Cocky quotes

  • I'm cocky. It's different. Cocky is playful.
    -- Adam Levine

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  • You wouldn't be a complete band without a slightly cocky frontman, would you?
    -- Adam Levine

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  • Early in my career I was accused of being overconfident and even cocky, but I really was confident that I had done the training and didn't see any other reason to say otherwise.
    -- Alberto Salazar

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  • I've never been cocky. Even right now I don't like to talk about the Olympics.
    -- Aly Raisman

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  • The atheism and nihilism of my earlier years now seems shallow, and even a bit cocky.
    -- Anne Rice

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  • Be confident and not cocky.
    -- Ashley Roberts

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  • Don't get cocky just because you've had a good run. You can lose your business as fast as you've earned it.
    -- Barbara Corcoran

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  • I'm not trying to be cocky, but I set such a high standard for myself. I'm not happy when I pitch seven innings and give up two runs and get a win.
    -- Barry Zito

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  • I was a little bit of a cocky kid.
    -- Bill Ackman

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  • It is easy for me to put on a show and be cocky..but to express oneself honestly not lying to oneself, now that my friend is very hard to do
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • Ninety-nine percent is in the delivery. If you have the right voice and the right delivery, you're cocky enough, and you pound down on the punch line, you can say anything and make people laugh maybe three times before they realize you're not telling jokes.
    -- Buddy Hackett

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  • I really like guys who have confidence, but not the cocky over-the-top confidence.
    -- Carly Rae Jepsen

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  • I like to be confident, absolutely not cocky, and I like to have that healthy fear of my opponents. It keeps me on my toes.
    -- Cat Zingano

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  • You start out happy that you have no hips or boobs.All of a sudden you get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.
    -- Cindy Crawford

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  • Man with hole in pocket, feel cocky all day.
    -- Confucius

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  • I’m cocky in prediction, I’m confident in preparation, but I am always humble in victory or defeat.
    -- Conor McGregor

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  • I don't want to say I'd wipe everybody out, because that's cocky. But they wouldn't beat me.
    -- Dorien Bryant

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  • Competition is healthy, if you can turn it off and on. When someone gets too cocky in victory, that can ruin the positive aspect.
    -- Eddie Vedder

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  • Confidence is ignorance. If you're feeling cocky, it's because there's something you don't know.
    -- Eoin Colfer

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  • For a long time I felt like I was fighting my age, like I was constantly trying to prove to people that I was a savvy peer, and I felt them viewing me as a kid. I was a cocky kid, and I felt like I was an adult at, like, 9, you know? I think that's because my parents always treated me as an adult.
    -- Ezra Miller

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  • Theirs [the Beatles] is a happy, cocky, belligerently resourceless brand of harmonic primitivism... In the Liverpudlian repertoire, the indulged amateurishness of the musical material, though closely rivaled by the indifference of the performing style, is actually surpassed only by the ineptitude of the studio production method. (Strawberry Fields suggests a chance encounter at a mountain wedding between Claudio Monteverdi and a jug band.)
    -- Glenn Gould

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  • Negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. As long as he hates me I make a difference.
    -- Hugh Prather

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  • I love you." - Avery "I know." - Cam "Cocky." - Avery "Confident. I love you sweetheart." - Cam
    -- J. Lynn

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  • [A difficult childhood gave me] a kind of cocky confidence. ... I could never have so little that I hadn't had less. It took away my fear.
    -- Jacqueline Cochran

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  • I'm not cocky, I'm confident. So when you tell me I'm the best it's a compliment
    -- Jadakiss

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  • Everybody is going to love me and this is not being cocky - this is just what I see.
    -- Jazmine Sullivan

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  • People who are cocky and arrogant say, 'I know that' and move along. People who are confident and positive ask themselves,' How good am I at that?' and seek to improve
    -- Jeffrey Gitomer

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  • Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid. Everybody’s like, ‘How can you remain with a level head?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever get cocky? I’m not saving anybody’s life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.’
    -- Jennifer Lawrence

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  • Yeah, I'm cocky and I am arrogant. But that doesn't mean I'm not a nice person.
    -- Jeremy Roenick

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  • I'm getting tired of saying hello to Stan Smith and not getting any reply. I'm cocky and confident and maybe I'm too bullheaded sometimes, but I think I have some fan and player support. I know what the others say, but I'm not that obnoxious. I am not a punk. I'm 5' 10", 155 pounds. I've got broad shoulders and I can pack a punch. Most of these guys are windbags anyway. If they ever try anything with me, I'll be to the net fast.
    -- Jimmy Connors

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  • As long as I'm in this city, I'm a lightning rod, ... People don't like me for a lot of reasons and I create all of them. I love it when they hate me. All my closest friends hate me.
    -- John Chaney

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  • There's a screen direction in the script for the pilot where it says, 'Jim Harper, mid-20s, enters,' and it said something to the effect of: 'He's confident without being cocky. He has no idea that he could be considered attractive, because he saw All The President's Men when he was thirteen and never looked up.' It was just a great little gem of a screen direction, and I felt immediately from just that, that I had a good idea of how to play this guy.
    -- John Gallagher, Jr.

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  • My defenses were so great. The cocky rock and roll hero who knows all the answers was actually a terrified guy who didn't know how to cry. Simple.
    -- John Lennon

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  • There are too many false things in the world, and I don't want to be a part of them. If you say what you think, you're called cocky or conceited. But if you have an objective in life, you shouldn't be afraid to stand up and say it. In the second grade, they asked us what we wanted to be. I said I wanted to be a ball player and they laughed. In the eighth grade, they asked the same question, and I said a ball player and they laughed a little more. By the eleventh grade, no one was laughing.
    -- Johnny Bench

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  • Can I be cocky for a second? If I hit a home run 80 percent of the times, and you want to talk about the 20 times I miss swinging the bat, I’m okay with that.
    -- Jon Taffer

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  • Not trying to be arrogant, but if I walked down the street and a girl saw me, she might take a look back because maybe I'm good-looking, right?
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • A girl could be sitting on her computer, trying to get noticed by me, and not knowing she's the future Mrs. Justin Bieber.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • My fans are sexy. Yes they are. They can't help themselves. It is just how they do.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • When you are following me on Twitter, you are literally following my life. I think that's pretty cool.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • Singers aren't supposed to have dairy before a show, but we all know I'm a rule breaker.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • Haters are just confused admirers.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • Haters call me 'gay,' but their girlfriends want me more than them.
    -- Justin Bieber

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  • Walk a single path, becoming neither cocky with victory nor broken with defeat, without forgetting caution when all is quiet or becoming frightened when danger threatens.
    -- Kano Jigoro

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  • Walk a single path, become neither cocky with victory nor broken with defeat.
    -- Kano Jigoro

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  • Men think monogamy is something you make dining tables out of.
    -- Kathy Lette

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  • The circumstance is the incredible part, but I always knew in my heart that something was going to be out there, just for the world to notice me. It sounds so cocky, but it's happening.
    -- Kato Kaelin

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  • There he is, a woman's living, breathing fantasy, doing his slow, cocky turn, spiky black hair, darkly tanned chest, dimpled smile-killer smile-all in the package of Remington Tate. He's perfection itself, and a new surge of hormones sweeps through me as I do what the rest of the crowd does and take in his visual, so blatantly on display in those low riding boxing shorts and so strikingly sexy, he becomes the center of my attention. The center. Of my. World.
    -- Katy Evans

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  • Maybe I am a little cocky. Maybe it's something I need to work on.
    -- Keith Michael

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  • People thought I was cocky because I didn't talk much. When I first turned pro, reporters asked me who was going to win. I'd say, 'I am' because it was the easier than giving some long, drawn-out answer.
    -- Ken Venturi

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  • If you have the choice between humble and cocky, go with cocky. There's always time to be humble later, once you've been proven horrendously, irrevocably wrong.
    -- Kinky Friedman

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  • There's downtime in music, which obviously is necessary or else you'd lose your mind in other ways, but if we're on tour and there's electricity from the audience, if you're getting a good response, then that's the positive side of the mojo where I could feel cocky and just know I'm doing good and then there's a time all of a sudden when you're alone and you just don't know if people will like it.
    -- Kurt Vile

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  • That's just a stressful way to live - saying, 'OK who's doing great, who's doing better than me?' ... Let me just worry about me. I'm not worried about anyone else. If you're doing fine, great; if you're struggling, I hope things get better for you. But I've got to be worried about my career.
    -- LaToya London

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  • I remember listening to Miles Davis in the car with my dad. I had just done my Grade 5 piano exam, and I was quite cocky. I said, 'It sounds like he's played the wrong note there.' I remember the look of horror on my dad's face, and thinking, 'Wow, I have to figure out why that is not acceptable.'
    -- Laura Mvula

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  • Looking at the championship-winning quarterbacks, Edwards remembered their particular talents: Jim McMahon: A great natural leader. Great ability. Great presence. For a guy who was supposed to be blind in one eye, he had as much vision as anyone I've ever seen. He'd know instinctively where he should turn and where he should throw the ball. He was never a problem on the field. He was kind of cocky, but that didn't bother me. He had such a quick delivery and such a natural ability. I told Chicago he'd win them a Super Bowl.
    -- LaVell Edwards

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  • I'm a cocky sumb**itch. That's what makes me such a great player.
    -- Lawrence Taylor

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  • Everywhere I've been, I've been the best player. I love being a leader, and I love being the best. I just want to get better. It's not about being cocky or selfish or anything like that. It's just how I am.
    -- LeBron James

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  • I think people think I'm harder and more arrogant and cocky than I am - because I know how to put on a front, but it's nothing like who I am inside.
    -- Lisa Marie Presley

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  • I've never been a cocky individual, but I am very confident.
    -- Ludacris

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  • [Janco] paused. His eyes held a distant gleam as if seeing into his past. 'My first practice was a shock. I was a cocky smart aleck--' [Opal] 'Was?' [J] 'Be quiet. I'm telling a story here.
    -- Maria V. Snyder

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  • Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.
    -- Mark Twain

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  • The American Marines have it [pride], and benefit from it. They are tough, cocky, sure of themselves and their buddies. They can fight and they know it.
    -- Mark W. Clark

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  • I got cocky and I stopped taking my vitamins. It was an inconvenience to have a suitcase full of vitamins with me on the road. About two years ago, it caught up with me.
    -- Mary Ann Mobley

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  • A mother is neither cocky, nor proud, because she knows the school principal may call at any minute to report that her child had just driven a motorcycle through the gymnasium.
    -- Mary Blakely

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  • Be cocky. Walk into the Georgia Dome like you own it.
    -- Mary Lou Retton

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  • Dr. Everest, got up and gave us a little pep talk. Mostly it boiled down to the fact that it was autumn, and everyone was back, and while that was a great thing, people better not get cocky or misbehave or he'd personally kill us all. He didn't actually say those words, but that was the subtext.
    -- Maureen Johnson

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  • Hopefully someone on their team addresses it, because, uh, I'm not saying I'm going to do it, but something might happen to him if he continues to be that cocky.
    -- Mike Richards

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  • I like guys who are confident but not cocky, who are comfortable with themselves, and who know what they want.
    -- Mischa Barton

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  • I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me.
    -- Muhammad Ali

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  • If I want to average 32 points a game, I can do that easily. It's just eight, eight, eight, eight. No problem. I can do that anytime. That's not being cocky. That's confidence.
    -- Patrick Ewing

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  • At the end of the Beatles, I really was done in for the first time in my life. Until then, I really was a kind of cocky sod.
    -- Paul McCartney

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  • I've spent enough time with soldiers to know that once they get to know you and they loosen up and become themselves, they are some of the biggest hams and most charismatic, cocky, fun, humorous guys I've ever met.
    -- Peter Berg

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  • I don't say it in a cocky way, but I take pride in being one of the best at doing what I do.
    -- Puff Daddy

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  • It's wonderful to win, but don't get cocky about it!
    -- Richard Dawson

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  • When you Google me, you'll find a lot of people don't like Richard Dreyfuss. Because I'm cocky and I present a cocky attitude. But no one has ever disagreed with the notion I represent, that we need more civic education. So far there's 100 percent support for that.
    -- Richard Dreyfuss

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  • Just because I believed in what I was doing on the field and dedicated myself to playing the game, does that mean I'm cocky? Does that mean I'm arrogant?
    -- Rickey Henderson

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  • I did Air America for two reasons: to be in a movie with Mel Gibson and to make a bunch of money. And then underneath there was the hope that in doing this formulaic thing I would be launched into a whole new realm of opportunity to do A-list movies. By the time we were done, the only positive thing was meeting Mel Gibson.
    -- Robert Downey, Jr.

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  • I, personally, would be shocked if we went to the end of the tape now and I didn't have at least one... Look, even if I don't get one directly, eventually they're just going to have to give me one when I get old. So no matter how you slice it, I'm getting one.
    -- Robert Downey, Jr.

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  • My father taught me to be independent and cocky and free thinking, but he could not stand it if I disagreed with him.
    -- Sara Maitland

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  • One of the best compliments I ever got was "You know what I like about you? You're smart enough to be scared. So many guys come on cocky, they don't want to go over their stuff, they don't want to do a pre-interview. You're always smart enough to be worried till the last minute."
    -- Scott Raab

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  • I'm not cocky at all. You ask anybody, I'm one of the nicest guys. I try to be as humble as I can, but if you work hard, sometimes you know that you earned more respect.
    -- Shabazz Muhammad

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  • I wasn't cocky, just confident; I went to an all black school, a white kid.
    -- Shia LaBeouf

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  • At once, it’s clear I cannot gush. We try me playing cocky, but I just don’t have the arrogance. Apparently, I’m too “vulnerable” for ferocity. I’m not witty. Funny. Sexy. Or mysterious By the end of the session, I am no one at all.
    -- Suzanne Collins

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  • Confident. Cocky. Lazy. Dead.
    -- Tad Williams

    #Cocky #Lazy

  • I'm as good as Jean-Claude Van Damme when it comes to martial arts. Sounding a little cocky aren't I
    -- Talisa Soto

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  • Don't be cocky. Don't be flashy. There's always someone better than you.
    -- Tony Hsieh

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  • To have faith is to believe in truth, believe that truth confers special power on those lucky enough to get a little insight, and to know in our hearts that all these things come from God, which is why we should never get too cocky about our successes.
    -- Tony Snow

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  • I keep telling myself, don't get cocky. Give your services to the press and the media, be nice to the kids, throw a baseball into the stands once in a while.
    -- Vida Blue

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  • Discussion in class, which means letting twenty young blockheads and two cocky neurotics discuss something that neither their teacher nor they know.
    -- Vladimir Nabokov

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  • I enjoyed hitting in the Major Leagues more than in the Minor Leagues. I didn't want to tell anybody it was easier, because I didn't want to sound cocky. But Major League pitchers had better control, and most of them were around the plate.
    -- Willie McCovey

    #Cocky #League #Hitting

  • Trumpet players are just belligerant, and cocky, and you know, just hard-headed.
    -- Wynton Marsalis

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  • I think if you expect it to do well, you come off a little bit cocky.
    -- Cody Johnson

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  • I learned how to play the music working with my dad. Because in the beginning I was super excited, I had this gig, I was a kid, I got cocky and didn't want to take lessons.
    -- Eric Hernandez

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  • I've always been jealous of people who can tell stories really well in a room with a bunch of people. I've never been good at it because I'm not cocky enough to be like, "Okay, everyone, listen right now to this. I'm going to blow your minds with this joke."
    -- Brendan Benson

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  • I'm confident, but not so confident that I'm cocky.
    -- Adrian Beltre


  • Opting for gold shoes could have been considered downright cocky, but I was confident and never doubted my ability to deliver gold medals to match my shimmering footwear.
    -- Michael Johnson

    #Cocky #Shoes #Gold

  • And then the industry itself was so cocky about what they were doing that they weren't seeing what was coming on the horizon with Japan and Germany and other places that were building smaller cars.
    -- David Maraniss

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  • Some people like to call me cocky or arrogant, but I just think 'how dare you assume I should think less of myself'
    -- Ronda Rousey

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  • I'm not cocky. But I'm very confident.
    -- Frank Thomas


  • My first fight in Hamilton was against Rocky Thompson. Everybody was saying, 'Be careful, he can punch with both hands.' I'm saying, 'Look how skinny he is.' I was cocky. But he beat me. After that fight I said to myself, man, this is going to be a tough job.
    -- Georges Laraque

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