Rats quotes

  • I could no more define poetry than a terrier can define a rat.
    -- A. E. Housman

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  • Cheese crumbs spread before a pair of copulating rats will distract the female but not the male.
    -- Alfred Kinsey

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  • The same rain that drowns the rat will grow the hay.
    -- Amy Grant

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  • If I am ever in the position where I wish to seduce someone I will simply assure her it’s better than rats.
    -- Anne Stuart

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  • You can't make cheese from rats. ... It's hard enough just milking the little beggars.
    -- Arthur M. Jolly

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  • It is better to own 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat.
    -- Arthur Mutambara

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  • I've often said that my rats have taught me much more than I've taught them.
    -- B. F. Skinner

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  • Visiting is a pleasure; being visited is usually a mixed or ambivalent joy. ... The visitor can always go home; the visitee is already home, trapped like a rat in a drainpipe.
    -- Barbara Holland

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  • In this rat-race everybody's guilty till proved innocent!
    -- Bette Davis

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  • I actually wanted to be a doctor. But doing all those horrid rat dissections made me faint. I studied science till the 12th standard and later took up commerce. I was planning to do chartered accountancy, but fate had something else in store for me.
    -- Bipasha Basu

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  • I had mice that I kept as pets when I was very young, and I've always liked the way they look. Even rats. I'm not scared of them.
    -- Catherine Deneuve

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  • Nobody near me here, but rats, and they are fine stealthy secret fellows.
    -- Charles Dickens

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  • Just a rat, she repeated to herself. After all, there were rats in the palace. Human and otherwise. Could be worse.
    -- Cinda Williams Chima

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  • When the water reaches the upper level, follow the rats.
    -- Claude A. Swanson

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  • I'm not a theater rat, so I never got a theatrical agent and did a play. I came really close though.
    -- Courtney Love

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  • Nature shows me incredible beauty standing just beyond the rat race. It's always there if I'm open enough to see it.
    -- Dewitt Jones

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  • Once I left out what I then considered my best line because there was a suspected column rat in the house.
    -- Dick Cavett

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  • It's so different to be a sparrow. But nobody asked this rat if he wanted to be a rat when he was made. Nobody said, 'Wouldn't you rather be a sparrow?
    -- Frances Hodgson Burnett

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  • Leop­ards break in­to the tem­ple and drink all the sac­ri­fi­cial ves­sels dry; it keeps hap­pen­ing; in the end, it can be cal­cu­lat­ed in ad­vance and is in­cor­po­rat­ed in­to the rit­ual.
    -- Franz Kafka

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  • Squirrels are just rats with good publicity
    -- Garrison Wynn

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  • My only regret is that I'm going before that rat, Robespierre! [to his executioner] Don't forget to show my head to the people; it's well worth seeing.
    -- Georges Danton

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  • Why are scientists now using lawyers in laboratory experiments instead of rats? Three reasons: (1) lawyers are more plentiful than rats, (2) there is no danger the scientists will become attached to the lawyers, and (3) there are some things rats just won't do.
    -- Gerry Spence

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  • I'm not Hollywood. I'm a Quarter Rat. I belong here.
    -- Harry Anderson

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  • To a rat, a small hole is like a door.
    -- Helena

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  • I had a rat-tail when I was younger. I had this nice Bobby Brown fade, with a rat-tail that was long enough to wrap around my face. I used to chew on the end and bite it.
    -- J. Cole

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  • The propensity to play is situated in very ancient regions of the brain. Rats that have had their neocortex removed still engage in normal play.
    -- Jaak Panksepp

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  • You dirty, double-crossing rat.
    -- James Cagney

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  • I never said, 'MMMmmm, you dirty rat!
    -- James Cagney

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  • Back in the Rat Pack days, we'd take Frank's plane and sit dead center, because of Nancy. We'd watch the Rat Pack in the center ring and you couldn't ask for a better thing.
    -- James Darren

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  • It is worth thought what kind of mind or condition or disposition is open to flattery; for poison would not be spread if the rats ate it not.
    -- James Vila Blake

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  • Rats. Rats, mice, and rodents.
    -- Jean Ferris

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  • Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures!
    -- Jeff Smith

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  • Amen,' I exclaim, accidentally spitting out a Raisinet. I pick up the chocolate with a Kleenex and stuff it in my purse. Ten bucks says a month from now I'll have forgotten about it and will finally have said heart attack when I assume a rat shat in there.
    -- Jen Lancaster

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  • I didn't miss the rat race, but I kinda missed the rats.
    -- Jerry Nachman

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  • Dear Die-ary, today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender. I'm wondering if, maybe, there really is something wrong with me.
    -- Jhonen Vasquez

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  • A rat is neither good nor evil. It does what a rat has to do.
    -- Jo Nesbo

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  • Schools are not exam factories for the rat race.
    -- Johann Lamont

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  • If I had a nervous breakdown every time something awful happened in the world, I'd be crazier than a shithouse rat.
    -- John Green

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  • I was a French Quarter rat from the moment I could get on a bus by myself and go to the French Quarter. I played music most of my early life and it just seemed that to entertain people was a really good thing to do.
    -- John Larroquette

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  • I was convinced there as only one actor to play Templeton the Rat, and that was Tony Randall.
    -- Joseph Barbera

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  • Grooming oneself with all the crazed compulsion of an under-exercised lab rat in order to hook a rich man and obtain a lush lifestyle makes a certain (albeit seedy) sense.
    -- Julie Burchill

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  • Everywhere in science the talk is of winners, patents, pressures, money, no money, the rat race, the lot; things that are so completely alien ... that I no longer know whether I can be classified as a modern scientist or as an example of a beast on the way to extinction.
    -- June Goodfield

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  • Rats have a sense of humor. Rats, in fact think the world is very funny. And they are right, dear reader. They are right.
    -- Kate DiCamillo

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  • [Pigeons are] rats with wings.
    -- Ken Livingstone

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  • The Rat, meanwhile, was busy examining the label on one of the beer-bottles. "I perceive this to be Old Burton," he remarked approvingly. "Sensible Mole! The very thing! Now we shall be able to mull some ale. Get the things ready, Mole, while I draw the corks."
    -- Kenneth Grahame

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  • We shall creep out quietly into the butler's pantry--" cried the Mole. "--with out pistols and swords and sticks--" shouted ther Rat. "--and rush in upon them," said Badger. "--and whack 'em, and whack 'em, and whack 'em!" cried the Toad in ecstasy, running round and round the room, and jupming over the chairs.
    -- Kenneth Grahame

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  • Beyond the Wild Wood comes the wild world,"said the Rat."And that's something that doesn't matter, either to you or to me. I've never been there, and I'm never going' nor you either, if you've got any sense at all.
    -- Kenneth Grahame

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  • He'd always thought Roag was one rat short of a plague.
    -- Larissa Ione

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  • The third guy was different. He was what you got when you ate squirrels for four generations. Smarter than a rat and tougher than a goat, and jumpier than either one.
    -- Lee Child

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  • Just because it's a rat race doesn't mean it's okay to be a rat.
    -- Linda Ellerbee

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  • The Love Undercover series features two cops, a street rat, and a construction worker as the lead heroes.
    -- Lori Foster

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  • A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere, as long as it stays inside the maze.
    -- Margaret Atwood

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  • I did what any good rat would do. I bit down on the guard's hand until I tasted blood.
    -- Maria V. Snyder

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  • I live like a crazy old pack rat.
    -- Martha Plimpton

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  • No, this is throwing up like coming off the tilt-a-whirl at age seven, like discovering that dead rat under the porch, like finding out someone you loved never loved you at all.
    -- Megan Abbott

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  • OK," Josh said evenly, "I've seen men made of mud, I guess I can accept spying rats. Do they talk?" he wondered aloud. Don't be ridiculous," Flamel snapped, "They're rats." Josh really didn't think it was a ridiculous suggestion.
    -- Michael Scott

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  • Mickey Cohen: New York, its like being a rat in a maze, everyone living on top of each other, but out here, I can breathe. I love Los Angeles.
    -- Mickey Cohen

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  • When I listen to songs, I can smell a rat. I like songs that speak to me with some deeper truth.
    -- Mike Dirnt

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  • I love Mardi Gras. I'm a street rat.
    -- Mitch Landrieu

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  • What tipped the scales was that psychology involved working with rats.
    -- Morrie Schwartz

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  • I believe the projects were a social experiment; we were laboratory rats stacked on top of each other, and people just knew, inherently, that there was something wrong. There's not a lot of regard for the property by the residents.
    -- Mos Def

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  • And this indifference is still very much present in modern South Africa. Just listen to Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer - a representative of the British elite in this country: Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation.
    -- Nadine Gordimer

    #Country #Rats #Winner

  • Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation.
    -- Nadine Gordimer

    #Rats #Fit #Enough

  • If you hear a "prominent" economist using the word 'equilibrium,' or 'normal distribution,' do not argue with him; just ignore him, or try to put a rat down his shirt.
    -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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  • When you get a cat to catch the mice in your kitchen, you can't expect it to ignore the rats in the cellar.
    -- P.B. Kerr

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  • It is one thing to decry the rat race...that is the good and honorable work of moralists. It is quite another thing to quit the rat race, to drop out, to refuse to run any further--that is the work of the individualist. It is offensive because it is impolite it makes the rebuke personal the individualist calls not his or her behavior into question, but mine.
    -- Paul Gruchow

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  • People sometimes forget that a rat race can be won only by a rat.
    -- Paul Palmer

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  • I'm taking my rats. Those are my friends for the tour. Thelma and Louise. They're so cute.
    -- Pink

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  • He looked exactly like a rat. Like the human being version of a rat. Like the villain in a Don Bluth movie.
    -- Rainbow Rowell

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  • Messin with me, is like wearing cheese underwear down rat alley. Ollie Chandler in Deception
    -- Randy Alcorn

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  • It may be that you will be happiest in the rat race; perhaps, like me, you are basically a rat.
    -- Richard Koch

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  • I haven't had this much fun since the rats ate my baby sister
    -- Robert Bloch

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  • You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.
    -- Robert De Niro

    #Two #Mouths #Rats

  • If a rat is a good model for your emotional life, you're in big trouble.
    -- Robert M. Sapolsky

    #Emotional #Rats #Trouble

  • A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!
    -- Sarah Jessica Parker

    #Squirrels #Rats

  • A rat called Possible New Strain was sitting under a spaghetti strainer held down with a pile of journalism textbooks, saying rude things in rat-speak.
    -- Scott Westerfeld

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  • I've been a road-rat since I got my driver's licence at 16, so I've probably gone across America 20 times.
    -- Sean Penn

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  • While the cat's away, you may find the rats getting damned uppity.
    -- Simon R. Green

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  • We all love the environment, but we have placed creatures above people. A rat is a rat.
    -- Sonny Bono

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  • How could you be from the ghetto and be a rat?
    -- Suge Knight

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  • The water bath has a platform which the rats learn to find because they don't like to get wet. Then you remove the platform. But you don't tell the rats.
    -- Susumu Tonegawa

    #Water #Rats #Baths

  • Most rats read. Our frustration is, we cannot hold a pen to write.
    -- Suzanne Collins

    #Writing #Frustration #Rats

  • Allow me to translate, Twitchtip said, not even bothering to move. "She said if you don't stop your incessant babble, that big rat sitting in the boat next to you will rip your head off.
    -- Suzanne Collins

    #Rip #Moving #Rats

  • I think we are in rats’ alley Where the dead men lost their bones.
    -- T. S. Eliot

    #Men #Thinking #Rats

  • The rats are underneath the piles/ The Jew is underneath the lot.
    -- T. S. Eliot

    #Rats #Jew

  • Oddly enough, MS has made my life so much better than it was before. I now appreciate what I have and I am not running around like a rat in a maze.
    -- Teri Garr

    #Running #Appreciate #Rats

  • How can we scramble away like rats, without honor, without dignity, when everyone must help rebuild the country?
    -- Thanhha Lai

    #Country #Honor #Rats

  • I have never been able to understand why pigeon-shooting at Hurlingham should be refined and polite, while a rat-killing match in Whitechapel is low.
    -- Thomas Huxley

    #Shooting #Rats #Able

  • For Heaven's sake discard the monstrous wig which makes the English judges look like rats peeping through bunches of oakum
    -- Thomas Jefferson

    #Judging #Heaven #Rats

  • I wouldn't mind the rat race - if the rats would lose once in a while.
    -- Tom Wilson

    #Race #Mind #Rats

  • One out of 100 citizens of the U.S. is going to prison, and it's not that the system is making criminals, it's that it's making criminals better criminals. We're breeding them like rats and it has to change.
    -- Val Kilmer

    #Citizens #Rats #Criminals

  • I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than two hundred rats of my own species.
    -- Voltaire

    #Two #Stronger #Rats

  • A few Cobras in your home will soon clear it of Rats and Mice. Of course, you will still have the Cobras.
    -- Will Cuppy

    #Home #Cobras #Rats

  • I'm a selective pack rat. There's some things I have no problem getting rid of and others I hold onto dearly.
    -- Will Ferrell

    #Rats #Problem #Packs

  • You're a mouse studying to be a rat.
    -- Wilson Mizner

    #Sarcastic #Rats #Study

  • I was a gym rat and I always thought that was a part of my success.
    -- Andre Reed

    #Gym Rats #Rats #Gym

  • We call a thing big or little with reference to what it is wont to be, as we speak of a small elephant or a big rat.
    -- D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

    #Elephants #Littles #Rats

  • Great collections of books are subject to certain accidents besides the damp, the worms, and the rats; one not less common is that of the borrowers, not to say a word of the purloiners
    -- Isaac D'Israeli

    #Book #Rats #Common

  • I'm deathly afraid of rats.
    -- Jodi Lyn O'Keefe


  • As far as I am concerned, collectively, the right wing of the blogosphere is the 'boy who called traitor.' Not a week goes by when I hear that so and so should be ostracized because they are a treasonous rat, they are a commie symp, whatever.
    -- John Cole

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