Phoenix quotes

  • Phoenix, n. The classical prototype of the modern 'small hot bird.'
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • It's best to have failure happen early in life. It wakes up the Phoenix bird in you so you rise from the ashes.
    -- Anne Baxter

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  • My tattoo is a phoenix. I got the first when I was 16. I hid it for years.
    -- Ashley Scott

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  • I'm like a phoenix. I rise from the ashes.
    -- Bess Myerson

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  • I feel like after Money in the Bank in Phoenix, I almost took a nose dive, career-wise. I couldn't get the reigns on it, but I feel like I finally got the reigns on my career again, and that happens in entertainment.
    -- Bret Hart

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  • A phoenix ain't nuthin' but a burd.
    -- Cab Calloway

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  • Pat Phoenix kept that amazing sassy look. I always wonder, was that because she was thrilled with that look, and thought it looked marvellous, or was it because she was too scared to change it? It's a double thing. Security and insecurity.
    -- Celia Imrie

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  • I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix.
    -- Dan Quayle

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  • James Dean taught me not to speed, River Phoenix taught me not to DO speed, and Marlon Brando taught me to slow down on the cheeseburgers.
    -- Emile Hirsch

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  • Dead news like dead love has no phoenix in its ashes.
    -- Enid Bagnold

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  • Myths that need clarification: "No matter how many times you see the Grand canyon, you are still emotionally moved to tears." False. It depends on how many children the out-of-towners brought with them who kicked the back of your seat from Phoenix to Flagstaff and got their gum caught in your hair.
    -- Erma Bombeck

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  • I know Dark Phoenix is a huge part of the X-Men saga, so I'm assuming they're at least going to want to touch on it, but I don't know and I don't know whether I would want to be involved. That depends on many different things.
    -- Famke Janssen

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  • Jean Grey, the Phoenix … she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows.
    -- Famke Janssen

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  • Who has not been amazed to learn that the function y = ex, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, is its own derivative?
    -- Francois Le Lionnais

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  • I'd love to talk to Joaquin Phoenix because he's a very private guy. Also, he's creating a new kind of sexy leading man. To me, his face is new and might be legendary someday.
    -- Isaac Mizrahi

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  • I seem to be one of the few people in journalism who never worked or wrote for the 'Boston Phoenix.' I certainly read and admired it, and feel the same general malaise at news that it is gone.
    -- James Fallows

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  • Don't hoard the past. Don't cherish anything. Burn it. The artist is the phoenix who burns to emerge.
    -- Janet Fitch

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  • The phoenix must burn to emerge.
    -- Janet Fitch

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  • I had a very good package for Phoenix, but at other tracks we do not have the power. The Brazilian Grand Prix was maybe closer to the reality.
    -- Jean Alesi

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  • There is no best anything in art. Phillip [Hoffman] isn't better than Heath [Ledger]; Joaquin [Phoenix] isn't better than David [Strathairn] or Terence [Howard]. They aren't better than me. We all do different things. It's more of a celebration of a lot of great work than to give the gold to somebody. The underappreciated factor certainly has gone away.
    -- Jeff Daniels

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  • I don't follow sports that much now, but I was a Phoenix Suns fanatic in the early '90s.
    -- Jesse Eisenberg

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  • Definitely River Phoenix is somebody that I thought, 'This guy is very cool.' I wanted to be like him when I was a kid.
    -- Jim Sturgess

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  • Our passions are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes.
    -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  • Why can I write 'South' with some assurance that you'll know I mean Richmond and don't mean Phoenix? What is it that the South's boundaries enclose?
    -- John Shelton Reed

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  • There is an inability to sustain the tragic mood, a phoenix quality of the mind. It may be helpful or harmful, it is just a part of the will to survive—yet, also, it has made it possible for us to engage in one weakening war after another. But it is a necessary part of our mechanism that we should be able to cry only for a time over even an ocean of spilt milk—the spectacular must soon become the commonplace if life is to be supportable.
    -- John Wyndham

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  • What I love about the way they both [Paul Thomas Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix] work is that all of the monkey business is on film. There's no monkey business outside of the monkey business of making the movie. There's no ego bullshit, there's no wasted energy. It's all directed at the story and that's rare.
    -- Katherine Waterston

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  • Phoenix is great. I love Phoenix, .. I love Scottsdale. I love the James Hotel. I have a Kathy Griffin suite. I love -what's that place called? AZ 88. I had never had a cheese crisp, so I went to - oh, can't remember. We went to the State Fair, where I was all about the deep-fried Twinkie. I ate every deep-fried thing - oh, it was heavenly. I ate until I got sick.
    -- Kathy Griffin

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  • I like Joaquin Phoenix. He's an amazing actor and he's so buff.
    -- Katie Leung

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  • Metallica is like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We set everything on fire, and this is what has risen from it - St. Anger being the fire and Death Magnetic being the phoenix.
    -- Kirk Hammett

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  • This 51 Phoenix Racing team, I love them to death. They've got my back, I've got theirs.
    -- Kurt Busch

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  • When a role for a young guy is being offered to me, I think of River Phoenix. It feels like a loss.
    -- Leonardo DiCaprio

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  • My mother was a phoenix who always expected to rise from the ashes of her latest disaster. She loved being Judy Garland
    -- Lorna Luft

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  • Allowing the pain of personal growth to be a crucible of your spirit-the alchemical grail through which the metal of your former self turns into gold-is one of the highest callings of life. Pain can burn you up and destroy you, or burn you up and redeem you. It can deliver you to an entrenched despair, or deliver you to your higher self. At midlife we decide, consciously or unconsciously, the path of the victim or the path of the phoenix when it is rising up at last.
    -- Marianne Williamson

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  • The more our bodies fail us, the more naked and more demanding is the spirit, the more open and loving we can become if we are not afraid of what we are and of what we feel. I am not a phoenix yet, but here among the ashes, it may be that the pain is chiefly that of new wings trying to push through.
    -- May Sarton

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  • Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us.
    -- Ming-Dao Deng

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  • I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix's character, but I play Joaquin's close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don't die.
    -- Morris Chestnut

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  • Only the phoenix rises and does not descend. And everything changes. And nothing is truly lost.
    -- Neil Gaiman

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  • In order to rise From its own ashes A phoenix First Must Burn.
    -- Octavia Butler

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  • We are like the phoenix," said Abuelita. "Rising again, with a new life ahead of us.
    -- Pam Muñoz Ryan

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  • Some people say that you should go to all the parties, to the nightclubs, the Viper Room, and make contacts. And I look at them and say, You dont want to have contacts with those people. Look at what happened to River Phoenix. If you get caught up in that, it ruins you. Hollywood is garbage.
    -- Paul Walker

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  • In a whirlwind, Reagan quickly knocked off fifty more push-ups, flipped, and did thirty crunches, then turned and landed a kick that dented the metal door. "I'm feeling sick, too, and look at me. What if Babe Ruth had said 'Time to Rest'? Or Michael Phelps? Or Neil Armstrong? Come on, guys–what are we?" "Hungry," Natalie said. "Sleepy," Alistair added. "Grumpy," Fiske said. "Sneezy," Phoenix piped up. "Shot," Nellie said.
    -- Peter Lerangis

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  • The Phoenix Program is must reading for all.
    -- Ralph McGehee

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  • People wonder if I'll always be a part of this family and the answer is yes. My family has a lot of good energy going in one direction and because of it, we get a lot of things done. That's why I'll always spend a lot of time at Camp Phoenix.
    -- River Phoenix

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  • A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.
    -- Rumi

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  • ...... an outlaw gulch, a haven for draft resisters, struggling artists, and drug addicts.....a camp for semi-demented adults.... Venice is like the legendary Phoenix - it always seems to rise again from the ashes.
    -- Sara Davidson

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  • I am a phoenix who runs after arsonists.
    -- Saul Bellow

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  • When I was in high school, I was a late bloomer. And just like all those supermodels who said they were gawky and no one liked them, that was me - metaphorically. And so I was ready to rise like a phoenix in later times.
    -- Stephen Malkmus

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  • In a world full of quitters, it takes true courage to commit to marriage renewal. If you want a field manual for restoring your relationship, get The Phoenix Marriage: God creates beauty out of ashes.
    -- Tony Jeary

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  • And there's a score of duchesses, surpassing womankind, Or who have found a painter to make them so for pay And smooth out stain and blemish with the elegance of his mind: I knew a phoenix in my youth, so let them have their day.
    -- William Butler Yeats

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  • Before I made it big I worked as a dishwasher, washing dishes in this place called Dishwasher House where people could just come in and do whatever they wanted to the dishes and we had to clean them with our hands till they bled. A lot of struggling actors worked there-Downey Jr., Joaquin Phoenix, Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans-and we actually all kind of wish we still did.
    -- William H. Macy

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  • Dig a trench through a landfill and you will see layers of phone books like geographical strata or layers of cake.... During a recent landfill dig in Phoenix, I found newspapers dating from 1952 that looked so fresh you might read one over breakfast.
    -- William Rathje

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  • Like the phoenix, socialism is reborn from every pile of ashes left day in, day out, by burnt-out human dreams and charred hopes.
    -- Zygmunt Bauman

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  • What if River Phoenix had lived?
    -- Drew McWeeny

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  • It may be said of happy marriages as of the phoenix - there is but one a century.
    -- Elisabeth Charlotte d'Orleans

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  • I know a lot of people in Phoenix, so I've had some great nights there. It's always hot, too, so it's just a nice to be outside in the evening.
    -- Greg Rutherford

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  • Initially when our foundations are rocked, when we lose our external security, we feel very fragile. In that moment, we have a choice. Am I the Phoenix and rise from the ashes or do I just keep wallowing in the ashes?
    -- Isha Judd

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  • The Phoenix Project is a must read for business and IT executives struggling with the growing complexity of IT.
    -- Jim Whitehurst

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  • I'm looking forward to Phoenix. I ran well there last year in the Nationwide Series, and it was one of the tracks I made four Sprint Cup starts at last season. In the Cup race last year, I had a good run going for it being my first time there in a Cup car, and unfortunately got damage from an accident. It's not a restrictor plate race, so this will be the first time this season that I will run a lot of laps in practice. It's also the first race for the new qualifying format, so it will be interesting to see how that works out. Overall, I just want to have a solid run in the BRANDT Chevy.
    -- Justin Allgaier

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  • It was weird [touring with them]. It felt more like we were playing for Phoenix. They asked us because they're fans of what we do.
    -- Mac DeMarco

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  • I mean it was weird. But Phoenix watched us every night. But it's like they're not even a band, they're like a corporation. They bring a staff of like 40 people.
    -- Mac DeMarco

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  • Their [Phoenix] audience wasn't into us at all. The way most of the venues worked was there was no alcohol on the floor so usually during our set most people were in the lobby getting their drink on.
    -- Mac DeMarco

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  • I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a very competitive (and stressed out!) gymnast before getting into entertainment, but it was never the actual gymnastics that was my true love. I loved the performing aspect of it all.
    -- Rachele Brooke Smith

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  • I remember getting a Phoenix Suns T-shirt. I had that Phoenix Suns T-shirt forever. It's the funny things you remember as a kid, but it was a blast.
    -- Jonathan Lipnicki

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