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  • One of the things I like about a character: I always think it's fascinating when a character can turn on a dime and go from one emotion to another. I like watching that.
    -- Albert Brooks

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  • Once you pass forty, a dime isn't worth bending over to pick up if you drop one.
    -- Andy Rooney

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  • Give a beggar a dime and he'll bless you. Give him a dollar and he'll curse you for withholding the rest of your fortune. Poverty is a bag with a hole at the bottom.
    -- Anzia Yezierska

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  • I don't have a dime left. I am dependent on my friends for food and a small old-age pension.
    -- Bela Lugosi

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  • People want what’s best for them, and they can switch on a dime, because there’s always a new disruptor disrupting the last disruptor. So companies should just strive to keep changing and adapting to their customers’ needs.
    -- Ben Chestnut

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  • If I had a dime for every time a homeless guy asked me for change, I'd still say no.
    -- Bo Burnham

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  • And I think being a good director is being able to be completely tyrannical and you?ve got to be an absolute dictator while at the same time, you have to listen and see everything because it can all change on a dime.
    -- Bob Balaban

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  • He hands you a nickel, he hands you a dime. He asks you with a grin, if you're having a good time.
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • Heartthrobs are a dime a dozen.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • Ideas are a dime a dozen, but people who put them into effect are extremely rare. Be the minority and make it happen!
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • I got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime, played it 'til my fingers bled.
    -- Bryan Adams

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  • When I went to Chicago, I'll put it like this: I was looking for a dime and I found a quarter.
    -- Buddy Guy

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  • By the way, did you fellows know that a hummingbird weighs as much as a quarter? Do you think a hummingbird also weighs the same as two dimes and a nickel? But then she asked a question of her own: How do they weigh a hummingbird?
    -- Calvin Trillin

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  • I never made a damn dime until I started doing what I wanted.
    -- Carroll Shelby

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  • It's a small percentile of people who see one dime out of the music business.
    -- Chad Kroeger

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  • I've saved every dime I've made in my life.
    -- Chely Wright

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  • I have flown in just about everything, with all kinds of pilots in all parts of the world - British, French, Pakistani, Iranian, Japanese, Chinese - and there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between any of them except for one unchanging, certain fact: the best, most skillful pilot has the most experience.
    -- Chuck Yeager

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  • Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who execute them are not.
    -- Dave Ramsey

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  • From Kelsey, I have learned among many other things the value of turning on a dime and how you can have an extremely funny and extremely poignant moment with absolutely no separation in between... and sometimes in the same moment.
    -- David Hyde Pierce

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  • New ideas in technology are literally a dime-a-dozen, or cheaper than that
    -- Dean Kamen

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  • I am supposed to owe the government something like $100 million. I couldn't squeeze out a dime.
    -- Dennis Kozlowski

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  • I thought that, given the system of rewards central to our economic system, in which profit maximization is valued above all else and specifically above life, it is probably just as irresistible to the owners of capital (human or otherwise) to exploit workers (and the land): "Nothing personal," they say as they load their property onto the ship bound for the Middle Passage, "but a man's gotta turn a dime.
    -- Derrick Jensen

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  • Good ideas are a dime a dozen, bad ones are free.
    -- Douglas Horton

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  • I wish I had a dime for every dime I have.
    -- Dudley Moore

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  • You'll never be successful until I don't have to give you a dime to do what you do.
    -- Eric Thomas

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  • I think I coulda landed on a dime. I really do.
    -- Evel Knievel

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  • Prohibition is an awful flop. We like it. It can't stop what it's meant to stop. We like it. It's left a trail of graft and slime It don't prohibit worth a dime It's filled our land with vice and crime, Nevertheless, we're for it.
    -- Franklin P. Adams

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  • I guess I've always lived the glamorous life of a star. It 's nothing new - I used to spend down to the last dime.
    -- Freddie Mercury

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  • These days, you’ve gotta milk a dollar out of every dime.
    -- Gayle Forman

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  • I wouldn't give a dime for all the possibilities of [motion pictures with sound]. The public will never accept it.
    -- George Eastman

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  • Look at all the Misfits products that came out. We never made a dime off it.
    -- Gerald Caiafa

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  • Revenge is one of the few things in politics that never gets lost in the mail or written off for a dime on the dollar like losers' campaign debts or pledges to help the Poor.
    -- Hunter S. Thompson

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  • From the onset of the 'Live-Read' series, we wanted to hit all the major writers and Woody Allen is simply one of the greatest screenwriters of all time. He has ability to match pathos and comedy and drama and then turn it all on a dime. If you're going to make a series based on dialogue, you can't find much better than Woody Allen.
    -- Jason Reitman

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  • History doesn't turn on a dime; it turns on a plugged nickel.
    -- Jeff Greenfield

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  • All of these reissues were not authorized by me, I do not endorse them, the live album was put out without my permission, and I've not seen a dime at this point, either.
    -- Jello Biafra

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  • Good actors are a dime a dozen, but I want actors that are gonna be part of my team and collaborative.
    -- Joe Pantoliano

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  • I know in an existential sense that life can change on a dime ... something has instantly and inexorably changed in American life.
    -- John Lahr

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  • If you had a dime for every excuse you made, I wouldn't have to be here right now.
    -- Jon Taffer

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  • The biggest lesson I learned in the bar business is to focus on revenues. Dollars, not dimes.
    -- Jon Taffer

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  • Good God! This man should be writing dime novels.
    -- Josephus Daniels

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  • I have a great ability to improvise verbally and I am very funny on a dime.
    -- Kate Braverman

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  • The part about me being an 'okay sorcerer'? 'Not great'? No I believe I missed that. -Lucas Cortez (Dime Store Magic)
    -- Kelley Armstrong

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  • But remember, guitar players are a dime a dozen.
    -- Krist Novoselic

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  • If youre not living awake to the fact the life can change in a dime, then youre living asleep...
    -- Kristine Carlson

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  • I was selling real estate at the time, in Pacific Palisades, California, so imagine that: getting a note and a bottle of champagne from Jack Nicholson when I'd barely made a dime as an actor. It really kept me going.
    -- Kurt Fuller

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  • I feel so small I could sit on a dime an' my legs wouldn't even hang over ...
    -- Mary Lasswell

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  • I'd go for parts that didn't pay a dime, and there would be 300 to 400 actors there. It could be very discouraging. To make it in this business, you have to have a kind of dumb sense that you're really good. You have to believe that someone is going to recognize that.
    -- Michael Imperioli

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  • I act for free, but I demand a huge salary as compensation for all the annoyance of being a public personality. In that sense, I earn every dime I make.
    -- Michelle Pfeiffer

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  • I don’t need the money. I don’t care if I make a dime on this. Let me make a good record.
    -- Miley Cyrus

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  • If I didn't believe in what I'm doing, I'd rather go to work in a dime store.
    -- Natalie Wood

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  • I can spare a dime, brother, but in these morally inflationary times, a dime goes a lot farther if it's demanding work rather than adding to the indignity of relief.
    -- Phil Ochs

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  • As far as I can remember, every dime I ever had went to something extravagant. I would rather spend more, buy fewer items and have them forever.
    -- Rachel Zoe

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  • I never had the feeling I ever had to make a dime doing anything.
    -- Rick Rubin

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  • Keep close count of your nickels and dimes, stay away from whiskey, and never concede a putt.
    -- Sam Snead

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  • There's been not a dime spent on marketing for any record I've ever put out.
    -- Skrillex

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  • I worked with the March of Dimes to enact legislation for a national birth defects prevention program to provide surveillance, research and preventive services aimed at reducing the rate of birth defects.
    -- Solomon Ortiz

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  • Life turns on a dime. Sometimes towards us, but more often it spins away, flirting and flashing as it goes: so long, honey, it was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?
    -- Stephen King

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  • The Universe doesn't know the difference between a dime and a million. If you refuse the dime, the Universe thinks you don't want money, so you collapse your chances.
    -- Stuart Wilde

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  • There's not a dime's worth of difference between Obama and Romney.
    -- Virgil Goode

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  • And I or you pocketless of a dime, may purchase the pick of the earth.
    -- Walt Whitman

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  • Good ideas are a dime a dozen. What counts is completion. Look at your life and all the half finished projects sitting on your shelf. Commit to taking on one of these ideas and finishing what you started.
    -- Yehuda Berg

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  • A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.
    -- Yogi Berra

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  • The days are usually filled with nonsense and every now and again somebody flies by the circus to party on your dime.
    -- Ian Astbury

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  • It was sometimes provoked by assignments, then I'd go back on my own dime if I really clicked with a place. And sometimes it was just hanging out with my family or friends.
    -- Peter van Agtmael

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  • I've had no money, absolutely, from my family. They paid for a good education - or schools that purported to be a good education - but, um, not a dime.
    -- Whit Stillman

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  • [The building of the transcontinental railway] was something truly earth-shaking and, whether or not there had been a dime in it for me, sooner or later I would have been out on the grade with my cameras.
    -- William Henry Jackson

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  • People want what’s best for them, and they can switch on a dime, because there’s always a new disruptor disrupting the last disruptor. So companies should just strive to keep changing and adapting to their customers’ needs.
    -- Ben Chestnut

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  • Good stockbrokers are a dime a dozen, but good shortstops are hard to find.
    -- Charlie Finley

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  • Guys like me on the investor side are a dime a dozen.
    -- Douglas Leone

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  • Saving nickels, saving dimes, working 'til the sun don't shine, looking forward to happier times.
    -- Roy Orbison

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  • The world turns on a dime, the same now as it always has — which is to say, money makes the world go 'round. It's also what makes the world go spinning out of control.
    -- Joe Murray

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