Lying quotes

  • ...maybe it's only fitting that relationship that started with a lie would end with one.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • The Operative tried to implement the Purusey breathing technique, which has been proven effective at fooling polygraphs. There is no conclusive evidence as to whether it is effective at masking the internal lie detectors of fifteen-year-old boys.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • Every decent con man knows that the simplest truth is more powerful than even the most elaborate lie.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • The dream doesn't lie in victimization or blame; it lies in hard work, determination and a good education.
    -- Alphonso Jackson

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  • We can hope that men will understand that the interest of all are the same, that hope lies in cooperation. We can then perhaps keep PEACE.
    -- Alva Myrdal

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  • The most difficult problems are naturally not involved in the search for forms for contemporary life. It is a question of working our way to forms behind which real human values lie.
    -- Alvar Aalto

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  • Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human. It's a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat others as we would not want to be treated.
    -- Alveda King

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  • Racism oppresses its victims, but also binds the oppressors, who sear their consciences with more and more lies until they become prisoners of those lies. They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit.
    -- Alveda King

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  • Abortion and racism are evil twins, born of the same lie. Where racism now hides its face in public, abortion is accomplishing the goals of which racism only once dreamed. Together, abortionists are destroying humanity at large and the black community in particular.
    -- Alveda King

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  • We spend our lives getting caught up in all the wrong things--led astray by our minds, our egos, seeing ourselves as separate from each other, rather than listening to the truth that lies within our own hearts, the truth that we are all connected, we are all in it together.
    -- Alyson Noel

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  • money-making is like a god possessing a priest. He never will leave you, until he has occupied you, wholly changed the order of your being, and seared you through and up and down. Then only would he eventually leave you, but nothing of you except an exhausted wreck, lying prone and wondering who are you.
    -- Ama Ata Aidoo

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  • ... and I know it might sound crazy, but after all that, I still love you. You wanna come back in my life But now there is something I have to do. I have to tell the one that I once adored, that they can't have my love no more, 'cause my heart can't take no more lies, And my eyes are all out of cries.
    -- Amanda Perez

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  • I prefer theater, but I love to do films, and I prefer theater primarily because I've done more. I know less about movies. You can't lie in either medium. The wonderful thing is that the camera, just like an audience, is made out of skin - because celluloid is skin.
    -- Amanda Plummer

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  • The best hope for peace in the world lies in the simple but far-reaching recognition that we all have many different associations and affiliations, and we need not see ourselves as being rigidly divided by a single categorization of hardened groups, which confront each other.
    -- Amartya Sen

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  • Immortality: A toy which people cry for, And on their knees apply for, Dispute, contend and lie for, And if allowed Would be right proud Eternally to die for.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • gratitude, n. A sentiment lying midway between a benefit received and a benefit expected.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • Heaven lies about us in our infancy and the world begins lying about us pretty soon afterward.
    -- Ambrose Bierce

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  • A story isn't a charcoal sketch, where every stroke lies on the surface to be seen. It's an oil painting, filled with layers that the author must uncover so carefully to show its beauty.
    -- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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  • Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories...
    -- Amilcar Cabral

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  • We must practice revolutionary democracy in every aspect of our Party life. Every responsible member must have the courage of his responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect for his work and properly respecting the work of others. Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures.  Claim no easy victories…
    -- Amilcar Cabral

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  • Tell no lies' claim no easy victories
    -- Amilcar Cabral

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  • All liars ... lie to protect themselves, to shield their egos from the raw pain of truth.
    -- Aminatta Forna

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  • A procrastinators willpower lies in the fact that he keeps work pending because he strongly feels he wants to do the same – keep it pending.
    -- Amit Abraham

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  • Spirituality does not lie in meditating on the body of an ex-master. Spirituality exists in mediating on your own inner body.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • Enjoy the limitless bliss consciousness here and now. The reality of you lies much beyond your sensory perceptions and boundaries.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • The true miracle lies in our eagerness to allow, appreciate, and honor the uniqueness, and freedom of each sentient being to sing the song of their heart.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • I know nothing of this silence except that it lies outside the reach of my intelligence, beyond words - that is why this silence must win, must inevitably defeat me, because it is not a presence at all.
    -- Amitav Ghosh

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  • How do you lose a word? Does it vanish into your memory, like an old toy in a cupboard, and lie hidden in the cobwebs and dust, waiting to be cleaned out or rediscovered?
    -- Amitav Ghosh

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  • I grew up as a Mormon, and that had more of an impact on my values than my beliefs. I'm afraid I will always feel the weight of a lie. I'm very hard on myself anyway. Religious guilt carries over too. You can't really misbehave without feeling badly about it. At least, I can't.
    -- Amy Adams

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  • Sophisticated readers understand that writers work out their anger, their conflicts, their endless grief and rolling list of loss, through their stories. That however mean-spirited or diabolical, it's only a story. That the darkness in the soul is shaped into type and lies there, brooding and inert, black on the page, and active, dangerous, only in the reader's mind. Actually, harmless. I am not harmless.
    -- Amy Bloom

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  • True beauty lies deep within. No matter what you look like on the outside, if you know you are beautiful, nothing can change that.
    -- Amy Davis

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  • For peace of mind, I will lie about any thing at any time.
    -- Amy Hempel

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  • I have written letters that are failures, but I have written few, I think, that are lies. Trying to reach a person means asking the same question over and over again: Is this the truth, or not? I begin this letter to you, then, in the western tradition. If I understand it, the western tradition is: Put your cards on the table.
    -- Amy Hempel

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  • You are who you are, there's nobody like you, and to try and be like someone else is just a lie.
    -- Amy Lee

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  • If all we ever sang about was how happy we are, we would be lying to ourselves. People try to escape their problems by getting drunk, partying and dancing them away. What really heals me is to sit down and think, face the facts, then you can get over it and be happy
    -- Amy Lee

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  • I know that a creed is the shell of a lie.
    -- Amy Lowell

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  • Um, yeah. I guess lying around reading books all day doesn't do much for physical endurance.
    -- Amy Plum

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  • Any actor or actress that tells you that they don't watch their stuff is lying.
    -- Amy Poehler

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  • My idea of the perfect exercise class is this: The teacher gives us all a hug and goes, 'You did it! You showed up! Let’s lie down.' We all lie down and she’s like, 'How is everybody feeling?' We’re like, 'Great!' And the teacher’s like, 'Great!' Then we all get to leave 20 minutes early.
    -- Amy Poehler

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  • That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets.
    -- Amy Tan

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  • If I look upon my whole life, I cannot think of another time when I felt more comfortable: when I had no worries, fears, or desires, when my life seemed as soft and lovely as lying inside a cocoon of rose silk.
    -- Amy Tan

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  • For woman is yin, the darkness within, where untempered passions lie. And man is yang, bright truth lighting our minds.
    -- Amy Tan

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  • I couldn't resist him, his eyes were like yours, his hair was exactly the shade of brown. He's just not as tall, but I couldn't tell, it was dark and I was lying down.
    -- Amy Winehouse

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  • Let others seek renown in arms; For me wine's wars have greater charms: Then fill the bowl, boy; fill it high: 'Tis better drunk, than dead to lie.
    -- Anacreon

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  • The ultimate way of Being lies beyond all contradictory pairs of opposites with which our two dimensional thinking mind operates. As soon as we are successful in silencing the restless activity of the thinking mind and give a chance to intuition, the pure all embracing spirit in us will manifest effortlessly.
    -- Anagarika Govinda

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  • Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • Convalescence. Such an utter weakness that you lie like an animal hibernating, playing possum. You float. You are adrift. Every current is stronger than you.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • I see myself wrapped in lies, which do not seem to penetrate my soul, as if they are not really a part of me. They are like costumes.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • Expressing feelings is linked directly with creation... In this ability to tap the sources of feeling and imagination lies the secret of abundance.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • Our psychological reality, which lies below the surface, frightens us because it endlessly surprises us and drives us in a direction which society's rules and organizations define as wrong or dangerous.
    -- Anais Nin

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  • Sometimes it’s the complication, which just lies in our minds
    -- Anamika Mishra

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  • Wherever God may keep you at any time, from there itself must you undertake the pilgrimage to God-realization. In all forms, in action and non-action is He, the One Himself. While attending to your work with your hands, keep yourself bound to Him by sustaining japa, the constant remembrance of Him in your heart and mind. In God's empire, it is forgetfulness of Him that is detrimental. The way to Peace lies in the remembrance of Him and of Him alone.
    -- Anandamayi Ma

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  • When a history book contains no lies it is always tedious.
    -- Anatole France

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  • Anyone who says they're not afraid at the time of a hurricane is either a fool or a liar, or a little bit of both.
    -- Anderson Cooper

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  • Graduation is a big deal-bigger than getting a hole-in-one while golfing. People might think you're lying about the hole-in-one, but when you graduate, you get a diploma.
    -- Anderson Cooper

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  • So I think what you see in this show is it's really not a just world at all, but you get what you give. So in terms of world view, I would say that's where the differences lie.
    -- Andre Braugher

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  • When the conspiracy of lies surrounding me demands of me to silence the one word of truth given to me, that word becomes the one word I wish to utter above all others.
    -- André Brink

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  • My talent lies in the fact that I cannot touch a camera without expressing myself.
    -- Andre Kertesz

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  • Woman's great strength lies in being late or absent. Presence immediately reveals the weak points of our beloved; when she is absent she become one of the sylph-like figures of our adolescence whom we endowed with perfection.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • As for courage and will - we cannot measure how much of each lies within us, we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which may lie ahead.
    -- Andre Norton

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  • ... we are each shaped from our birth, not only by the blood and inheritance that lies behind us, but also by those we love and by whom we are loved in turn, by the knowledge given to our thirsty minds, to the learning of ourselves.
    -- Andre Norton

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  • For me, the moral difficulties lie in the continual pressure brought to bear on my friends and immediate family, pressure which is not directed against me personally but which at the same time is all around me.
    -- Andrei Sakharov

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  • Perhaps the meaning of all human activity lies in artistic consciousness, in the pointless and selfless creative act? Perhaps our capacity to create is evidence that we ourselves were created in the image and likeness of God?
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • It is a mistake to talk about the artist looking for his subject. In fact, the subject grows within him like a fruit and begins to demand expression. It is like childbirth. The poet has nothing to be proud of. He is not master of the situation, but a servant. Creative work is his only possible form of existence, and his every work is like a deed he has no power to annul. For him to be aware that the sequence of such deeds is due and ripe, that it lies in the very nature of things, he has to have faith in the idea; for only faith interlocks the system of images for which read system of life.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • The secret of success lies not in doing your own work, but in recognizing the right man to do it.
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • I wish to have as my epitaph: 'Here lies a man who was wise enough to bring into his service men who knew more than he.'
    -- Andrew Carnegie

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  • Sooner or later,reality does occor and when it does, all the lies show up, like blood on snow.
    -- Andrew Clements

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  • God cannot be referred to as 'good,' 'better,' or 'best' because He is above all things. If a man says that God is wise, the man is lying because anything that is wise can become wiser. Anything that a man might say about God is incorrect... The best a man can do is to remain silent...The true master knows that if he had a God he could understand, he would never hold Him to be God.
    -- Andrew Davidson

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  • Somewhere in the dim recesses of the journalistic soul lies the horrible suspicion: This is really a pretty shallow and maybe unseemly way for a grownup to make a living.
    -- Andrew Ferguson

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  • The life of a republic lies certainly in the energy, virtue, and intelligence of its citizens.
    -- Andrew Johnson

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  • Look with your heart and not with your eyes. The heart understands. The heart never lies. Believe what it feels, and trust what it shows. Look with your heart; the heart always knows. Love is not always beautiful, not at the start. But open your arms, and close your eyes tight. Look with your heart and when it finds love, your heart will be right.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity.
    -- Andrew Marvell

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  • It's always strange to read the things you've hoped for in the past because by now those hopes may be spoken for or gone, transformed or altogether forgotten. Like time, hope can be so senseless. It can carry us up mountains or lie us in the quicksand. But like time, hope is unstoppable, inevitable, and blind. Sometimes we travel fast, hurdling towards the unknown, sometimes the unknown comes hurdling towards us while we watch time standing still.
    -- Andrew McMahon

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  • The highest glory of the creature is in being only a vessel, to receive and enjoy and show forth the glory of God. It can do this only as it is willing to be nothing in itself, that God may be all. Water always fills first the lowest places. The lower, the emptier a man lies before God, the speedier and the fuller will be the inflow of the diving glory.
    -- Andrew Murray

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  • What is it about the government and its agents and employees that they can lie to us with impunity, but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to them?
    -- Andrew Napolitano

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  • People's need to protect their own egos know no bounds. They will lie, cheat, steal, even kill, to do whatever it takes to maintain what we call ego boundries.
    -- Andrew Samuels

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  • In this nonfundamentalist understanding of faith, practice is more important than theory, love more important than law, and mystery is seen as an insight into truth rather than an obstacle. It is the great lie of our time that all religious faith has to be fundamentalist to be valid.
    -- Andrew Sullivan

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  • The idea that you're not a writer until you're published is a lie.
    -- Andrew Vachss

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  • Short naps are good. Given modern workplace demands, this is not possible for many people - but if you have the option, try napping for ten to twenty minutes in the afternoon, preferably lying down in a darkened room.
    -- Andrew Weil

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  • Pages of revelation lie open in your empty eyes of blue
    -- Andy Biersack

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  • The underlying tension of a lot of my art is to try and look through the surface appearance of things. Inevitably, one way of getting beneath the surface is to introduce a hole, a window into what lies below.
    -- Andy Goldsworthy

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  • Ephemeral work made outside, for and about a day, lies at the core of my art and its making must be kept private.
    -- Andy Goldsworthy

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  • I would lie, because no one would know me anyway. My grandmother convinced me to be proud of what I do.
    -- Andy Hallett

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  • If somebody's looking at pictures of naked people and you go, 'Oh I don't want to see that,' you're lying. Cause naked people are always interesting. Always. Whether they're beautiful, or naked or 500 pounds.
    -- Andy Richter

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  • Well thank you, me old gobbler,' said Mr. Gum handing over some money that Billy William would later discover to be made out of lies and broken promises.
    -- Andy Stanton

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  • I welcome this opportunity of pricking the bloated bladder of lies with the poniard of truth
    -- Aneurin Bevan

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  • How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the twentieth century.
    -- Aneurin Bevan

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  • True artistic expression lies in conveying emotion.
    -- Angel Haze

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  • If one cannot invent a really convincing lie, it is often better to stick to the truth.
    -- Angela Thirkell

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  • One day, a woman found herself standing at Heaven's gate. The angels' only question to her was, "Zusai, why weren't you Zusai?" Within that simple question lies the heart of all our soul work. If you are David, why aren't you fully David? If you are Susan, why aren't you completely Susan? We are here on Earth to become who we are meant to be.
    -- Angeles Arrien

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  • I would start drinking something terrible if I were in a situation where I was surrounded by lies or quiet or secrets. It's just not a real life.
    -- Angelina Jolie

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  • I wanna read a good paper first thing in the morning. And if I see a lie about myself flash across the front of the cover, I don't think much of the rest of the newspaper.
    -- Angelina Jolie

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  • We keep so busy talking we are so keen to act that we forget that in the heart lies all we need untapped, intact.
    -- Angelus Silesius

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  • I had a choice: I could believe the lies of the devil, in which case I was on my way to suicide, or I could believe in the promises of God, and be taken through my time of trial.
    -- Angus Buchan

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  • The roots of art and play lie very close together.
    -- Angus Wilson

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  • They say that the truth will set you free But then again, so will a lie... It depends if you're trying to get to the promised land Or if you're just trying to get by.
    -- Ani DiFranco

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  • Lying in bed, you know, you don't seem so tall.
    -- Ani DiFranco

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  • A man of such obvious and exemplary charm must be a liar.
    -- Anita Brookner

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