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  • We have defeated Jim Crow, but now we have to deal with his son, James Crow Jr., esquire.
    -- Al Sharpton

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  • Like the crow among mankind are the Zanj [African Blacks] for they are the worst of men and the most vicious of creatures in character and temperament.
    -- Al-Jahiz

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  • Nature does not compromise; a pelican is not a compromise between a crow and otter, it is just a pelican. Nature makes no compromises; any inefficient products are recalled to the manufacturer!
    -- Amory Lovins

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  • It is better to fall in with crows than with flatterers; for in the one case you are devoured when dead , in the other case while alive .
    -- Antisthenes

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  • It is better to fall among crows than flatterers; for those devour only the dead - these the living.
    -- Antisthenes

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  • The Journey of Reconciliation was organized not only to devise techniques for eliminating Jim Crow in travel, but also as a training ground for similar peaceful projects against discrimination in such major areas as employment and in the armed services.
    -- Bayard Rustin

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  • Recently I heard Sheryl Crow and I loved her, she was terrific.
    -- Bobby Sherman

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  • If you want to fly with the eagles you can't hang out with the crows.
    -- Brock Lesnar

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  • The ignoramus crow of "love it or leave it" omits other viable options, such as staying and changing it.
    -- Bryant H. McGill


  • Union in privacy (with one's wife); boldness; storing away useful items; watchfulness; and not easily trusting others; these five things are to be learned from a crow.
    -- Chanakya

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  • I don't want to be a flash in the pan. I want to be around for a very long time. I want to be like a Sheryl Crow or a Melissa Etheridge or even a Madonna with how her career has lasted so long and she is still respected in the music business. That's really what I am aiming for. I'm not really looking for 15 minutes of fame.
    -- Cheyenne Kimball

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  • Crow walked toward her, arms outstretched like a man in a dream, which he was, in a way. Sometimes a dream is enough.
    -- Cinda Williams Chima

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  • From the animist point of view, humans belong in a sacred place because they themselves are sacred. Not sacred in a special way, not more sacred than anything else, but merely as sacred as anything else -- as sacred as bison or salmon or crows or crickets or bears or sunflowers.
    -- Daniel Quinn

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  • When they're born outside, crows come and pluck their eyes out.
    -- David Sedaris

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  • Cripple crow say something for our grieving, where do we go once we start leaving. Well close that wound or else keep on bleeding and change your tune, it's got no meaning.
    -- Devendra Banhart

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  • That conclusion is inescapable, given the well-established evidence that voter-ID laws don't disenfranchise minorities or reduce minority voting, and in many instances enhance it, despite claims to the contrary by Mr. Holder and his allies. As more states adopt such laws, the left has railed against them with increasing fury, even invoking the specter of the Jim Crow era to describe electoral safeguards common to most nations, including in the Third World.
    -- Edwin Meese

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  • Oh, you crows! Feast away! What a spread! Soup straight from the eye sockets! And thick red sake! But don't have too much Or you'll surely get drunk.
    -- Eiji Yoshikawa

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  • She brought me a crow's feather...," he whispered.
    -- Erin Hunter

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  • She stood looking carefully at the labeled portraits Ursala had put up: Little Crow, Chief of the Santees, Geronimo, last of the Apaches, and Ursala's favorite, Big Foot, dying in the snow at Wounded Knee. "Isn't that where the massacre was?" asked Ellen. "Yes. I'm going to go there when I'm grown up. To Wounded Knee." "That seems sensible," said Ellen.
    -- Eva Ibbotson

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  • While it is not always profitable to analogize fact to fiction, La Fontaine's fable of the crow, the cheese, and the fox demonstrates that there is a substantial difference between holding a piece of cheese in the beak and putting it in the stomach.
    -- Felix Frankfurter

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  • I would urge my fellow conservatives to avoid the temptation to crow about it or take credit.
    -- Gary Bauer

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  • The Crows are very handsome and gentlemanly Indians in their personal appearance: and have been always reputed, since the first acquaintance made with them, very civil and friendly.
    -- George Catlin

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  • Don't seem to he on the lookout for crows, else you'll set other people watching.
    -- George Eliot

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  • How much can a crown be worth, when a crow can dine upon a king?
    -- George R. R. Martin

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  • She's sent the crows out to blind the guests coming for dinner!" What?" She's BLINDING THE GUESTS COMING FOR DINNER!" Well, that's one way to avoid having to dust, I suppose.
    -- Gregory Maguire

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  • Everybody talks, nobody listens. Good listeners are as rare as white crows.
    -- Helen Keller

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  • Even the blackest of them all, the crow, Renders good service as your man-at-arms, Crushing the beetle in his coat of mail. And crying havoc on the slug and snail.
    -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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  • My gran'ther's rule was safer 'n 't is to crow: Don't never prophesy - onless ye know.
    -- James Russell Lowell

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  • All birds during the pairing season become more or less sentimental, and murmur soft nothings in a tone very unlike the grinding-organ repetition and loudness of their habitual song. The crow is very comical as a lover; and to hear him trying to soften his croak to the proper Saint-Preux standard has something the effect of a Mississippi boatman quoting Tennyson.
    -- James Russell Lowell

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  • Crows follow me wherever I go.
    -- January Jones

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  • The American crow is at an all-time low of 82 birds. Others hit by the West Nile, like the black-capped chickadee, have rebounded.
    -- Jeff Chapman

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  • Maybe all crows were just creepy.
    -- Kami Garcia

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  • I've always been a really really big Sheryl Crow fan. I just respect what she does in a way that she just remains true to her music and sort of has just been real. She isn't trying too hard ever.
    -- Kate Voegele

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  • I was told all my life I was part Cherokee. Then it was Crow. The latest is Blackfoot.
    -- Kathie Lee Gifford

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  • Hush little owl, You're with Twi. I got the moves to get you by. Big bad crows. St. Aggie's scamps Ain't got nothin to show the champ. I'll pop a spiral With a twist, Do a three-sixty And scatter mist----
    -- Kathryn Lasky

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  • When he died, I went about like a ragged crow telling strangers, "My father died, my father died." My indiscretion embarrassed me, but I could not help it. Without my father on his Delhi rooftop, why was I here? Without him there, why should I go back? Without that ache between us, what was I made of?
    -- Kiran Desai

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  • Raised by an irresponsible mother during the Great Depression in the Jim Crow south, my father was on his own from the age of 13.
    -- Larry Elder

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  • We heap up around us things that we do not need as the crow makes piles of glittering pebbles.
    -- Laura Ingalls Wilder

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  • It was stealing her breath, imbecile. Go get a towel." -Christophe, Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
    -- Lilith Saintcrow

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  • It may be the ***** that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.
    -- Margaret Thatcher

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  • Of the crow-blue mussel shells, one keeps adjusting the ash heaps; opening and shutting itself like an injured fan.
    -- Marianne Moore

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  • On a bare branch a crow is perched - autumn evening
    -- Matsuo Basho

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  • Since the nation's founding, African Americans repeatedly have been controlled through institutions such as slavery and Jim Crow, which appear to die, but then are reborn in new form, tailored to the needs and constraints of the time.
    -- Michelle Alexander

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  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
    -- Michelle Alexander

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  • Like Jim Crow (and slavery), mass incarceration operates as a tightly networked system of laws, policies, customs, and institutions that operate collectively to ensure the subordinate status of a group defined largely by race.
    -- Michelle Alexander

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  • The wing of the Falcon brings to the king, the wing if the crow brings him to the cemetery.
    -- Muhammad Iqbal

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  • Jim Crow is alive and it's dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit, my friend, instead of a white robe.
    -- Myrlie Evers-Williams

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  • Black women, historically, have been doubly victimized by the twin immoralities of Jim Crow and Jane Crow. ... Black women, faced with these dual barriers, have often found that sex bias is more formidable than racial bias.
    -- Pauli Murray

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  • One of the points in which I was especially interested was the Jim Crow regulations, that is, the system of separation of the races in street cars and railroad trains.
    -- Ray Stannard Baker

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  • Crows are incredibly smart. They can be taught five things on the drop.
    -- Robbie Coltraine

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  • In many traditions, crows are messengers and close attention is paid to their actions.
    -- Robert Moss

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  • The crows may crow, but the hens deliver the goods.
    -- Steven Tyler

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  • The light comes brighter from the east; the cawOf restive crows is sharper on the ear.
    -- Theodore Roethke

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  • The crow does not hide its prey, but calls for others to share it;So wealth will be with those of a like disposition.
    -- Thiruvalluvar

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  • Our minds are like crows. They pick up everything that glitters, no matter how uncomfortable our nests get with all that metal in them.
    -- Thomas Merton

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  • It is only natural, of course, that each man should think his own opinions best: the crow loves his fledgling, and the ape his cub.
    -- Thomas More

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  • The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state.
    -- Thomas Sowell

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  • I saw a crow building a nest, I was watching him very carefully, I was kind of stalking him and he was aware of it. And you know what they do when they become aware of someone stalking them when they build a nest, which is a very vulnerable place to be? They build a decoy nest. It's just for you.
    -- Tom Waits

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  • On banks, I make no apology for attacking spivs and gamblers who did more harm to the British economy than Bob Crow could achieve in his wildest Trotskyite fantasies, while paying themselves outrageous bonuses underwritten by the taxpayer. There is much public anger about banks and it is well deserved.
    -- Vince Cable

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  • Then, early, early, early in the morning-just as in countless Disney films-I heard a rooster crow. But guess what? They don't do it just once.
    -- Vivian Vande Velde

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  • The seasons and the years came and went...and was, as the crow flies, about 2,000 km away - but from where? - and day by day hour by hour, with every beat of the pulse, one lost more and more of one's qualities, became less comprehensible to oneself, increasingly abstract.
    -- W. G. Sebald

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  • One sparrow is worth a thousand gulls, When it sings. The gull sits on chimney-tops. He mocks the guinea, challenges The crow, inciting various modes. The sparrow requites one, without intent.
    -- Wallace Stevens

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  • (F)or 50 years, the well-meaning leftist agenda has been able to do to blacks what Jim Crow and harsh discrimination could never have done: family breakdown, illegitimacy and low academic achievement.
    -- Walter E. Williams

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  • It's a matter of how the bullpen looks as to whether Bell goes in there or Crow goes in there. Bell won't be ready for a start for another 10 days.
    -- Wayne Graham

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  • Aristotle described the Crow as chaste. In some departments of knowledge, Aristotle was too innocent for his own good.
    -- Will Cuppy

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  • As the crow flies"-a popular and picturesque expression to denote a straight line.
    -- William Henry Maule

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  • In order to disprove the assertion that all crows are black, one white crow is sufficient.
    -- William James

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  • A crow, who had flown away with a cheese from a dairy window, sate perched on a tree looking down at a great big frog in a pool underneath him.
    -- William Makepeace Thackeray

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  • So the crow spirals down through a collapsed dream and the only sound it makes in like a concave scream.
    -- James O'Barr

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  • It can't rain all the time.
    -- James O'Barr

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  • Funboy: Pal, something is seriously wrong with you. The Crow: Atrocity has that effect on me.
    -- James O'Barr

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  • Anyone can love a virtue, but a good human being is he or she who loves even vicious people. Everyone Loves the melodious voice of cuckoo, but who cares for Kaw- Kaw of crow.
    -- Lokendra Singh

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  • When I was awarded a fellowship in poetry by the National Endowment for the Arts (for "Alphabets"), I felt myself suddenly (vaingloriously) equal to my Crow, which would be - I knew at once - Rat.
    -- Norman Lock

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  • Ted Hughes has been appointed poet laureate to succeed Sir John Betjeman, which is a bit like appointing a grim young crow to replace a cuddly old teddy bear.
    -- Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel

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  • I was lucky to have a guitar teacher who asked me what I wanted to learn. I brought in "High & Dry" by Radiohead and "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows and he was like, "Alright, I'm gonna teach you these, but you're also gonna learn some stuff that I want you to learn." He taught me Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, so I was getting the technical stuff and the fun stuff.
    -- Rostam Batmanglij

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  • It's just that only now are women coming around, and when someone as striking as Alanis or Sheryl Crow comes out, the public just needs something to compare it to.
    -- Meredith Brooks

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  • I'm not sure that Van Gogh got up in the morning and looked at the crows and the bizarre clouds and went damn that's a good painting, you know? No, he considered shooting himself, and one day he did.
    -- Mick Farren

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  • In the pioneer West Whitopias, immigration tended to be the dominant social and racial issue. In Forsyth County, Georgia, immigration is still an issue, but because you have that complicated history of the Trail of Tears and slavery and Jim Crow, the Whitopia has a different flavor.
    -- Richard Benjamin

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  • "As the crow flies" - a popular and picturesque expression to denote a straight line.
    -- William Henry Maule

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  • The programs that came to be known as the New Deal were not simply handed down by the benevolence of FDR and the Democrats. They were fought for. And in the 1960s, it was the similar. You had incredible movements against Jim Crow, poverty and the Vietnam War in the 1960s.
    -- Kshama Sawant

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