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  • Testosterone Poisoning: … Until now it has been thought that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from ‘testosterone poisoning.’
    -- Alan Alda

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  • Abnormal, adj. Not conforming to standard. In matters of thought and conduct, to be independent is to be abnormal, to be abnormal is to be detested.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Physical experiences, lacking the joys of love, depend on twists and perversions of pleasure. Abnormal pleasures kill the taste for normal ones.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • It's an abnormal world I live in. I don't belong anywhere. It's like I'm floating down the middle. I'm never quite sure where I am.
    -- Arthur Ashe

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  • Anything really new is repulsive, because it is abnormal and unreasonable.
    -- Asger Jorn

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  • In the theory of gender I began from zero. There is no masculine power or privilege I did not covet. But slowly, step by step, decade by decade, I was forced to acknowledge that even a woman of abnormal will cannot escape her hormonal identity.
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • When your results are good, you are obviously going to have a lot of press. And when you start to falter a little bit, you are going to have some criticism, and there is nothing abnormal in that.
    -- Carlos Ghosn

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  • I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, an abnormal decrease of sugar in the blood. Eventually I learned to eat five small meals a day. Now if I'm making a movie and get hungry, I call time out to eat some crackers
    -- Carol Alt

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  • The really intelligent are as abnormal as the defective. The great masses of men are rather mediocre, and those above and below are exceptions.
    -- Clarence Darrow

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  • Abnormal is so common, it's practically normal.
    -- Cory Doctorow

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  • Disease is the abnormal performance of certain functions; the abnormal activity has its causes.
    -- Daniel D. Palmer

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  • In those same decades, most UFO sightings were made in the daytime and frequently at close range, when shapes and surface features could be distinguished, thus making positive identification of normal sights easier and the descriptions of unusual sights more detailed. When all normal explanations had been eliminated, the witnesses could concentrate on those aspects of the experience which were most abnormal.
    -- Don Berliner

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  • These abnormal aspects included the shapes of UFOs and their behavior. Most of the UFOs seen in the daytime were said to have had simple geometric shapes-discs, ovals, spheres, cylinders-and surfaces that looked like metal. Such shapes are not only nonexistent among known aircraft, but contrary to all known theories of flight, in most cases offering control and performance disadvantages rather than advantages.
    -- Don Berliner

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  • We live in a society in which it is normal to be sick; and sick to be abnormal.
    -- Edward Abbey

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  • She always says she dislikes the abnormal, it is so obvious. She says the normal is so much more simply complicated and interesting.
    -- Gertrude Stein

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  • It wasn't until school that we realised that we were abnormal.
    -- Gilberto Hernandez

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  • Not everything that steps out of line, and thus "abnormal", must necessarily be "inferior".
    -- Hans Asperger

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  • I like to take these unusual characters and then make them as normal as possible, because we all know that the tragedy and the abnormal always hides itself behind the normal
    -- Isabelle Huppert

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  • Anger and violence in Gaza and among Gazans is completely predictable. In a situation like ours, the absence of violence and anger would be abnormal. All of of us feel angry at least occasionally.
    -- Izzeldin Abuelaish

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  • Every single word you have spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted. When I thought you were abnormal you suddenly turned out to be normal. When I thought you were normal you turned out to be abnormal.
    -- Jae Hee

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  • Your Englishman, confronted by something abnormal will always pretend that it isn't there. If, however, you force him to look into it, he'll at once pretend that he sees the object not for what it is but for something that he would like it to be.
    -- James Agate

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  • You can't be normal and expect abnormal returns.
    -- Jeffrey Pfeffer

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  • I truly cannot imagine men with men, women with women, doing what they were not physically created to do, without abnormal stress and misbehavior.
    -- Jerry Falwell

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  • Jealousy is the fear of losing the thing you love most. It's very normal. Suspicion is the thing that's abnormal.
    -- Jerry Hall

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  • I guess I'm attracted to these off beat roles because my life has been a bit abnormal. The only thing I have a problem with is being labeled.
    -- Johnny Depp

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  • These are friendships that these girls are making that will be a lifetime and they're doing things that are so abnormal and to such a high level, that there's a bond that's like no other.
    -- Kim Zmeskal

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  • The most frightening thing in the world is to discover the abnormal in that which is closest to us.
    -- Kobo Abe

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  • I thought it was something peculiar to me. I thought I was abnormal.
    -- Louise Brown

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  • In love, happiness is an abnormal state.
    -- Marcel Proust

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  • Normal fear protects us; abnormal fear paralyses us. Normal fear motivates us to improve our individual and collective welfare; abnormal fear constantly poisons and distorts our inner lives. Our problem is not to be rid of fear but, rather to harness and master it.
    -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • May I never, I say, become that abnormal, merciless animal, that deformed monstrosity - a virtuous woman.
    -- Mary MacLane

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  • ...if you are not like everybody else, then you are abnormal, if you are abnormal , then you are sick. These three categories, not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but have been reduced to the same thing
    -- Michel Foucault

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  • Music can imply the infinite if enough things depart from the norm far enough. Strange "abnormal" events can lead to the feeling that anything can happen, and you have a music with no boundaries.
    -- Morton Feldman

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  • I should love to do a novel, about one abnormal character seeing present-day life, very ordinary life, yet arresting through it, abnormality, until at the end the reader sees, and with little reluctance, that he is not abnormal at all, and that the main character might as well be himself.
    -- Patricia Highsmith

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  • Appetite has really become an artificial and abnormal thing, having taken the place of true hunger, which alone is natural. The one is a sign of bondage but the other, of freedom.
    -- Paul Brunton

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  • Travel sharpens the senses. Abroad one feels, sees and hears things in an abnormal way.
    -- Paul Fussell

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  • Al Gore's performances could be a case study in abnormal-psychology classes.
    -- Rich Lowry

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  • If you feel bad at 10 miles, you're in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you're normal. If you don't feel bad at 26 miles, you're abnormal.
    -- Robert de Castella

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  • Less volatile stocks tend to have negative abnormal profits; more volatile stocks tend to have positive abnormal profits.
    -- Robert Haugen

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  • I go out into America, and I am literally navigating a minefield. Godliness has become abnormal.
    -- Si Robertson

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  • Is anyone human actually normal? I'm beginning to think being normal is actually abnormal.
    -- Simone Elkeles

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  • It's sad that the most glorious of sexual experiences can make us feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and abnormal.
    -- Sue Johanson

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  • Libertarians argue that no normal adult has the right to impose choices on other normal adults, except in abnormal circumstances, such as when one person finds another unconscious and administers medical assistance or calls an ambulance.
    -- Tom G. Palmer

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  • Guardians are necessary for children and abnormal adults, because they cannot make responsible choices for themselves.
    -- Tom G. Palmer

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  • I have been putting words like 'abnormal' and 'deviant' in quotes because those categorizations are under fire now, the boundary between normal and abnormal as questionable now as are all the other boundaries that once defined social reality.
    -- Walter Truett Anderson

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  • Young normal tigers do not eat people. If eaten by a tiger you may rest assured he was abnormal.
    -- Will Cuppy

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  • To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal.
    -- William James

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  • The most appropriate type of daily life for me was a day-by-day world destruction; peace was the most difficult and abnormal state to live in.
    -- Yukio Mishima

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  • I think the thing that music can do is be unsettling. It is abnormal - music that's perceived to be different in an unresolved or unusual way.
    -- Bear McCreary

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  • Great performers are, by definition, abnormal; they strive throughout their entire careers to separate themselves from the pack.
    -- John Eliot

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  • My work involves the physical manifestation of emotional reality. Thus, the invisible becomes visible; the normal, abnormal; and the familiar, unfamiliar. Ordinary life is an endless source of fascination to me in its ritualistic objects and behavior.
    -- Sandy Skoglund

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  • All life pulsates in time to the Earth and our artificial fields cause abnormal reactions in all organisms... Increasing electropollution could set in motion irreversible changes leading to our extinction.
    -- Robert O. Becker

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