August quotes

  • These, in the day when heaven was falling, The hour when earth's foundations fled, Followed their mercenary calling And took their wages and are dead. The British regulars who made the retreat from Mons, beginning August 24, 1914.
    -- A. E. Housman

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  • From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August.
    -- Andrew Card

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  • Having personally watched the Voting Rights Act being signed into law that August day, I can't begin to imagine how we could have all been so wrong in believing that more Americans would vote once they were all truly free to do so.
    -- Andrew Young

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  • If you had planned to come to Crawford in the middle of the hot summer in August, no one would have come with you, if you had planned it. But spontaneously, we have now been here 11 days in the most intense heat that you can imagine of west Texas. Some of the most intense heat thunderstorms.
    -- Ann Wright

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  • nothing happens in August - except when something really happens in August. World War I began in August, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait began in August, al Qaida was preparing to bring down the World Trade Center in August. August, in other words, is the time when all of us should prepare our backup plans, chart our reversals of course, [and] think through possible paradigm changes.
    -- Anne Applebaum

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  • I predicted in August that Celtic would reach the final. On the eve of that final I stand by that prediction.
    -- Archie Macpherson

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  • But now, I, August Comte, have discovered the truth. Therefore, there is no longer any need for freedom of thought or freedom of the press. I want to rule and to organize the whole country.
    -- Auguste Comte

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  • Could you let me have the 3 weeks due to me now and if I work again before August I must of course repay you at the rate of exchange you let me have it at now if you kindly will.
    -- Basil Rathbone

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  • In August, 1900, [Friedrich] Nietzsche was laid to rest Nietzsche, as the apostle of atheism, heralded the darkest century the world has ever known.
    -- Benjamin Wiker

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  • You think OWS is radical? You think was radical for helping organize mass civil disobedience in D.C. in August against the Keystone Pipeline? We're not radical. Radicals work for oil companies. The CEO of Exxon gets up every morning and goes to work changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere. No one has ever done anything as radical as that, not in all of human history.
    -- Bill McKibben

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  • The seasons don't matter to most of us anymore except as spectacles. In my county and in many places around this part of the nation, the fair that once marked the harvest now takes place in late August, while tourist dollars are still in heavy circulation. Why celebrate the harvest when you harvest every week with a shopping cart?
    -- Bill McKibben

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  • Boston has two seasons: August and winter.
    -- Billy Herman

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  • August in Florida is God's way of reminding us who's in charge.
    -- Blaize Clement

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  • I went on inactive duty in August 1945, and since I had stayed in such good shape and had played ball on military teams, I was ready to start for the Indians just two days later, against the Tigers.
    -- Bob Feller

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  • While in El Paso, I met Mr. Clinton Burk, a native of Texas, who I married in August 1885.
    -- Calamity Jane

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  • The cosmic calendar compresses the local history of the universe into a single year. If the universe began on January 1st it was not until May that the Milky Way formed. Other planetary systems may have appeared in June, July and August, but our Sun and Earth not until mid-September. Life arose soon after. We humans appear on the cosmic calendar so recently that our recorded history occupies only the last few seconds of the last minute of December 31st
    -- Carl Sagan

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  • I left for Petersburg in August, 1871 and stayed there until 1879.
    -- Carl Spitteler


  • There could be oil coming up until August.
    -- Carol Browner

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  • What I learned as an actor was the only way you could really do August Wilson's work, you had to leave an ounce of your essence on that stage,... Otherwise it was impossible.
    -- Charles S. Dutton

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  • Looks like macho boy's cool just melted like a Slush Puppie in August.
    -- Darynda Jones

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  • You'll see everything from gold teeth to hood ornaments. It's almost like Halloween during August.
    -- David Carson

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  • My timing’s a little off. But I’m about to get hotter than Jamaica in the middle of August.
    -- David Ortiz

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  • He once told me that an August evening was "as hot as three toads in a Cuisinart," a comparison that left me blinking two days later.
    -- Dean Koontz

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  • breathe the sweetness that hovers in August ...
    -- Denise Levertov

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  • Smell brings to mind... a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years.
    -- Diane Ackerman

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  • The August sun, God's blood-blister...
    -- Donald E. Westlake

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  • The first indication of menopause is a broken thermostat. It's either that or your weight. In any case, if you don't do something, you could be dead by August. God, middle age is an unending insult.
    -- Dorothea Benton Frank

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  • I get all my ideas in Switzerland near the Forka Pass. There is a little town called Gletch, and two thousand feet up above Gletch there is a smaller hamlet called Ãœber Gletch. I go there on the fourth of August every summer to get my cuckoo clock fixed. While the cuckoo is in the hospital, I wander around and talk to the people in the streets. They are very strange people, and I get my ideas from them.
    -- Dr. Seuss

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  • Then all at once in late August's heat, tall leafless stalks crowned with iridescent pink and purple blossoms burst from the purgatory in the earth. This arcane act of nature, though perceived by us as ordinary, is a manifestation of Maya's phantom play, the great immensity expressed in every way. My garden is the universe. I am the universe. I am my garden. All things are the same.
    -- Duane Michals

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  • In Europe life retreats out of the cold, and exquisite fireside myths have resulted—Balder, Persephone—but [in India] the retreat is from the source of life, the treacherous sun, and no poetry adorns it because disillusionment cannot be beautiful. Men yearn for poetry though they may not confess it; they desire that joy shall be graceful and sorrow august and infinity have a form, and India fails to accommodate them.
    -- E. M. Forster

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  • Sometimes I wonder what I'm a-gonna do 'Cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues.
    -- Eddie Cochran

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  • I don't have to get up in the morning and go beat up my body like I used to. I don't have to be out there in August in 108 degree weather down in Texas.
    -- Emmitt Smith

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  • I really started trying to get my act together in August of 2002.
    -- Ethan Suplee

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  • Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reform. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims, have been born of earnest struggle. The conflict has been exciting, agitating, all-absorbing, and for the time being, putting all other tumults to silence. It must do this or it does nothing. If there is no struggle there is no progress.
    -- Frederick Douglass

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  • American banks may have been unable to supply adequate loans, but the Rothschild consortium in Britain was both able and willing. It was during this time that the Rothschilds were consolidating their new industrial holdings in the United States through their agent, August Belmont. Derek Wilson tells us: "They owned or had major shareholdings in Central American ironworks, North American canal construction companies, and a multiplicity of other concerns. They became the major importers of bullion from the newly discovered goldfields".
    -- G. Edward Griffin

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  • One time. In 1965. August, for about an hour, I was both fine AND dandy at the same time. But nobody asked me how I was.
    -- George Carlin

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  • August 28th 2012. Remember that date. It marks the day when the world went raving mad.
    -- George Monbiot

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  • In August of 1921, one of the great American combinations was unveiled—even better than the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This fortuitous new blend was radio and baseball.
    -- George Vecsey

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  • Having now finished the work assigned me, I retire from the great theatre of Action; and bidding an Affectionate farewell to this August body under whose orders I have so long acted, I here offer my commission, and take my leave of all the employments of public life.
    -- George Washington

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  • Now, therefore, I, Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974.
    -- Gerald R. Ford

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  • August is a month when if it is hot weather it is really very hot.
    -- Gertrude Stein

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  • Sunset Boulevard opened in August 1950, and it was pronounced the best movie ever made about Hollywood.
    -- Gloria Swanson

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  • My God, this novel makes me break out in a cold sweat! Do you know how much I've written in five months, since the end of August? Sixty-five pages! Each paragraph is good in itself and there are some pages that are perfect. I feel certain. But just because of this, it isn't getting on. It's a series of well-turned, ordered paragraphs which do not flow on from each other. I shall have to unscrew them, loosen the joints, as one does with the masts of a ship when one wants the sail to take more wind...
    -- Gustave Flaubert

    #Sweat #August #Wind

  • On 24 August 1939, as an officer in the reserve, I had to join my regiment in Potsdam.
    -- Hans Frank

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  • No player can become accustomed to New York's climate in August in a few days. The playing conditions, the courts in New York and France are very different.
    -- Helen Wills

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  • In August, the large masses of berries, which, when in flower, had attracted many wild bees, gradually assumed their bright velvety crimson hue, and by their weight again bent down and broke their tender limbs.
    -- Henry David Thoreau

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  • He is careful to deny responsibility for September, but he does not, you notice, condemn the killings. He also refrains from killing words, sparing Roland and Buzot, as if they were beneath his notice. August 10 was illegal, he says; so too was the taking of the Bastille. What account can we take of that, in revolution? It is the nature of revolutions to break laws. We are not justices of the peace; we are legislators to a new world.
    -- Hilary Mantel

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  • The way to ensure summer in England is to have it framed and glazed in a comfortable room.
    -- Horace Walpole

    #Summer #August #Way

  • When in still air and still in summertime A leaf has had enough of this, it seems To make up its mind to go; fine as a sage Its drifting in detachment down the road.
    -- Howard Nemerov

    #Summer #Air #August

  • Verily, the word of Allah teaches us, and we implicitly believe it, that for a Muslim to kill a Jew, or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him immediate entry into Heaven and into the august presence of Allah.
    -- Ibn Saud

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  • Back in August, I wrote a post about the supposed race to the bottom with ebooks, refuting some nonsense written by an establishment bonehead. This meme won't die. People are still convinced that new ebooks are going to be priced at ten cents, and writers will starve, and this will cause a second Great Depression where banks will close and people will be forced to buy Kindles with food stamps, and then the earth will enter another ice age where all the bunnies will freeze to death.
    -- J.A. Konrath

    #Ice #Race #August

  • I don't know nothing about the sport. Just tune in August 28th and y'all find out how much I know about the sport.
    -- James Toney

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  • What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.
    -- Jane Austen

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  • they have enough testosterone between them, if testosterone were electricity they could light up New York City for the month of August
    -- Janet Evanovich

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  • I was notified on July 17 to be ready to start August 7 for an October air date. When we reached the screen we did not have a single segment ready. It was done so fast the writers never got a chance to know what it was all about.
    -- Jeffrey Hunter

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  • On a sticky August evening two weeks before her due date, Ashima Ganguli stands in the kitchen of a Central Square apartment, combining Rice Krispies and Planters peanuts and chopped red onion in bowl.
    -- Jhumpa Lahiri

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  • I recall an August afternoon in Chicago in 1973 when I took my daughter, then seven, to see what Georgia O’Keeffe had done with where she had been. One of the vast O’Keeffe ‘Sky Above Clouds’ canvases floated over the back stairs in the Chicago Art Institute that day, dominating what seemed to be several stories of empty light, and my daughter looked at it once, ran to the landing, and kept on looking. "Who drew it," she whispered after a while. I told her. "I need to talk to her," she said finally.
    -- Joan Didion

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  • August has passed, and yet summer continues by force to grow days. They sprout secretly between the chapters of the year, covertly included between its pages.
    -- Jonathan Safran Foer

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  • The pleasure of jogging and running is rather like that of wearing a fur coat in Texas in August: the true joy comes in being able to take the damn thing off.
    -- Joseph Epstein

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  • August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied.
    -- Joseph Wood Krutch

    #Summer #August #Slumber

  • New Orleans could wreck your liver and poison your blood. It could destroy you financially. It could shun you or embrace you, teach you tricks of the heart you thought Tennessee Williams was just kidding about. And in August it could break your spirit.
    -- Julie Smith

    #Heart #New Orleans #August

  • Sorrento, August. For two weeks now I haven't heard a German word or understood an Italian one. This way one can manage to live with people; everything goes like clockwork and no irksome misunderstanding can arise.
    -- Karl Kraus

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  • If you look underneath the surface of the Tea Party movement, on the other hand, you will find that it is not sophisticated. It's not like these people have read the economist Friedrich August von Hayek.
    -- Karl Rove

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  • Punch after punch after punch. February is a mean bully. Nothing could be worse - except August.
    -- Katherine Paterson

    #Mean #August #Bully

  • I'll never be August Wilson - but what I can be is more of myself.
    -- Katori Hall

    #August #Wilson

  • Britain, the first industrial nation, had offered the world a remarkable public experiment in liberal, capitalist democracy whose success was premised upon free trade and world peace. Tuesday, 4 August 1914 brought that experiment to an abrupt halt.
    -- Kenneth O. Morgan

    #August #Tuesday #History

  • Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun.
    -- Kent Nerburn

    #Children #August #Fields

  • Even with insects - some can sing, some can't.
    -- Kobayashi Issa

    #Summer #August #Insects

  • My agent and I put out my proposal one Thursday afternoon in August, 1998. Publishers started bidding immediately, and that process progressed for a few days.
    -- Laura Hillenbrand

    #August #Thursday #Bidding

  • I have been involved with 'Spring Awakening' for six years. I am 20 now - I just turned 20 in August - and I originally auditioned when I was 14 years old. I auditioned for Michael Mayer, Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater.
    -- Lea Michele

    #Spring #August #Years

  • They found out about him in July and stayed angry all through August. They tried to kill him in September. It was way too soon. They weren't ready. The attempt was a failure. It could have been a disaster, but it was actually a miracle. Because nobody noticed.
    -- Lee Child

    #July #August #Miracle

  • Faulkner sat in our living room and read from Light in August. That was incredible.
    -- Leslie Fiedler

    #Light #August #Rooms

  • Gently I stir a white feather fan, With open shirt sitting in a green wood. I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone; A wind from the pine-tree trickles on my bare head.
    -- Li Bai

    #Summer #White #August

  • It was a broiling afternoon of mid-August in Brinoe and everybody who was anybody had long ago quit its burning pavements and chilly palaces for the mountains or the sea.
    -- Louis Bromfield

    #Book #August #Sea

  • December is the toughest month of the year. Others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, October, August, and February.
    -- Mark Twain

    #July #August #Years

  • I'm naked in Esquire in August. I was naked on the set the other day. I'm always naked. I'm naked right now, in fact,
    -- Mary-Louise Parker

    #August #Facts #Naked

  • On August 28, 1933, Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6260, outlawing the constitutional right of U.S. citizens to own gold.
    -- Michael Maloney

    #August #Order #Gold

  • The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.
    -- Natalie Babbitt

    #Summer #August #Years

  • I'm as corny as Kansas in August.
    -- Oscar Hammerstein II

    #August #Kansas #Corny

  • The road made wet by the water of August shines like it was cut in full moonlight
    -- Pablo Neruda

    #Cutting #August #Water

  • On the McLaughlin Report, August 26, 1990: 'There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the middle East, the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States.
    -- Pat Buchanan

    #War #August #Two

  • To many, Heathrow in August is a paradigm of Hell.
    -- Paul Johnson

    #August #Hell #Paradigm

  • When Mussolini decided on war he did not take my advice or that of any other Army chief. In August 1939 the Duce had not been so sure about the invincibility of the Germans, and he told us that he had sought to persuade Hitler not to act.
    -- Pietro Badoglio

    #War #Army #August

  • The pursuit of perfection always implies a definite aristocracy, which is as much a goal of effort as a noble philosophy, an august civil polity or a great art.
    -- Ralph Adams Cram

    #Art #Philosophy #August

  • On the announcement that signs of extra terrestrial life were found in a meteorite, August 6, 1996 A hundred years from now Bob Dole's new tax plan will rate a footnote in the history books and this may have a whole chapter in itself.
    -- Richard E. Berendzen

    #Book #August #Years

  • Woodstock happened in August 1969, long before the Internet and mobile phones made it possible to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere. It was a time when we werent able to witness world events or the horrors of war live on 24-hour news channels.
    -- Richie Havens

    #War #Phones #August

  • My life, I realize suddenly, is July. Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July.
    -- Rick Bass

    #July #August #Years

  • And in doing this I advise you to send to the best manors of your lands those of your household in whom you place most confidence to be present in August at the leading of the corn, and to guard it as aforesaid.
    -- Robert Grosseteste

    #August #Land #Corn

  • The road is a strange place. Shuffling along, I looked up and you were there walking across the grass toward my truck on an August day. In retrospect, it seems inevitable - it could not have been any other way-- a case of what I call the high probability of the improbable
    -- Robert James Waller

    #August #Retrospect #Way

  • I saw the spiders marching through the air, Swimming from tree to tree that mildewed day In latter August when the hay Came creaking to the barn.
    -- Robert Lowell

    #Swimming #Air #August

  • I saw the spiders marching through the air, Swimming from tree to tree that mildewed day In latter August when the hay Came creaking to the barn. But where The wind is westerly, Where gnarled November makes the spiders fly Into the apparitions of the sky, They purpose nothing but their ease and die Urgently beating east to sunrise and the sea;
    -- Robert Lowell

    #Swimming #Air #August

  • Meanwhile after failing the bar twice, I knew some people in New York and moved here in August '71.
    -- Robert Quine

    #New York #August #People

  • One stifling summer afternoon last August, in the attic of a tiny stone house in Pennsylvania, I made a most interesting discovery: the shortest, cheapest method of inducing a nervous breakdown ever perfected. In this technique..., the subject is placed in a sharply sloping attic heated to 340 F and given a mothproof closet known as the Jiffy-Cloz to assemble.
    -- S. J. Perelman

    #Summer #Discovery #August

  • Iraqis will never forget that on 8 August 1990 Kuwait became part of Iraq legally, constitutionally and actually. It continued to do so until last night, when withdrawal began.
    -- Saddam Hussein

    #War #Night #August

  • Abraham Zogoiby covered his face that night in August 1939 because he had been assailed by fear, [...] a sudden apprehension that the ugliness of life might defeat its beauty; that love did not make lovers invulnerable. Nevertheless, he thought, even if the world's beauty and love were on the edge of destruction, theirs would still be the only side to be on; defeated love would still be love, hate's victory would not make it other than it was.
    -- Salman Rushdie

    #Hate #Night #August

  • When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream of beauty glides away.
    -- Sarah Helen Whitman

    #Summer #Dream #August

  • I was born in August, no July, 1908.
    -- Satchel Paige

    #August #July #Born

  • Rome's riches are in too immediate juxtaposition. Under the lid of awful August heat, one moves dizzily from church to palace to fountain to ruin, a single fly at a banquet, not knowing where to light.
    -- Shana Alexander

    #Moving #Rome #August

  • The day it all went wrong for me was 11 August 1989. That was the day I killed a man for the first time.
    -- Simon Kernick

    #Men #August #Firsts

  • August. The lines are the shortest, though.
    -- Steven Rubenstein

    #Humorous #August #Lines