Negativity quotes

  • The planet is ill, everyone knows that. But I need to be optimistic, otherwise I would just be adding to the negativity. So every night I come on Madrid TV and read a piece of good news.
    -- Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  • When you lose, there is a whole bunch of room for negativity and I don't feed into this stuff and I do not do any talking. I don't run my mouth.
    -- Allen Iverson

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  • I think sometimes we seem to obsess on negativity.
    -- Andie MacDowell

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  • I really like dark music and darkness in general and cynicism and pessimism and negativity because it allows you to create an even bigger contrast.
    -- Andrew W.K.

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  • There's no longevity, living off of negativity.
    -- Big Pun

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  • The media dwells mostly on negativity.
    -- Bill Parcells

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  • Most difficult is the labeling by other people that models are empty-headed bodies. I think if you look for negativity, you can find it anywhere.
    -- Boyd Holbrook

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  • You have to set big goals for yourself. And you have to put aside all the negativity in your life that tells you that if you came from a certain education or a certain family background that you can't achieve big goals. That's one of the things that America has.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to life differently.
    -- Bryant H. McGill

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  • bad news travels faster than good.
    -- Catherine the Great

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  • In grave difficulties, and with little hope, the boldest measures are the safest. Livy Never make a defense or apology before you be accused.
    -- Charles I of England

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  • Despite the negativity coming from the President's opponents, the United States remains fully committed to assisting the Iraqis in restoring security and rebuilding their nation.
    -- Craig L. Thomas

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  • Because I was surrounded by so much negativity at some point that it took me going back and doing stand-up to realize, you know, people really like me.
    -- Dave Chappelle

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  • The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
    -- David Icke

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  • Domestic violence and violence against women in general seems to be a big problem everywhere in the world. It seems to me this problem comes from stress, pent up anger, frustration, and all kinds of negativity within human beings.
    -- David Lynch

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  • Negativity is the enemy of creativity.
    -- David Lynch

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  • The side effect of expanding consciousness is that negativity starts to evaporate; it goes away like darkness when you turn on a light.
    -- David Lynch

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  • The human being is like a light bulb. If a human being is super stressed, depressed and filled with negativity, this is what that human being radiates out into the world.
    -- David Lynch

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  • I find the joy of the 'doing' increases. Creativity increases. Intuition increases. The pleasure of life grows. And negativity recedes.
    -- David Lynch

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  • Negativity doesn't help me.
    -- David Ortiz

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  • Negative people deplete your energy. Surround yourself with love and nourishment and do not allow the creation of negativity in your environment.
    -- Deepak Chopra

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  • When you are exposed to others' negativity, you do not need to respond. You can choose to put your attention elsewhere and let their words be a tiny drop in the infinite ocean of your peaceful silence.
    -- Deepak Chopra

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  • For me, possibility, progress, growth, those things are very.. they feel very good. It doesn't usually come with negativity. I don't really mind sucking at something as long as I'm getting a little bit better at it along the way.
    -- Demetri Martin

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  • We are moving into a new world and the old negativity will be left behind. Through the law of cause and effect, we can change the world, one person at a time.
    -- Dolores Cannon

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  • Those who have not become enlightened will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma.
    -- Dolores Cannon

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  • Every thread of creation is held in position by still other strands of things living. In an earthly tapestry hung from the skyline of smoldering cities so gray and so vulgar, as not to be satisfied with their own negativity, but needing to touch all the living as well.
    -- Don McLean

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  • Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity.
    -- Doreen Virtue

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  • Once you have identified with some form of negativity, you do not want to let it go, and on a deeply unconscious level, you do not want positive change. It would threaten your identity as a depressed, angry or hard-done by person. You will then ignore, deny or sabotage the positive in your life. This is a common phenomenon. It is also insane.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • True salvation is freedom from negativity, and above all from past and future as a psychological need.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • Whenever there is negativity in you, if you can be aware in that moment that there is something in you that takes pleasure in it or believes it has a useful purpose, you are becoming aware of the ego directly. The moment this happens your identity has shifted from ego to awareness. This means the ego is shrinking and awareness is growing.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • The basis for true change is freedom from negativity. And that's what acceptance implies: no negativity about what is. And then you see what this moment requires: what is it that is required now so that life can express itself more fully?
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • Inner resistance to whatever arises in the present moment pulls you back into unconsciousness. Inner resistance is some form of negativity, complaining, fear, aggression, or anger. This is important because whenever you complain about what somebody else does you're already beginning to fall into that trap of unconsciousness.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • So it is essential to bring more consciousness into your life in ordinary situations when everything is going relatively smoothly. In this way, you grow in presence power. It generates an energy field in you and around you of a high vibrational frequency. No unconsciousness , no negativity, no discord or violence can enter that field and survive, just as darkness cannot survive in the presence of light.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • Negativity isn't the way to go, smile more, eat some chocolate
    -- Ed Sheeran

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  • I write about violence as naturally as Jane Austen wrote about manners. Violence shapes and obsesses our society, and if we do not stop being violent we have no future.
    -- Edward Bond

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  • You can transcend all negativity when you realize that the only power it has over you is your belief in it. As you experience this truth about yourself you are set free.
    -- Eileen Caddy

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  • Negativity can only feed on negativity.
    -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


  • That's just my family's mentality. We are a very loving, hugging and kissing kind of family. And we grew up in a church atmosphere and still have that atmosphere. There is no negativity.
    -- Eric Davis

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  • As I railed on and on, I became increasingly energied and excited by my own misery and misanthropy until I reached a kind of ***** of negativity.'... The Brits don't merely enjoy misery, they get off on it.
    -- Eric Weiner

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  • If you invite negativity in, you have to feed it and hang out with it. Best not to invite it in.
    -- Erykah Badu

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  • I call my therapist every other day. It's not a one-stop shop. You have to push away all that negativity in your head. Face it, name it, let it go.
    -- Fergie

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  • Temptation is a dress rehearsal for a karmic experience of negativity.
    -- Gary Zukav

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  • The mind that is too ready at contempt and reprobation is, I may say, as a clenched fist that can give blows, but is shut up from receiving and holding ought that is precious.
    -- George Eliot

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  • Be positive. Stay happy and don't let the negativity of the world get you down.
    -- Germany Kent

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  • I think there's an enormous value to being negative. The world we live in today, negativity is not permitted.
    -- Godfrey Reggio

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  • You have to overcome negativity and make your dream reality. Even if your family & friends steer you in another directions, do what you want to do. They can't stop you unless you let them.
    -- Greg Camp

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  • If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. You are this peace!
    -- H. W. L. Poonja

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  • Before you touch anybody you have to make sure that you are as pure as possible. If you don't purify yourself of all the inner duality, negativity can prevail through the flow of the psyche.
    -- Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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  • Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don't want to be.
    -- Hugh Dillon

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  • Negativity and Hulkamania - 2 things that don't go together.
    -- Hulk Hogan

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  • They'll probably start working on my movie sometime... They are doing a complete movie of my life story. It will not be based on any negativity. It will be more about my life, from a kid, how I came up and why I came through.
    -- Ike Turner

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  • I see a sea of millions of people going down with their own negative thoughts, going down for the third time in this big sea of iniquity and negativity.
    -- Jack LaLanne

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  • The feeling of arms around me, of love in my heart, it was more powerful than any of the negativity I knew was existing in the world for me. That feeling of love killed it all.
    -- James Frey

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  • Laugh every chance you get. Laughter is sure to break the bonds of negativity that may be lurking about.
    -- James Van Praagh

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  • Social media doesn’t create negativity, it uncovers it.
    -- Jay Baer

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  • Passion is your positive attitude in a world of negativity.
    -- Jeff Blackman

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  • You have a choice. You don’t have to be a person who spreads negativity and lies for a living. You can do something good. You can be good. Let’s just make that choice and—it feels better.
    -- Jennifer Lawrence

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  • Pause and remember - The more you stay focused on your blessings the less stressed your life will be!
    -- Jennifer Young

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  • I get nostalgic for British negativity. There is an inherent hope and positive drive to New Yorkers. When you go back to Britain, everybody is just running everything down. It's like whatever the opposite of a hug is.
    -- John Oliver

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  • While negativity is politically useful, it is also demoralizing unless it is accompanied - and to some extent overshadowed - by elevated and inspiring ideas about the American future.
    -- John Podhoretz

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  • Calamity is man's true touchstone.
    -- John William Fletcher

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  • So many people dwell on negativity and I've survived by ignoring it: it dims your light and it's harder each time to turn the power up again.
    -- Judith Jamison

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  • It's kind of a funny world we live in today with tabloids and all. I feel there's so much negativity out there and people sense that people only want to read things that either are controversial or negative, therefore you end up dealing with people lying about your life and having to answer to things that become ridiculous with an onslaught of lies and you have to answer to them.
    -- Kate Hudson

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  • Stop the negativity and control our creativity
    -- KRS-One

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  • Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself of negativity, so you can learn to fly.
    -- Leon Brown

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  • Life is a daily cleansing. Negativity must be washed away, if you wish to attract positive experiences to your life.
    -- Leon Brown

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  • I'm a big believer that your word is your wand. You know how people say things like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm such an idiot.' I don't say things like that anymore. Those put-downs, even if they're in jest, are little bullets of negativity that you don't need in your life.
    -- Mariska Hargitay

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  • There's too much negativity in the world. Staying positive is a better investment.
    -- Mark Kostabi

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  • The Energy Bus serves as a force field to ward off any negativity that tries to infiltrate or enter your team or business. It made a big impact on our team. I recommend it highly!
    -- Mark Richt

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  • When you have a Clear purpose, you won't have time for negativity
    -- Mark Victor Hansen

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  • It's impossible to work under conditions where they confused negativity with objectivity. You can't fool the fans.
    -- Marv Albert

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  • The greatest polution problem we face today is negativity.
    -- Mary Kay Ash

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  • There's so much negativity in the world and what you only need to hear is all the love. People try to say to me, 'I just heard someone say this or that about you,' and I just ignore it because it's irrelevant. Love is what makes the world go around, and that's all we need to focus on.
    -- Miley Cyrus

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  • Always look forward and try to push pass the negativity. I think everyone's beautiful and they deserve to be happy no matter what.
    -- Miley Cyrus

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  • Anger. Control your anger. If you hold anger toward others, they have control over you.Your opponent can dominate and defeat you if you allow him to get you irritated.
    -- Miyamoto Musashi

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  • Don't let negativity affect your vision. People say harsh things, but don't let them affect you.
    -- Nicole Polizzi

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  • In the end, the whole Internet thing kills me, because you can use it as a positive thing or you can read into all the negativity. And I think youve gotta put out positive energy, put out cool viral stuff, and then just stay out of peoples opinions.
    -- Nikki Sixx

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  • I don't like any kind of negativity. I try to be good to everyone, whether it's a love, a friend, an ex. I'll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.
    -- Nina Dobrev

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  • When you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck; when you invent the plane you also invent the plane crash; and when you invent electricity, you invent electrocution...Every technology carries its own negativity, which is invented at the same time as technical progress.
    -- Paul Virilio

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  • You fight, you try your best, but if you lose, you dont have to break five racquets and smash up the locker room. You can do those things, but when youve finished, nothings changed. Youve still lost. If something positive came from that, I probably would do it. But I see only negativity.
    -- Rafael Nadal

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  • Just as a gardener must tend his or her plot, keeping out the weeds, you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation, and negativity. You must nurture and tend the thoughts of happiness, success, and purpose.
    -- Randy Gage

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  • There are things in my life that are hard to reconcile, like divorce. Sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of how it could possibly happen. Laying blame is so easy. I don't have time for hate or negativity in my life. There's no room for it.
    -- Reese Witherspoon

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  • Whatever you give out in life is what you receive back in life. Give positivity, you receive back positivity; give negativity, you receive back negativity.
    -- Rhonda Byrne

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  • Confidence breeds confidence and negativity breeds negativity. Treat those around you with respect and dignity and they will thrive.
    -- Richard Branson

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  • I just don't deal with the negativity. I can't get involved in that side of it. I don't understand it, and you can't let it take away from your life and what you are trying to do.
    -- Rick Pitino

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  • Tackle the difficult things first in the morning; make changes in the way you network. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. This stops you from cynicism and negativity. End your day with that same attitude you started. Renew your contract with a day well completed.
    -- Rick Pitino

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  • I have no room in my life for any form of negativity or nonacceptance.
    -- Ricky Williams

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  • Negativity is basically laziness.
    -- RuPaul

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  • When I observe myself and find that I am generating anger, ill will, or animosity, I realize that I am the first victim of the hatred or animosity I am generating within myself. Only afterwards do I start harming others. And if I am free from these negativities, nature or God Almighty starts rewarding me: I feel so peaceful.
    -- S. N. Goenka

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  • Peace and negativity cannot coexist just as light and darkness cannot coexist.
    -- S. N. Goenka

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  • Negativity sells. I have been labelled a rebel. If I had been one, would I have got married at 23? Would I have been a straight A student?
    -- Sania Mirza

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  • Forgiveness multiplies and melts rigid postures. Try again and again with self forgiveness. Be the kind parent to yourself you may not have had.
    -- Sark

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  • Today evil spirits are seen as negativity which floats around the Earth in large quantities.
    -- Scott Cunningham

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  • It's unhealthy for people to never express any kind of negativity or doubt. To have balance, you need to address that side of your thoughts as well as the positive. Otherwise, you tend toward crazy.
    -- Shirley Manson

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  • Voluptuaries, consumed by their senses, always begin by flinging themselves with a great display of frenzy into an abyss. But they survive, they come to the surface again. And they develop a routine of the abyss: It's four o clock. At five I have my abyss...
    -- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

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  • If you do something positive, something positive will come back to you. If you consciously do negative things, then negativity will rule your life.
    -- Sister Souljah

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  • The greatest gift of all time is that you can make creation infectious because people spend less time being negative If you log all the time with negativity in the while world, I wonder how much better the world would be if people sat down and did something positive. It spirals.
    -- Skrillex

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  • You know and we have about 60 to 70 percent black men in prison today and it's because of the negativity they have in their own hearts.
    -- Stedman Graham

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  • The thing that I've learned is that there really is no joy, and nothing ever good is going to come from negativity. Those are thoughts that, even if you were presenting an honest version of yourself, there's just no point in sharing.
    -- Stephen Amell

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