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  • All of a sudden, if you think about the entire ecosystem of connected devices that can pull down information, access content and allow me to share and work and communicate, the vast majority now are not Windows computers. They are iPhones. They are iPads. They are Android devices.
    -- Aaron Levie

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  • I think where it's going is toward what the music industry is like, where channels will be considered more like labels that carry the type of TV show that you like, and then you'll consume them however you can. For example, I don't really watch Showtime, but I bought 'Homeland,' and I've been watching every episode on my iPad.
    -- Adam Pally

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  • Well, clearly Apple is a role model of the American innovation whereby it produced all these products - iPod, iPhone, iPad - that are really now dominating all the technology arena in the world.
    -- Al-Waleed bin Talal

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  • Whether I'm on the road or at home, I get a great deal done on elliptical machines. I use my iPad to conquer my email inbox, listen to audio books, use my Voxer Walkie Talkie app, and read through documents.
    -- Amy Jo Martin

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  • We don’t go further than what Marx called the exchange value of the actual object- we don’t think about the relations that that object embodies- and were important to the production of that object, whether it’s our food or our clothes or our iPads or all the materials we use to acquire an education at an institution like this. That would really be revolutionary to develop a habit of imagining the human relations and non-human relations behind all of the objects that constitute our environment.
    -- Angela Davis

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  • I have the iPad and I love Words With Friends.
    -- Billy Bush


  • Using iPads as cameras, for example, is like taking pictures with a cafeteria tray.
    -- Brian Williams

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  • It's the combination of marrying a beautiful woman three decades younger and my iPad that keeps me young.
    -- Bruce Forsyth

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  • If you want to run an ad on the iPad, it has to be approved by Apple.
    -- Carol Bartz

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  • The iPad - is that a phone or a computer? If I put it on my wall is it a TV?
    -- Chad Hurley

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  • I am all for the iPad, but trust me - smelling it will get you nowhere.
    -- Chip Kidd

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  • What's really interesting is the introduction of the tablet - not just the iPad, but the Nook and the Kindle. While they aren't going to solve all of our problems, I do think they make it easier for people to pause, linger, read and really process very important ideas.
    -- Chris Hughes

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  • Reading for me will be a combination of books, magazines, Tumblr, and just kind of the Web in general on the iPad.
    -- David Karp

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  • I sometimes read books on my iPad.
    -- David Sedaris

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  • I'm not terribly technological. I'm awfully backward about iPads and BlackBerries and suchlike; I still have a great fondness for Teletext, and I clung onto my fax machine for as long as I could, but eventually you have to move with the times.
    -- David Tang

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  • It's interesting that the book publishing industry, on the iPad, has much more flexibility than the music industry had.
    -- Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

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  • How absurd that our students tuck their cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPads, and iPods into their backpacks when they enter a classroom and pull out a tattered textbook.
    -- Eli Broad

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  • I'm active on Twitter, and I love my iPad and my Kindle.
    -- Evgeny Morozov

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  • I very much want to be in the business of creating content, of doing stories all over the world rather than figuring out what the business model is for 'Newsweek' on the iPad, although that's very important work as well.
    -- Fareed Zakaria

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  • With a poetry book I can send 100 copies out to reviewers and other people, and even do it in advance and get their response. It's difficult with iPad: how do you send it out for free, and how do you even disseminate it before it goes into their store?
    -- Felix Dennis

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  • I loved reading Roald Dahl when I was young but I had forgotten a lot about the books. I read the 'BFG' on the iPad the other day and it was so interesting to see his descriptions of clothes and places.
    -- Frank Lampard

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  • I don't care how people read their comics, I want them to read comics. I don't care if they read them on an iPad or a phone or in store, I just want them to read comics.
    -- Geoff Johns

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  • I know a lot of people that still buy comics, go to the shop every week, I know people who read them on an iPad. My brother reads on an iPad every week, he downloads his comics every week.
    -- Geoff Johns

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  • The iPad needs to catch up with Flash before I put a hand on it.
    -- Hedi Slimane

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  • I listen to Prince on my iPad. And I use a Chords & Scales app to warm up before performing.
    -- Janelle Monae

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  • To rush to throw away your magazine business and move it on the iPad is just sheer insanity and insecurity and fear.
    -- Jann Wenner

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  • I feel like a Mac store! I have a Canadian iPhone, an American iPhone and an iPad. I'm constantly downloading music to iTunes.
    -- Jennifer Morrison

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  • I have an iPad and I watch three things: 'The Daily Show,' '60 Minutes,' and 'Meet the Press.'
    -- Jesse Eisenberg

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  • There may be 300,000 apps for the iPhone and iPad, but the only app you really need is the browser. You don't need an app for the web ... You don't need to go through some kind of SDK ... You can use your web tools ... And you can publish your apps to the BlackBerry without writing any native code.
    -- Jim Balsillie

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  • We've lost an edge that we used to have in scientific innovation applications to goods to be sold. In many ways, that is also changing in the electronic field. Almost all of the materials that we use now are of advanced technology, I have an iPad and also an iPod, both of which are made in China. Although we have designed them here with Apple, for instance, they are manufactured overseas.
    -- Jimmy Carter

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  • The Apple iPad is not going to be the company's next runaway best seller. Not if the industry can help it. ... with the iPad, Apple may have irked its somewhat new partner Intel Corp. Intel gets spanked by nobody.
    -- John C. Dvorak

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  • I hate to use that term [iPad Killer] since the iPad is probably dead anyway.
    -- John C. Dvorak

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  • The fact that books today are mostly a string of words makes it easier to forget the text. With the impact of the iPad and the future of the book being up for re-imagination, I wonder whether we'll rediscover the importance of making texts richer visually.
    -- Joshua Foer

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  • The iPad was my first splurge after I got my first paychecks. I paid off the debt, and I now bring the iPad with me to auditions.
    -- Katie Leclerc

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  • Reading a hard copy book, and reading a book on an iPad are slightly different experiences. What they both have in common though is that you must engage your imagination in the process.
    -- LeVar Burton

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  • I got my iPad, and I'm trying to buy books on that, but I kind of like a book. At the end of my life, when I'm old, I want to have all these shelves full of books. So I'm just gonna do the book thing.
    -- Luke Bryan

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  • One reason I love the Kindle, more so than the iPad, is that on the Kindle you can't do anything else but read. It's the best, because it does the least. It doesn't even show a clock.
    -- Marco Arment

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  • From the first time I held an iPhone, the space has evolved quickly, and people have shifted from reading content on their desktops to smartphones and iPads, even long-form stuff.
    -- Matt Mullenweg

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  • I am the first to admit my iPad is the coolest thing in the world, but when we can be in a room together and really connect, or leave the gadgets home and go for a hike, then I'm happy.
    -- Michael Chiklis

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  • The iPad is a superior consumption device for material on the Web.
    -- Mike McCue

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  • Apple makes beautiful products. I own a Mac Pro, a Mac Book, a Mac Mini, an iPad, an iPhone, pretty much the entire collection.
    -- Nick Denton

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  • I'm carrying an iPhone 5. I like this device. It's been impressive. I have a Windows and an Android device... I carry an iPad. I carry a Kindle... Yeah, I have a lot of devices.
    -- Randall L. Stephenson

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  • It takes tough love to order kids to step away from the iPhone or iPad during dinner or to take the devices away if they're interrupting and interfering with everyone else's pleasure at a movie, concert or other public event.
    -- Regina Brett

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  • With iPad publishing, you can try new things, experiment, and even launch new magazines without the massive risk normally associated with print publishing. The future is digital, so there will be a digital version of everything we do going forward. There has to be. The cheese has been moved.
    -- Scott Kelby

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  • Why would you go anyplace without your iPad? This is the greatest invention. When it gets a little more power, my God. It's like my office.
    -- Scott Raab

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  • I also learned to play Fruit Ninja on an iPad. It is quite hypnotic, and I hope one day to get past 100 points. I remembered that David Cameron admits to being an addict. I wonder if it helps him in his work. 'Great, just destroyed a pineapple! Reminds me, shall we send those grenades to the Syrian rebels?'
    -- Simon Hoggart

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  • I have no plans to get an iPad. I know it will do more things than my Kindle, but I don’t want more things. If I want other stuff - movies, TV shows, weather forecasts, the forthcoming Josh Ritter album - I have my Mac.
    -- Stephen King

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  • I don't think there is one size that fits all [] I've been to too many meetings with journalists who spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting setting up iPad to look like a laptop.
    -- Steve Ballmer

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  • On the very same day that I ordered an iPad 2, I went shopping to buy myself a letter opener. I like to cover all my bases.
    -- Susan Orlean

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  • We sold more iPads in the last quarter alone than any PC manufacturer sold in their entire line.
    -- Tim Cook

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  • That brings us to iPad. We think the iPad is the poster-child of the post-PC world.
    -- Tim Cook

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  • We have three post-PC devices: the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, the revolutionary device that defined a whole new categoryit's outstripping the wildest of predictions.
    -- Tim Cook

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  • With fashion, you really need to understand the aspects of construction. Not just design on an iPad.
    -- Tim Gunn

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  • Computers tend to separate us from each other - Mum's on the laptop, Dad's on the iPad, teenagers are on Facebook, toddlers are on the DS, and so on.
    -- Tom Hodgkinson

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  • I started designing the greenest the most connected home before the iPhone and the iPad.
    -- Tony Fadell

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  • Instead of getting an iPad, I now use my iPhone with a giant magnifying glass attached to my face.
    -- Tony Hsieh

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  • I really enjoy the iPad because you can multi-task: I can watch a movie, read, look at pictures that I shot - because I'm into photography. It serves a lot of purposes for me.
    -- Tyson Chandler

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  • There are traditionalists, and there are people in the middle, which is where I am. I still get my newspaper delivered. I love the ritual of it. But I also jump into the cab when I leave home and I look at some BBC on my iPad.
    -- Glenda Bailey

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  • Under [Tim] Cook, Apple has a new product line with the Apple Watch, but it hasn't generated the kind of excitement that the iPod, iPhone or iPad did. Still, Cook can't be called a failure. Under his leadership, the company released a larger version of the iPhone to record sales.
    -- Laura Sydell

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  • Especially with iPhones, iPads and apps, there's just so much detachment that you're just flicking your fingers on a smooth surface to get the weather or whatever.
    -- Tristan Perich

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  • In terms of e-books, though, I haven't quite gotten to the bottom of it yet, but for some reason everybody I know seems to want to engage me on that topic, or convert me. I think there are a lot of people who just want to hear me embrace e-books or finally say, 'OK, I bought an iPad and it's awesome!" There are a lot of people who would get a kick out of it, that's for sure.
    -- Adrian Tomine

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  • It's been amazing to step out of a bottle of ink on to an iPad. There's no better time than right now to embrace this fabulous sandpit of technology. Because intuitively, at the touch of a finger, most of it is possible.
    -- Max Walker

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  • Today, when you combine the web with the iPad, you have the most advanced medium for human thought and communication ever created.
    -- Mike McCue

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  • I live in Portland now. It's beautiful from day one. The Food and the beer, and no sales tax. Get your iPad while you're here.
    -- David Giuntoli

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  • Taylor Martinez is to Nebraska what iPad is to Apple.
    -- Desmond Howard

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  • I find that going to bed without my phone or an iPad makes me sleep better and helps me wake up without obsessing over emails. It makes my day better.
    -- Jane Levy

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