad breath, no fatigue or boredom, no sudden recollections of unpaid bills or business letters unanswered, to interrupt the raptures. Art gives you the sensation, the thought, the feeling quite pure--chemically pure, I mean,... not morally.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • When truth is nothing but truth, it's unnatural, it's an abstraction that resembles nothing in the real world.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • To the exponents of the Perennial Philosophy, the question whether Progress is inevitable or even real is not a matter of primary importance. For them, the important thing is that individual men and women should come to the unitive knowledge of the divine Ground, and what interests them in regard to the social environment is not its progressiveness or non-progressiveness (whatever those terms may mean), but the degree to which it helps or hinders individuals in the their advance towards man's final end.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • The soul of wit may become the very body of untruth. However elegant and memorable, brevity can never, in the nature of things, do justice to all the facts of a complex situations. On such a theme one can be brief only by omission and simplification. Omission and simplification help us to understand - but help is, in many cases, to understand the wrong thing; for our comprehension may be only of the abbreviator's neatly formulated notions, not of the vast, ramifying reality from which these notions have been so arbitrarily abstracted.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • Katy was neither a Methodist nor a Masochist. She was a goddess and the silence of goddesses is genuinely golden. None of your superficial plating. A solid, twenty-two-carat silence all the way through. The Olympian's trap is kept shut, not by an act of willed discretion, but because there's really nothing to say. Goddesses are all of one piece. There's no internal conflict in them. Whereas the lives of people like you and me are one long argument. Desires on one side, woodpeckers on the other. Never a moment of real silence.
    -- Aldous Huxley

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  • The resistance of policy-makers to intelligence is not just founded on an ideological presupposition. They distrust intelligence sources and intelligence officials because they don't understand what the real problems are.
    -- Aldrich Ames

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  • I don't think acting is addictive. If I stopped acting tomorrow, I really wouldn't care. If you told me that I would have to sell real estate in New York City to look after my family, that would be fine with me.
    -- Alec Baldwin

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  • What is necessary is not to seek after some fantastic ideal, utterly unsuited to our real needs, but to discover the true nature of those needs, to fulfill them, and rejoice therein.
    -- Aleister Crowley

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  • When I was a teenager, if you'd asked me, I would have said I was in a relationship with New York City. It was my first real love.
    -- Aleksa Palladino

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  • I tend to wait for true stories to mature into fiction. Most of my fiction grew out of a long-germinating real-life situation.
    -- Aleksandar Hemon

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  • There are moments in life when it is all turned inside out--what is real becomes unreal, what is unreal becomes tangible, and all your levelheaded efforts to keep a tight ontological control are rendered silly and indulgent.
    -- Aleksandar Hemon

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  • I'm a REAL National Socialist, you'd better believe it!
    -- Aleksandr Dugin

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  • The real drug is to train like a madman, really like a madman.
    -- Aleksandr Karelin

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  • If... if... We didn't love freedom enough. And even more - we had no awareness of the real situation. We spent ourselves in one unrestrained outburst in 1917, and then we hurried to submit. We submitted with pleasure! ........... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    #Real #Gun #Awareness

  • Truth must be told-and things must change! If words are not about real things and do not cause things to happen, what is the good of them?
    -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • Strictly has just given me a real zest for life. Life is so short. We should all grasp it.
    -- Alesha Dixon

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  • The research period of a film is the most exciting part of the process, and filming is sometimes a letdown because when you're dealing with biopic material, the real thing is always much more intricate than the story told in the film.
    -- Alessandro Nivola

    #Real #Stories #Research

  • You have to be in movies that make money to be offered work. Basically that's the equation. There's no real way around that. That said, you don't ever make decisions solely for that reason.
    -- Alessandro Nivola

    #Real #Decision #Way

  • The most distinguishing element of my novels is that I try as hard as I can - within the context of a popular commercial thriller - to make them feel authentic. Drawing on real locations and real events is part of that authenticity.
    -- Alex Berenson

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  • I am expecting that consumers are going to continue and exert power and influence. The idea of radical transparency is something that few brands are taking advantage of now, and most brands fight it. I’d say that in 10 years the best brands won’t be those with the best stories, sort of made up fictional stories, but those that will give an accurate and real time picture of what they are doing in the interest of the consumer, in any given time.
    -- Alex Bogusky

    #Real #Fighting #Years

  • The way that a handful of corporations in Los Angeles dictate how our stories are told creates a real poverty of imagination and it's a big problem.
    -- Alex Cox

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  • If real, regular, normal, boring life, (when you're at home every day, seeing the same people, doing the same things) is like sitting at home on the floor surrounded by toys... traveling feels to me like going to Toys R Us with your toy box and getting to trade stuff in and buy new things and explore whole new ideas.
    -- Alex Day

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  • In England, it's a rare thing to see a player smoking but, all in all, I prefer that to an alcoholic. The relationship with alcohol is a real problem in English football and, in the short term, it's much more harmful to a sportsman. It weakens the body, which becomes more susceptible to injury.
    -- Alex Ferguson

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  • Personally I don't think there's any real intrinsic difference between comic books, movies, theatre, novels. I know there's sure to be some differences of some sorts. I've worked on novels, films, and video games, and in an adaptation, I guess one of the issues is that I have to be in love with the thing I'm adapting before I do it. So that can cause a problem. You can be too scared of it. You could be too reverential. But at the same time you want to try to capture this thing that you're obsessed by. You're fixated for a reason. What's the reason? You try to get ahold of it.
    -- Alex Garland

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  • Be real, because a mask only fools people on the outside. Pretending to be someone you're not takes a toll on the real you, and the real you is more important than anyone else.
    -- Alex Gaskarth

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  • If you need to know history, the real story of those before you, then you should go to the library and read newspaper clippings of someone like Muhammad Ali every day, then it might giver you some understanding of the man.
    -- Alex Haley

    #Real #Men #Understanding

  • If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers who've cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world. To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet.
    -- Alex Jones

    #Change #Real #Past

  • I do a real analysis of who actually owns things - it’s the British…the Dutch…then it’s the Arabs…then it’s the French…then it’s the Jews…and then, on down the line.
    -- Alex Jones

    #Real #Dutch #Analysis

  • When John Kennedy attempted to take the government back from the back from the robber barons, he was brutally murdered. The message to future US president and leaders across the world was clear: do as you're told, or die. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last true president of the United States. And until the globalists are removed from power, we will never have another real one.
    -- Alex Jones

    #Change #Real #Government

  • In a very real sense, the Constitution is our compact with history . . . [but] the Constitution can maintain that compact and serve as the lodestar of our political system only if its terms are binding on us. To the extent we depart from the document's language and rely instead on generalities that we see written between the lines, we rob the Constitution of its binding force and give free reign to the fashions and passions of the day.
    -- Alex Kozinski

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  • Dave Mackay was the kind of footballer that legends are built around. He was simply the greatest - tough as teak on the pitch and a real gentleman off it.
    -- Alex Salmond

    #Real #Gentleman #Legends

  • After all, what more does a true genius want? The mind itself is the palace where all the real treasures, the works of art, the indulgences exist.
    -- Alex Scarrow

    #Art #Real #Mind

  • The universe is real, but you can't see it. You have to imagine it.
    -- Alexander Calder

    #Real #Imagine #Universe

  • If you can imagine a thing, conjure it up in space then you can make it... The universe is real but you can't see it. You have to imagine it. Then you can be realistic about reproducing it.
    -- Alexander Calder

    #Real #Space #Imagine

  • All real success springs from that inward might which we exert upon society.
    -- Alexander Crummell

    #Success #Spring #Real

  • The protection of human rights to promote the dignity of the individual is too important a matter for symbolic gestures alone. It is only through the pursuit of practical and effective efforts to promote human rights that we show our real commitment to the welfare of individuals and society.
    -- Alexander Downer

    #Real #Commitment #Rights

  • To be a good trader, you need to trade with your eyes open, recognize real trends and turns, and not waste time or energy on regrets and wishful thinking.
    -- Alexander Elder

    #Regret #Real #Eye

  • As riches increase and accumulate in few hands, as luxury prevails in society, virtue will be in a greater degree considered as only a graceful appendage of wealth, and the tendency of things will be to depart from the republican standard. This is the real disposition of human nature; it is what neither the honorable member nor myself can correct. It is a common misfortunate that awaits our State constitution, as well as all others.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

    #Real #Hands #Luxury

  • Hard words are very rarely useful. Real firmness is good for every thing. Strut is good for nothing.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

    #Real #Firmness

  • Some reasonable term ought to be allowed to enable aliens to get rid of foreign and acquire American attachments; to learn the principles and imbibe the spirit of our government; and to admit of a probability at least, of their feeling a real interest in our affairs.
    -- Alexander Hamilton

    #Real #Government #Attachment

  • Everyone in Hollywood wanted a role in this movie. Everyone wanted to have a part in it. I feel so lucky that I got one, but what I find so cool about 'Hunger Games' is that the real star is the story itself.
    -- Alexander Ludwig

    #Stars #Real #Games

  • Modern reality TV sets up these competitive situations to show us real human nature.
    -- Alexander Ludwig

    #Real #Tvs #Human Nature

  • The only real fall of man is his noneucharistic life in a noneucharistic world.
    -- Alexander Schmemann

    #Real #Fall #Men

  • You can never connect on a deeper level if you idolise someone - you don't see the real person.
    -- Alexander Skarsgard

    #Real #Levels #Deeper

  • A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.
    -- Alexander Smith

    #Memories #Real #Men

  • Not on the stage alone, in the world also, a man's real character comes out best in his asides.
    -- Alexander Smith

    #Real #Character #Men

  • If you think you love me, then you don’t know what love is,' Gabriel said. 'Love has to be reciprocated for it to be real.
    -- Alexandra Adornetto

    #Real #Love Is #Thinking