Girly quotes

  • I was the kid growing up who would play with G.I. Joes in a pink dress and then run off to play with my Barbies. It doesn't mean that I'm less girly, it just means that I have this other side of me. It's kinda cool to be a little bit of both, I think.
    -- Adrianne Palicki

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  • The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
    -- Albert Einstein

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  • No man would ever use both hands to hold a cup of tea, unless he was one day's march from the South Pole, with one chum dead in the snow, dogs all eaten and six fingers about to drop off. And even then he would look around the empty tent to check, in case anybody thought it was girly.
    -- Allison Pearson

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  • Not knowing you can't do something, is sometimes all it takes to do it.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • I am so girly. I love dresses.
    -- Amber Riley

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  • she never showed girly weaknesses like cellulite or crushes. she never lingered on injustices committed against her.
    -- Ann Brashares

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  • Totally girly - love all the childish sounds.
    -- Anna Sui

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  • I like very girly, retro inspired, feminine, floral things. I'm not very edgy.
    -- Ariana Grande

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  • In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • I'll be back always sounded a little girly to me.
    -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • When I was younger, I went through a lot of different phases. One day Id be punk rock, and the next I would be tomboyish, and then I would be really girly. I was so weird. My two best friends and I were just crazy and goofy!
    -- Ashley Benson

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  • I love pink, it's so girly!
    -- Ashley Tisdale


  • I usually go make-up free when I'm not working. Because I work so much, during the free days that I have I like to let my skin breathe, but of course I'm girly so I like to put on some blush and some mascara.
    -- Bar Refaeli

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  • I just like doing silly girly things. If I wrap a gift, I like to use specials ribbon and hot glue, silk flowers and things.
    -- Barbara Mandrell

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  • It's so cliche to say florals for spring. I really like a vintage-like dress that's floral. You can belt it; I like belts. I like wearing pretty dresses that are really comfortable, that you can spend the day in but also feel girly.
    -- Brittany Snow

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  • As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!
    -- Coco Chanel

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  • Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.
    -- Coco Chanel

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  • Guys are simple... women are not simple and they always assume that men must be just as complicated as they are, only way more mysterious. The whole point is guys are not thinking much. They are just what they appear to be. Tragically.
    -- Dave Barry

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  • If Michael Steele doesn't make you sad, well, then there's radio host Rush Limbaugh, no longer content with wanting the President to fail, Rush is now calling out Mr. Obama as a girly man.
    -- David Shuster

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  • Let the record show that you can be a United States senator for 21 years. You can be 79 years old. You can be the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and one of the most recognizable and widely-respected veteran public servants in your nation. But if you are female while all of those things, men who you defeat in arguments will still respond to you by calling you hysterical and telling you to calm down. They'll patronize you and say they admire your passion, 'sweetie,' but they deal in facts, not your silly, girly feelings. It's inescapable. You can set your watch by it.
    -- Dianne Feinstein

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  • I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde.
    -- Dolly Parton

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  • I'm a bit of a like girly-girl, really, I like flowery stuff.
    -- Ellie Goulding

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  • I'm the crazy girly captain, Remember?
    -- Eoin Colfer

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  • My style is simple, kinda girly, but with a bit of an edge.
    -- Erin Heatherton

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  • I've never been a girly-girl, never drawn to things that are fussy.
    -- Erin Wasson

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  • I don't like to look sloppy. I'm a girly-girl.
    -- Frances Bean Cobain

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  • If women were particular about men's characters, they would never get married at all.
    -- George Bernard Shaw

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  • I'm insanely girly. I like having the door opened for me. I want to cook dinner for my boyfriend. And I can't wait to have babies.
    -- Ginnifer Goodwin

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  • There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.
    -- Jane Austen

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  • I have very girly hands and I use them a lot when I talk in a way that I think is very feminine.
    -- Janet McTeer

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  • I have a lot of Breton striped top and silk shirts that always feel good. I also like things with a masculine edge and dislike anything too girly.
    -- Jessica Raine

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  • I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.
    -- Katharine Hepburn

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  • Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don't you? Just tell me so I can get over you.
    -- Kirsten Dunst

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  • I think my daughter actually influences my style more than having boys. I tend to dress more masculine with pants or shorts or flat boots, and she makes me want to dress more stylish, more girly.
    -- Kourtney Kardashian

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  • My personal style can be everything from girly and flirty to edgy and chic.
    -- Kristin Cavallari

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  • I like to think I have quite a few different styles - sometimes it's a bit rock n' roll, other times more girly and feminine.
    -- Kristin Cavallari

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  • I grew up reading 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice' - girly kind of books.
    -- Leighton Meester

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  • Charles Bernstein's pairs of jingles of 'public discourse' are 'simultaneous double narrative / the space between's the other narrative/as if they're opposite.' In the space between, outside representation but in the 'presence' of it, we are provoked to laugh. Bernstein alters our language to open a double range that's public and mind at once and inseparable, that is 'Poetry is patterned thought in search of unpatterned mind.' Girly Man is doing it.
    -- Leslie Scalapino

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  • My biggest fear is looking weak, girly, and pathetic.
    -- Lucy Griffiths

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  • Im not your biggest girly girl.
    -- Maggie Siff

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  • I'm not girly girly enough to care how I look on TV, or if I'm wearing the correct make up.
    -- Majandra Delfino

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  • I don't mind making jokes, but I don't want to look like one.
    -- Marilyn Monroe

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  • I'd say I was a tomboy... I took wood chop in high school and I was very into volleyball and football, and [was] very unaware of anything girly for a long time.
    -- Marisa Miller

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  • Vampire? Such a provocative word, wrapped in too many clichés and girly novels.
    -- Matt Haig

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  • Ever since I was little, people would always make jokes about my low voice. But I think it's so cool that you don't have to have the picture-perfect, girly voice to do an animated film. I think it's great for kids with different voices to know that they could do something like this.
    -- Miley Cyrus

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  • I love everything special or unique. Sometimes I love girly clothes, sometimes I love strong boy looks. You never know what is the next look of Ming.
    -- Ming Xi

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  • Girly’ products can spur Japan’s growth in this century every bit as much as, if not more than, the ‘manly’ technologies.
    -- Morinosuke Kawaguchi

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  • Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.
    -- Natalie Portman

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  • No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy.
    -- Paris Hilton

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  • When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.
    -- Princess Diana

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  • Oh, he is cute!” Shane said in a fake girly voice. “Gee, maybe we can ask him out!” “Shut up, you weasel. Claire, hit him!
    -- Rachel Caine

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  • I'm very girly. I love to talk about diets, exercise, kids, make-up.
    -- Rachel Hunter

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  • I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.
    -- Rebecca West

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  • The girly movie i secretly love is Pippy Longstockings.
    -- Robert Pattinson

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  • Maybe if I'd agreed to do the debutante thing like she wanted. Or taken up pageants instead of riding jump bikes with a bunch of grungy boys. I'd always tell her, why can't I do both? Who says you have to be either smart or pretty, or into girly stuff or sports? Life shouldn't be about the either/or. We're capable of more than that, you know?
    -- Sarah Dessen

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  • I did that girly little sighing thing you do when you can't handle all the sweetness anymore and bit my lip.
    -- Shelly Crane

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  • Nothing's too girly and nothing's too masculine. But I do love color, and maybe that's a little girly - especially pink.
    -- Stacy London

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  • My style is schizophrenic! One minute I'll be wearing bright girly dresses, and the next I'll be swinging towards more structured masculine things.
    -- Tamsin Egerton

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  • I always enjoyed getting dolled up. I grew up surrounded by a bunch of women so you know there were always hair/makeup, clothes, shoes and other girly things around.
    -- Trina

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  • I'm feminine, but I wouldn't say that I'm girly in any way at all.
    -- Victoria Beckham

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  • I've always been a very outdoors sort of girl. I'm more a tomboy than a girly girl.
    -- Yvonne Strahovski

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  • I always get pissed that I can't make my voice sound like someone from the 50s who had a very girly, innocent voice, like Leslie Gore.
    -- Bethany Cosentino

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  • I actually have very girly taste in television. I like a chicky relationship show probably more than anything. I really like 'Project Runway'.
    -- David Nevins

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  • I met Shannon Hale through some friends and family. I was interested in her book called Princess Academy, which is just a very sweet, Newbery-nominated fairy tale for young readers. She was like, "Oh, actually I have something else for you." She gave me Austenland. The next morning, I'm sure I called her and I was like, "Let's make this movie." It is so fun. It just felt so girly and great and a great vehicle for the weird Hess comedy.
    -- Jerusha Hess

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  • I love all things fashion and love to mix it up. I love girly with a touch of edge.
    -- Sydney Sierota

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  • Girly’ products can spur Japan’s growth in this century every bit as much as, if not more than, the ‘manly’ technologies.
    -- Morinosuke Kawaguchi

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  • I didn't have a sense of how to dress. I still don't really, but, like, back then, I truly had no sense of how to dress because I wanted to be a tomboy - I thought I was a tomboy, but secretly wanted to be girly, but didn't know the first thing about making myself girly. So I ended up like wearing just like sweatpants to school with, like, long T-shirts that I got on family vacations. And it was just weird.
    -- Rachel Bloom

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  • Being good at fashion and beauty and girly stuff has been such a point of insecurity for me; I'm not good at coming up with jokes that make fun of other people for that, because I don't feel like I have a mastery of it myself.
    -- Rachel Bloom

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  • I think I'm a girly beer drinker - I like the fruity ones. And the radler has lower alcohol.
    -- Rona Ambrose

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  • Can you imagine a 6 year old banging all day on a drum kit. I do have photos of me in my sort of princess girly bedroom with a bad-ass sparkle set.
    -- Jill Sobule

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  • I let the music set the tone of the lyrics.I allowed myself to write more about relationships and emotions, in a girly way almost.
    -- Jose Gonzalez

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