Noon quotes

  • There are times when I am directing, and there are a couple of moments I didn't get the way I wanted, but I know I still have other angles to shoot and I have to be done by noon; I move on.
    -- Alan Ball

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  • I have just learned a delicious French usage. On wedding invitations when they say the mass is at noon they mean one o'clock -when they say at noon precise they mean half after twelve - and when they say at very precisely noon they mean noon.
    -- Alice B. Toklas

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  • The dead of midnight is the noon of thought.
    -- Anna Letitia Barbauld

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  • In 30 minutes, at high noon, more than 200 civilians are killed. Zionism carries out a massacre in the city of Lydda.
    -- Ari Shavit

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  • They who disbelieve in virtue because man has never been found perfect, might as reasonably deny the sun because it is not always noon.
    -- Augustus William Hare

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  • Successful women don't sleep until noon.
    -- Barbara Taylor Bradford

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  • Life in LA is not lying in the sun for months. It is having a 4pm meeting and leaving at noon to sit in traffic for four hours. Its not glam.
    -- Billy Boyd

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  • You feel a little older in the morning. By noon I feel about 55.
    -- Bob Dole

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  • Nothing. And, I don't start before noon.
    -- Bum Phillips

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  • People are not interested in you. They are not interested in me. They are interested in themselves - morning, noon and after dinner.
    -- Dale Carnegie

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  • I've been told to keep my remarks relatively brief. I understand Quayle-hunting season begins at noon.
    -- Dan Quayle

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  • I apologize if there's a Parkinson's painter in the audience. I assume you do your best work in the morning. Probably gets abstract by noon.
    -- Daniel Tosh

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  • Hunger in the midnight, hunger at the stroke of noon Hunger in the banquet, hunger in the bride and groom Hunger on the TV, hunger on the printed page And there's a God-sized hunger underneath the questions of the age
    -- Jackson Browne

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  • They threw me off the haytruck about noon.
    -- James M. Cain


  • When I'm not working, I definitely I like waking up at noon.
    -- Jena Malone

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  • Noon, ripe as thunder and silent as thought, had fled unfingered.
    -- Mervyn Peake

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  • As impossible as it is for us to take a breath in the morning large enough to last us until noon, so impossible is it to pray in the morning in such a way as to last us until noon. Let your prayers ascend to Him constantly, audibly or silently, as circumstances throughout the day permit.
    -- Ole Hallesby

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  • I am in the Pitte, but I have gone so deep that I can see the brightness of the Starres at Noon.
    -- Peter Ackroyd

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  • Warren Beatty once quipped that the best time for a wedding was noon, because if the marriage didn't work, you hadn't screwed up the entire day.
    -- Peter Biskind

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  • For about 150 days a year in Venice, the sun doesn't show through the mist until noon.
    -- Ray Bradbury

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  • High Noon is a pretty corny movie.
    -- Robert Duvall

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  • Psychologically, when I sit down at noon, I'm it. I'm the only thing on. Nobody else does what I do. Nobody else has the opportunity. That's the psychological mindset. It's not an ego thing; it's just the way I've always approached it.
    -- Rush Limbaugh

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  • ZENITH / NOON beats out / on its solar anvil / the rays of light
    -- Sonia Delaunay

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  • Newton advanced, with one gigantic stride, from the regions of twilight into the noon day of science. A Boyle and a Hooke, who would otherwise have been deservedly the boast of their century, served but as obscure forerunners of Newton's glories.
    -- Thomas Young

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  • But instead they tell you they'll come to fix your cable between noon and five, and I say, okay, I'll pay my next bill between July and November, but they don't laugh.
    -- Tim Dorsey

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  • I have to have my coffee. I probably have three cups a day, but only before noon.
    -- Tim Gunn

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  • If I am duly compared to Marlon Brando at all, well, I can only think of The Teahouse of the 'Shanghai Noon,' that they're comparing me to that!
    -- Tom Hardy

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  • For hevene myghte nat holden it, so was it hevy of hymself,Til it hadde of the erthe eten his fille.And whan it hadde of this fold flessh and blood taken,Was nevere leef upon lynde lighter therafter,And portatif and persaunt as the point of a nedle,That myghte noon armure it lette ne none heighe walles.Forthi is love ledere of the Lordes folk of hevene,And a meene, as the mair is, [inmiddes] the kyng and the commune.
    -- William Langland

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  • In firing his gun, John Brown has merely told what time of day it is. It is high noon.
    -- William Lloyd Garrison

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  • You cannot, in human experience, rush into the light. You have to go through the twilight into the broadening day before the noon comes and the full sun is upon the landscape.
    -- Woodrow Wilson

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  • If I want to eat lunch, I can't go out at noon and head over to Chick-fil-A or Mac's restaurant and not get stopped.
    -- Deshaun Watson

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  • I figured if Allah had wanted us up that early, He wouldn't have invented noon.
    -- George Alec Effinger

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  • Every woman over fifty should stay in bed until noon.
    -- Mamie Eisenhower

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  • I go home by noon, and I'm in bed by 6 p.m. I get up at 1 and do it again.
    -- Bob Edwards

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  • I am the one rich thing that morn Leaves for the ardent noon to win; Grasp me not, I have a thorn, But bend and take my being in.
    -- Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford

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