Gears quotes

  • All the ingenuity, all the high-tech gear, all the jury-rigging sometimes the sea would rip it all away until there was only you, the Creator, and His mercy.
    -- Abby Sunderland

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  • A review of summit day photographs will show that I was clothed in the latest, highest quality, high altitude gear, comparable, if not better, than that worn by the other members of our expedition.
    -- Anatoli Boukreev

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  • Your work is to keep cranking the flywheel that turns the gears that spin the belt in the engine of belief that keeps you and your desk in midair.
    -- Annie Dillard

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  • I have to go with the approach I had in Triple-A. I need to take a lot of those fastballs I am seeing to left field. Also must gear up for the changeup and take them up the middle.
    -- Anthony Rizzo

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  • Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.
    -- Barbara Johnson

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  • You didn't wake up, your dreams just changed gear.
    -- Ben Elton

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  • Patience is idling your motor when you feel like stripping a gear.
    -- Bill Gothard

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  • I've had the luxury of owning my own studio, 24 analogue, 48 digital, endless effects, endless hardcore gear, that I don't have to rent, I don't get stuck with the bills, it's all mine.
    -- Billy Sherwood

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  • I wanted to go back to Sun. Unfortunately, most of the gear is gone from Sun. The way I take it now, it's almost like a tourist destination. So, it would have been pretty difficult to have brought all the gear into Sun to make it like it was in the '50's.
    -- Brian Setzer

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  • I don't have 'gears.' I play one way. That's all I've ever known. I WILL.
    -- Bryce Harper

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  • The hedonistic lifestyle is difficult to achieve when you're still carrying your own gear. Trust me that you don't feel glamorous with a 60-pound amp in your arms; it's a lot less sexy than toting a vodka gimlet and impossible to do in heels.
    -- Carrie Brownstein

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  • I have one speed, I have one gear: go!
    -- Charlie Sheen

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  • The gear you can't afford is not the barrier keeping you from success. Gear has very little to do with photography.
    -- Chase Jarvis

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  • You know, the other day I gave all of my old Angels gear to Goodwill...and Goodwill gave it back.
    -- Chili Davis

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  • Mouth in gear, brain stuck in neutral.
    -- Devon Monk

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  • I always wanted to know what lens they were on, how close they were. I didn't do it with a plan in mind, but I would instinctively gear what I was doing toward what lenses they were using.
    -- Donna Mills

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  • Modern records are all made with virtually identical gear, software plug-ins and everything. Everybody wants everything to sound like the last thing that was popular because they're chasing their tails.
    -- Dweezil Zappa

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  • Before you're a mom you don't know what gear is going to be relevant.
    -- Emily Procter

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  • I'm incredibly nostalgic for the '80s, because I think that's when Geek Culture really kicked in to high gear.
    -- Ernest Cline

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  • I was not using the gears I usually do for time trials - it was either hard [gear] to pedal, or really low [gear] to pedal; [that] was something special of today.
    -- Fabian Cancellara

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  • I'm able to shift gears from mom to performer to mom pretty quickly.
    -- Faith Hill

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  • But I've been traveling on a boat and a plane, in a car on a bike with a bus and a train. Traveling there, traveling here, everywhere in every gear. But oh Lord we pay the price, with the spin of the wheel with the roll of the dice. Ah yeah you pay your fare. And if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
    -- George Harrison

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  • I was probably a B student in high school, but it wasn't until I got to college that I said, 'Oh! This is what it's all about.' And then I became an A student. I studied journalism in college and that's what really kicked it into high gear for me.
    -- Giuliana Rancic

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  • You can always add something to a bike, but you come to a point where you can’t take anything away and that's a fixed gear bike
    -- Graeme Obree

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  • This may sound pretentious, but I don't like being thought of as 'the Metal Gear guy.' There's a lot more I can do.
    -- Hideo Kojima

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  • I respect Shigeru Miyamoto, so there will be a lot of mushrooms in Metal Gear Solid 3. But you cannot eat turtles.
    -- Hideo Kojima

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  • I always say this will be my last Metal Gear, but the games in the series that I've personally designed and produced-Metal Gear on MSX, MG2, MGS1, 2, 3, 4, Peace Walker and now MGSV-are what constitute a single Metal Gear Saga. With MGSV, I'm finally closing the loop on that saga.
    -- Hideo Kojima

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  • I started writing when I was around 6. I say 'writing,' but it was really just making up stuff! I started writing and doing my own thing. I didn't really know what a demo was or anything like that, so I started getting interested in studio gear and started learning about one instrument at a time. My first instrument was an accordion.
    -- Hunter Hayes

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  • I just love music gear, I'm a total geek all around.
    -- Hunter Hayes

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  • Darn the wheel of the world! Why must it continually turn over? Where is the reverse gear?
    -- Jack London

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  • Globalization has taken a hit in that there is some sand in the gears because most of us have supply chains that are all over the world that we've had to lengthen.
    -- Jack Welch

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  • There is a lot of work just in terms of traveling and logistics and people and gear and all that kind of stuff. But I never really have problems playing music. That never seems like work.
    -- James Iha

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  • It was difficult every ten days having a new director. I'm a real collaborator and, as an actor, I want to be directed. It's hard for me to shift gears.
    -- Jeanne Tripplehorn

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  • I just want to be in the studio. When you've got all the gear you want in your own house, it's difficult to go out and do something else, you know?
    -- Jeff Lynne

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  • I checked my gear, my pockets, my shoelaces, and realized that I had crossed the line between making sure I was ready and trying to postpone the inevitable.
    -- Jim Butcher

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  • Sometimes the best gear for a climb is a good excuse.
    -- John Sherman

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  • My onstage persona really is a persona, you know, and really the moment I step onstage, it kind of kicks into gear.
    -- Karen O

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  • We haven't played that many of them because all our gear was over here waiting for us when we could get here. So we didn't get to rehearse any of the new stuff, so we have planned to play 3 or 4 new ones.
    -- Kerry King

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  • Let's gear our advertising to sell goods, but let's recognize also that advertising has a broad social responsibility.
    -- Leo Burnett

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  • You should always know when you're shifting gears in life. You should leave your era; it should never leave you.
    -- Leontyne Price

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  • I live for now, not for what happens after I die. I'm going to hell, not heaven. The devil has all the good gear. What's God got? The Inspiral Carpets and nuns.
    -- Liam Gallagher

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  • Nobody is born with a steering wheel or a gear shift in his hand. It's something you choose to do or you don't.
    -- Mario Andretti

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  • Truth be told, I'm much more comfortable in a pair of hiking boots or with a rack of climbing gear than in front of a laptop.
    -- Mark Udall

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  • I started getting back into buying old analog gear while we were recording. Lots of old drum machines and synths. It wasn't a conscious thing. I didn't consider myself a collector, but boxes of vintage gear would turn up virtually every day.
    -- Martin Gore

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  • I was a bicycle messenger when Alkaline Trio was formed as a way to make ends meet and I've just always been a cyclist and then I got really into - through messengering - I got really into road bikes and fixed gears.
    -- Matt Skiba

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  • James Brown is the perfect example of flashy but classy. Classy doesn't have to mean boring. His gear was flamboyant but without being so over the top. The cape was probably the biggest part of his persona. He looked like Superman.
    -- Mayer Hawthorne

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  • If you want to go foraging into the wilds of Canada without proper gear, you deserve what you get, even if that happens to include being attacked by an undead moose.
    -- Mira Grant

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  • When the truly great people discover that they have been deceived by the signposts along the road of life, they just shift gears and keep going.
    -- Nido R Qubein

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  • So about twenty years ago I gave up on painting - and got into terrible debt after buying a load of camera gear!
    -- Nigel Dennis

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  • Winning requires reaching inside of yourself for that extra gear to accelerate challenges.
    -- Orrin Woodward

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  • Common man has at long last got himself so far out of gear with nature and his environment that he is beginning to see the shape of extinction, whether he recognizes it as such or not.
    -- Philip Wylie

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  • We'll try and be very aggressive, we'll try and speed up and change gears, and we'll see who's going to win.
    -- Rafael Nadal

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  • The reason I shift gears constantly, why I'm doing an opera, why I've done essays, why I've written poetry for years that nobody wanted, why I do short stories and novels and screenplays... is so I will have new ways of failing. This means becoming a student again.
    -- Ray Bradbury

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  • Be prepared! All of your gear should be in a state of readiness so you can concentrate on painting. Choose your brushes as you would choose weapons before battle.
    -- Richard Schmid

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  • My mantra is: put your brain into gear and if you can add to what's on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up.
    -- Richie Benaud

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  • The direction for my music is heaven, of course. We gear all things to the realm of heaven - which is the mind, the organized mind.
    -- Richie Havens

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  • That's part of the policy: To keep switching gears.
    -- Ridley Scott

    #Gears #Switching #Policy

  • We disparage reason. But all the time it's what we're most concerned with. There's will as motor and there's will as brakes. Reason is, I suppose, the steering gear.
    -- Robert Frost

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  • I don't just want to be another cog in the gears of Hollywood.
    -- Scott Porter

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  • As a bio major, I figured "free will" meant chemicals in your brain telling you what to do, the molecules bouncing around in a way that felt like choosing but was actually the dance of little gears--neurons and hormones bubbling up into decisions like clockwork. You don't use your body; it uses you.
    -- Scott Westerfeld

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  • I've got to play better and contribute more”. You've got to find another gear and come up with big games.
    -- Sean Burke

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  • You should make an effort on stage because it's a performance. The stage should be glittery and camp, but I don't go down the shops in full stage gear.
    -- Sophie Ellis Bextor

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  • Coincidences happen, but I've come to believe they are actually quite rare. Something is at work, okay? Somewhere in the universe (or behind it), a great machine is ticking and turning its fabulous gears.
    -- Stephen King

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  • The system concedes nothing without demand, for it formulates its very method of operation on the basis that the ignorant will learn to know, the child will grow into an adult and therefore demands will begin to be made. It gears itself to resist demands in whatever way it sees fit.
    -- Steven Biko

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  • Money spent on good-quality gear is always money well spent
    -- Tahir Shah

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  • Whiskey's to tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer.
    -- Tom T. Hall

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  • I can only go one way. I've not got a reverse gear.
    -- Tony Blair

    #Way #Gears #Reverse

  • Power dressing is combat gear for the trip to the top.
    -- Valerie Steele

    #Power #Gears #Combat

  • As some species of plants need to be burned to the ground in order for them to later flourish, I needed to have my ***** handed to be in order to get it into gear for the upcoming Sydney Olmpics. Now, I'm on a mission...
    -- Xeno Muller

    #Order #Gears #Needs

  • You just have to have the right gear and a few people to put you in motion with a good aesthetic and the film will take care of itself.
    -- Andrew Wight

    #People #Gears #Care

  • Don't spend money on gear. Spend it on plane tickets.
    -- Audrey Sutherland

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  • Be the kind of person that sees an obstacle as a Mountain, and throws on their hiking gear
    -- Casar Jacobson

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  • Gear is money, and if there’s one thing we know about Hollywood, it’s that money talks.
    -- Elle Schneider

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  • I've been into gear for a long time, but I never saw myself as a producer because I didn't have the patience to finish things in a professional way.
    -- Jamie Woon

    #Long #Gears #Way

  • One thing that has happened is a revolution in digital consumer recording, and overall, that's a great thing for art, but parallel to that there's been a revolution in boutique audio companies making excellent gear.
    -- John Vanderslice

    #Art #Gears #Audio

  • I've got a bunch of circuit-bent boxes and things that are controlled by my Mac through a big breakout box. I want to create this total environment where I can bring all this gear to the show but maybe just use one or two elements, if that's what's called for.
    -- Keith Fullerton Whitman

    #Two #Gears #Use

  • Music is my juice. I like building gear and making records.
    -- Matt Snell

    #Gears #Juice #Records

  • When a friend puts out a new album and it's really great, it makes you want to do something that great and it makes you get yourself in gear. It's healthy competition that helps make some great music.
    -- Matt Wertz

    #Healthy #Competition #Gears

  • Force Majeure is a jolt. You won't know what hit you. Director Ostlund shifts gears from humor to psychological thriller with cunning skill.
    -- Peter Travers

    #Skills #Directors #Gears

  • You can't just suddenly change gears and reverse yourself or go to the left or the right because there is no left or right. There's always a certain direction that you're moving in.
    -- Robert Barry

    #Moving #Gears #Certain

  • I just use Logic, so I need to get more keyboards and gear. I need to get my Korg.
    -- Ryan Hemsworth

    #Needs #Gears #Use

  • My favorite piece of tech gear is my SRM power meter. It's the most accurate power meter on the market.
    -- Timothy O'Donnell

    #Gears #Pieces #My Favorite

  • There's a lot of producers that are much more technical or gear-skilled than I am. But I have a pure idea of what I like and where I want to go and I follow that.
    -- A-Trak

    #Ideas #Gears #Want

  • When you're in the studio, you've got a narrative for what goes on, you might switch on a bit of gear and it might not work as you intended or come out a bit wrong, and you try and exploit it.
    -- Rob Brown

    #Trying #Gears #Goes On

  • I am not a fan of having too much gear.
    -- Roger Deakins

    #Fans #Gears #Too Much

  • I have a love of gear and pedals, from old pedals to new ones with new sounds. If I get depressed, I start looking for a certain type of pedal, learn the history, who and what it was made for, that kinda thing.
    -- Hank Williams III

    #Sound #Gears #Made

  • I cannot teach -- if I teach as teaching should be I become so exhausted I nearly die, I seem to have no middle gear.
    -- James Tiptree Jr.

    #Teaching #Gears #Exhausted

  • Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul. You've got to run like an antelope, out of control.
    -- Trey Anastasio

    #Running #Soul #Gears

  • Gear is money, and if there’s one thing we know about Hollywood, it’s that money talks.
    -- Elle Schneider

    #Hollywood #Gears #Money Talks