Oneness quotes

  • The nature of the world is inherently obvious, if you remain in a state of total psycho-physical oneness with whatever and all that presently arises.
    -- Adi Da

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  • If you don't have the background awareness of oneness, duality becomes real.
    -- Alan Finger

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  • Despite our strongly felt kinship and oneness with nature, all the evidence suggests that nature doesn't care one whit about us. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happen without the slightest consideration for human inhabitants.
    -- Alan Lightman

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  • When we gaze into the eyes of our beloved, we're staring into the eyes of a sacred mirror, and we recognize our oneness.
    -- Alex Grey

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  • The many faces of Collective Vision united by the mandalic eye-field suggest both expansion of consciousness and sharing of consciousness with other beings. The painting was based on a profoundly ego dissolving entheogenic mystical trance where I heard the words, 'Infinite Oneness... the Oneness should never forget the Infinitude and the Infinitude should never forget the Oneness...'
    -- Alex Grey

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  • I came to a clear internal realization that there was nothing I could do as a separated self that would ever fulfill me.
    -- Barbara Marx Hubbard

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  • My activism did not spring from being black...The racial injustice that was present in this country during my youth was a challenge to my belief in the oneness of the human family.
    -- Bayard Rustin

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  • Peace will come to the hearts of men when they realize their oneness with the universe, It is every where.
    -- Black Elk

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  • Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.
    -- Bo Burnham

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  • There's a oneness to showing yourself to an audience. They feel that. It's healthy. That's what acting is all about.
    -- Catherine Hicks

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  • There are sacred moments in life when we experience in rational and very direct ways that separation, the boundary between ourselves and other people and between ourselves and Nature, is illusion. Oneness is reality. We can experience that stasis is illusory and that reality is continual flux and change on very subtle and also on gross levels of perception . . . When people bother you in any way, it is because their souls are trying to get your divine attention and your blessing.
    -- Catherine Ponder

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  • The boundary between ourselves and other people and between ourselves and Nature, is illusion. Oneness is reality.
    -- Charlene Spretnak

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  • In everything, depend upon yourself, but work in harmony with all things. Do not depend even upon the Infinite, but learn to work and live in harmony with the Infinite. The highest teachings of the Christ reveal most clearly the principle that no soul was created to be a mere helpless instrument in the hands of Supreme Power, but that every soul should act and live in perfect oneness with that Power. And the promise is that we all are not only to do the things that Christ did, but even greater things.
    -- Christian D. Larson

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  • Art is a form of supremely delicate awareness... meaning at-oneness, the state of being at one with the object.
    -- D. H. Lawrence

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  • Sacred love is selfless, seeking not its own. The lover serves his beloved and seeks perfect communion of oneness with her.
    -- D. H. Lawrence

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  • The misfortune of others is our misfortune. Our happiness is the happiness of others. To see ourselves in others and feel an inner oneness and sense of unity with them represents a fundamental revolution in the way we view and live our lives. Therefore, discriminating against another person is the same as discriminating against oneself. When we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves. And when we respect others, we respect and elevate our own lives as well.
    -- Daisaku Ikeda

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  • If we can cultivate a concern for others, keeping in mind the oneness of humanity, we can build a more compassionate world.
    -- Dalai Lama

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  • When fear dissolves, you no longer separate yourself from this single flow of immense force. Love is continuity with infinite life force, a Oneness of being with no separation. Love is the key to opening to this flow of life force.
    -- David Deida

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  • Consider your own place in the universal oneness of which we are all a part, from which we all arise, and to which we all return.
    -- David Fontana

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  • This ´world´ began to forget it was Oneness, like a dream forgetting it is the dreamer. With this amnesia came the phenomenon we call fear, an expression of All Possibility that cannot manifest within the balance of Oneness. Fear only comes with the illusion of division and separation when consciousness perceives itself as part and not the whole. Fear is the shadow of illusory disconnection.
    -- David Icke

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  • The Bible nowhere states that people before the law observed the Sabbath as a day of rest or worship.
    -- David K. Bernard

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  • The goal of the Creator is for each entity to make a conscious choice to again seek Oneness, out of our own free will - not because anyone else forced us to. If we are told what to do and what to believe, then we have learned nothing and will not make any progress. Perhaps the single most basic realization to make is that we live in a loving Universe. If we are all One Being, then it is foolish for us to hate anyone, as we are only hating ourselves.
    -- David Wilcock

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  • For Christians, who believe they are created in the image of God, it is the Godhead, diversity in unity and the three-in-oneness of God, which we and all creation reflect.
    -- Desmond Tutu

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  • The God who existed before any religion counts on you to make the oneness of the human family known and celebrated.
    -- Desmond Tutu

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  • If we could but recognize our common humanity, that we do belong together, that our destinies are bound up in one another's, that we can be free only together, that we can be human only together, then a glorious world would come into being where all of us lived harmoniously together as members of one family, the human family.
    -- Desmond Tutu

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  • I feel that the same God-force that is the mother and father of the Pope is also the mother and father of the loneliest wino on the planet.
    -- Dick Gregory

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  • A nation is born into freedom on the day when such a people, moulded into a nation by a process of cultural evolution and sense of oneness born of common struggle and suffering, announces to the world that it asserts its natural right to liberty and is ready to defend it with blood, life, and honor.
    -- Diosdado Macapagal

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  • The birth and rebirth of all nature, / The passing of winter and spring, / We share with the life universal, / Rejoice in the magical ring.
    -- Doreen Valiente

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  • We are all more or less ill till we find -Self-enquiry our Oneness with everyone else.
    -- Douglas Harding

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  • As long as the mind and ego control the direction of creating, there will always be problems in the outer world, for the ego thinks only of itself and lives in duality. But when the heart is in control, everything comes back to balance, for the heart feels and knows only the oneness of life.
    -- Drunvalo Melchizedek

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  • The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • Love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being. It is a state of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible, something that, almost paradoxically, is essentially you and yet is much greater than you. It is finding your true nature beyond name and form.
    -- Eckhart Tolle

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  • Each finite creature can reflect only a fraction of the divine nature; thus, in the diversity of His creatures, God's infinity, unity and oneness appear to be broken into an effulfgence of manifold rays.
    -- Edith Stein

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  • Music for a long time has been telling what the world is like. What music has to say now, in a manner that has both logic and emotion in it, is that the world has a structure persons could like; be stronger by.... [If] the world is the oneness of opposites - and music says it is - the world is given an everlastingly sensible basis; for what could be more sensible that to be calm and forceful at once, reposeful and intense at once?
    -- Eli Siegel

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  • Is there in every work of art something which shows reality as one and also something which shows reality as many and diverse? - must every work of art have a simultaneous presence of oneness and manyness, unity and variety?
    -- Eli Siegel

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  • One of the main points about travelling is to develop in us a feeling of solidarity, of that oneness without which no better world is possible.
    -- Ella Maillart

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  • What do I want to express? The subject means little. The arrangement, the design, colour, shape, depth, light, space, mood, movement, balance, not one or all of these fills the bill. There is something additional, a breath that draws your breath into its breathing, a heartbeat that pounds on yours, a recognition of the oneness of all things.
    -- Emily Carr

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  • There is a need to go deeper, to let myself go completely, to enter into the surroundings in the real fellowship of oneness, to lift above the outer shell, out into the depth and wideness where God is the recognized centre and everything is in time with everything, and the key-note is God.
    -- Emily Carr

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  • Oh I do want that thing, that oneness of movement that will catch the thing up into one movement and sing - harmony of life.
    -- Emily Carr

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  • Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.
    -- Erwin Schrodinger

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  • Solidarity is not a matter of sentiment but a fact, cold and impassive as the granite foundations of a skyscraper. If the basic elements, identity of interest, clarity of vision, honesty of intent, and oneness of purpose, or any of these is lacking, all sentimental pleas for solidarity, and all other efforts to achieve it will be barren of results.
    -- Eugene V. Debs

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  • Place, time, life, death, earth, heaven are divisions and distinctions we make, like the imaginary lines we trace upon the surface of the globe.
    -- Fanny Kemble

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  • Oneness with Nature is the glory of childhood; oneness with childhood is the glory of the Teacher.
    -- G. Stanley Hall

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  • you can't really separate modernity from history or spiritual concerns from mundane ones. Everything feeds into everything else.
    -- G. Willow Wilson

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  • From within, from the very most interior center of existence and consciousness, the fact of oneness evermore proves to be the overriding truth.
    -- Geoffrey Hodson

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  • We cannot love when we feel fear. When we release the fearful past and forgive everyone, we will experience total love and oneness with all.
    -- Gerald Jampolsky

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  • All things are plotting to make us whole / All things conspire to make us one.
    -- Gwendolyn MacEwen

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  • Living a spiritual life requires a change of heart, a conversion. Such a conversion may be marked by a sudden inner change, or it can take place through a long, quiet process of transformation. But it always involves an inner experience of oneness.
    -- Henri Nouwen

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  • We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with our ideas.
    -- Henry Reed

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  • If your reaction to your partner's fear-or any other form of distress- is disdain or irritation, you do not want oneness or even friendship with your partner at that moment.
    -- Hugh Prather

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  • When the heart becomes empty, the mimbar of the Divine Oneness is placed therein and the sultan of gnosis sits upon it.
    -- Ibn Ata Allah

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  • I couldn't only do one thing--I don't want the personal hell of oneness.
    -- Itzhak Perlman

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  • Meditation is a way of slowing down so as to descend into the depths of yourself in the present moment, where God lies waiting to grant you a deep experience of your eternal oneness with God.
    -- James Finley

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  • We Are All One. When we allow ourselves to become aware of this statement in its purest form, we open the doors to reveal the oneness of being. Using the process of conscious evolution we begin to recognise our true underlying identity, for once we have glimpsed the existence of this realm, we then begin to reveal what it is . . . . our true natural state.
    -- Jim Harrison

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  • When you, awareness, are mastered by the deepest that you know the truth of, then you are no longer awareness. You are oneness aware mastering your self and your life.
    -- John de Ruiter

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  • Where the observer is at first a real goodness realized, later it is a sophisticated power holder. The observer is given power and control that belongs to oneness. When oneness has that power and that control, there is love.
    -- John de Ruiter

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  • A great deal of anthropological/ethnological literature describes indigenous peoples who live in oneness with the natural world and one another. Survival itself necessitates a borderlessness between inner and outer worlds. At times we still feel a return to that unified state. T.S. Eliot’s designation of our return is ‘through the unknown remembered gate.'
    -- John Zerzan

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  • Jesus is a divine guest inside of you all the time - one who loves, understands, sees and hears you. He wants to live in oneness with you... to be the centerpiece of everything you do.
    -- Joyce Meyer

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  • Being alone in nature is another way to feel the joy of beauty - and oneness with a greater whole.
    -- Jude Bijou

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  • Oneness is inner silence, which remains undisturbed by external factors. This silence is not the opposite of noise. That is inner Oneness.
    -- Kalki Bhagavan

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  • I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness planes of unconditional love and oneness.
    -- Ken Keyes Jr.

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  • Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody.
    -- Khalil Gibran

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  • I spread the message of oneness in life and living. This is the way to peace on earth. This is the mission of my life, and I pray that it may be fulfilled.
    -- Kirpal Singh

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  • When our focus is toward a principle of relatedness and oneness, and away from fragmentation and isolation, health ensues
    -- Larry Dossey

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  • The modern tradition of equating death with an ensuing nothingness can be abandoned. For there is no reason to believe that human death severs the quality of the oneness in the universe.
    -- Larry Dossey

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  • When you awaken, you know that everything that occurs at the level of mind is illusory in nature and so you no longer believe in it as the truth of life. It is sometimes happy and sometimes sad, because it is a world of duality. You relax and accept the dual nature of the world of the mind and the world of experience within time. This will create balance within duality which will open the doorway to Oneness.
    -- Leonard Jacobson

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  • What are you going to do? Are you going to keep looking backwards, full of anger, resentment and unfulfilled desire. Or are you going to be here now. Because everything is available for you in the here and now. Love, compassion, silence, bliss and Oneness.
    -- Leonard Jacobson

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  • When you are fully present, you transcend duality and open into Oneness. In Presence, there is power without opposition. There is love without hate, acceptance without judgment and allowing without control.
    -- Leonard Jacobson

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  • In the awakened state of Presence, aloneness becomes all-oneness.
    -- Leonard Jacobson

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  • Oneness is very simple: everything is included and allowed to live according to its true nature. This is the secret that is being revealed...
    -- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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  • Oneness is very simple: everything is included and allowed to live according to its true nature. This is the secret that is being revealed, the opportunity that is offered. How we make use of this opportunity depends upon the degree of our participation, how much we are prepared to give ourselves to the work that needs to be done, to the freedom that needs to be lived.
    -- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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  • On the platform of reality, on the platform of oneness of life, all differences dissolve.
    -- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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  • I believe in the absolute oneness of God and, therefore, also of humanity. What though we have many bodies? We have but one soul. The rays of the sun are many through refraction. But they have the same source. I cannot, therefore, detach myself from the wickedest soul (nor may I be denied identity with the most virtuous).
    -- Mahatma Gandhi

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  • To safeguard democracy the people must have a keen sense of independence, self-respect, and their oneness.
    -- Mahatma Gandhi

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  • The power of quiet is great. It generates the same feelings in everything one encounters. It vibrates with the cosmic rhythm of oneness. It is everywhere, available to anyone at any time. It is us, the force within that makes us stable, trusting, and loving. It is contemplation contemplating. Peace is letting go - returning to the silence that cannot enter the realm of words because it is too pure to be contained in words. This is why the tree, the stone, the river, and the mountain are quiet.
    -- Malidoma Patrice Some

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  • Lives are only one with living. How dare we, in our egos, claim catastrophe in the rise and fall of the individual entity? There is only Life, and we are beads strung on its strong and endless thread.
    -- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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  • A fish cannot drown in water, A bird does not fall in air. In the fire of creation, God doesn't vanish: The fire brightens. Each creature God made must live in its own true nature; How could I resist my nature, That lives for oneness with God?
    -- Mechthild of Magdeburg

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  • Our bread and water are of one table: the progeny of Adam are as a single soul.
    -- Muhammad Iqbal

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  • The oneness of human beings is the basic ethical thread that holds us together.
    -- Muhammad Yunus

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  • People normally cut reality into compartments, and so are unable to see the interdependence of all phenomena. To see one in all and all in one is to break through the great barrier which narrows one's perception of reality.
    -- Nhat Hanh

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  • God never forces a person's will into surrender, and He never begs. He patiently waits until that person willingly yields to Him. True surrender is a matter of being 'united together [with Jesus] in the likeness of His death' (Romans 6:5) until nothing ever appeals to you that did not appeal to Him. And after you surrender--then what? Your entire life should be characterized by an eagerness to maintain unbroken fellowship and oneness with God.
    -- Oswald Chambers

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  • Never allow anything that divides or destroys the oneness of your life with Christ to remain in your life without facing it.
    -- Oswald Chambers

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  • The lasting value of our public service for God is measured by the depth of the intimacy of our private times of fellowship and oneness with Him.
    -- Oswald Chambers

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  • Music should probably provide answers in terms of lyrical content, and giving people a sense of togetherness and oneness, as opposed to being alone in their thoughts and dilemmas or regrets or happiness or whatever.
    -- Peabo Bryson

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  • Praying without ceasing is not ritualized, nor are there even words. It is a constant state of awareness of oneness with God.
    -- Peace Pilgrim

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  • The real revolution is the revolution of consciousness and each one of us first needs to eliminate the divisionary, materialistic noise we have been conditioned to think is true; while discovering, amplifying, and aligning with the signal coming from our true empirical oneness. It is up to you.
    -- Peter Joseph

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  • Unity does not mean sameness. It means oneness of purpose.
    -- Priscilla Shirer

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  • What I found particularly fascinating and satisfying about the Hindu tradition was its spirit of inclusiveness. In Sanatan Dharma, or what is commonly called Hinduism, I discovered the basic truths of all religions in a way that the oneness of God and religion is comprehensively understood.
    -- Radhanath Swami

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  • Those who live in the realization of their oneness with the Infinite Power become magnets to attract to themselves a continual supply of whatever things they desire. Those who are truly wise and who use the forces and powers with which they are endowed-to them the great universe always opens her treasure house.
    -- Ralph Waldo Trine

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  • And so it is true in this sense that there is essentially but one religion, the religion of the living God. For to live in the conscious realisation of the fact that God lives in us, is indeed the life of our life, and that in ourselves we have no independent life, and hence no power, is the one great fact of all true religion, even as it is the one great fact of human life. Religion, therefore, at its purest, and life at its truest, are essentially and necessarily one and the same.
    -- Ralph Waldo Trine

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  • A miracle is nothing more or less than this. Anyone who has come into a knowledge of his true identity, of his oneness with the all-pervading wisdom and power, this makes it possible for laws higher than the ordinary mind knows of to be revealed to him.
    -- Ralph Waldo Trine

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  • Each person was himself one alone. One oneness, a unit in a society, but always afraid, always alone. If I should scream, if I should call for help, would anyone hear would it even matter?
    -- Ray Bradbury

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  • One of the great gifts of being a human being is that you can get rid of yourself and enter into the oneness of music.
    -- Ray Manzarek

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  • Those who become entangled in these false ideas are prevented from perceiving the Integral Oneness.
    -- Rene Magritte

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  • Bethlehem was God with us, Calvary was God for us, and Pentecost is God in us.
    -- Robert Baer

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  • Humanity must never lose hope. Our present conflicts and differences are difficult but not hopeless. We cannot expect people of such different races, cultures, languages, ways of life and beliefs, who have lived for thousands of years separated from each other to suddenly love each other and work together harmoniously. It takes time and patience. We must work on it stubbornly and not throw in the towel.
    -- Robert Muller

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  • Little by little a planetary prayer book is thus being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness. Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with 'divine,' its transcendence into higher forms of life.
    -- Robert Muller

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  • To become enlightened is not just to slip into some disconnected euphoria, an oceanic feeling of mystic oneness apart from ordinary reality. It is not even to come up with a solution, a sort of formula to control reality. Rather, it is an experience of release from all compulsions and sufferings, combined with a precise awareness of any relevent subject of knowledge. Having attained enlightenment one knows everything that matters, and the precise nature of all that is.
    -- Robert Thurman

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