Jobs quotes

  • We can create the ultimate job security by becoming less dependent on the organization for which we work and more dependent on our own resources
    -- Bo

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  • I think I started lip-synching about halfway through the first day, and it's not as easy as you think it would be. But it's definitely better than a day job.
    -- Bo Bice

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  • I think America did a great job. I think Carrie Underwood fits the bill of American Idol. She's a wonderful girl, and she's gonna have a great career.
    -- Bo Bice

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  • All of us prepare our own lunch. If we don't like our jobs, if we don't like the state of our relationships, if we don't like what's happening to our spiritual lives - we have no one to blame but ourselves. Because God has given us free will.
    -- Bo Sanchez

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  • For God's sakes, quit worrying about your next job. Just do the best you can at the job you have now, and the offers will come. And when they do, if you have confidence in yourself you don't have to feel that you can't turn it down if it isn't quite right for you because you fear you'll never get another offer. You will. Wait for the right opportunity, and turn down all the rest. It will make all the difference.
    -- Bo Schembechler

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  • Barack Obama likes to point to General Motors as the poster child for the job creation success of his economic policies. However, whatever your sentiments about the government's bailout of General Motors, for every job Barack Obama 'saved-or-created' in the U.S. there were two jobs off shore.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Two new workers are being added to the population for every one job that is created.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Every time Washington regulators pass down another heavy-handed rule or levy another hefty fine, Colorado loses potential jobs, revenue, and economic security.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • President Obama has tried to spin the paltry new job creation numbers as 'a step in the right direction.' But, clearly, the small growth in jobs isn't even keeping up with population growth, much less returning the workforce to a healthy level.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • The examples of the Obama Administration 'stimulating' jobs everywhere on the planet except here in America are endless.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • I've found that when you roll up your sleeves and join people in their daily work, they tend to open up quite a bit and let you know what they really think about the issues facing our country and what kind of job they think the government is doing.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Americans are paying for our lack of an energy policy with their jobs and out of their pocketbooks.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Job growth well in excess of population increase would be a very good thing if it were only that easy.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Just to keep up with population growth, on average our economy needs to be adding about 125,000 jobs per month.
    -- Bob Beauprez

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  • Some people giving orders and others obeying them: this is the essence of servitude. Of course, as Hospers smugly observes, "one can at least change jobs," but you can't avoid having a job - just as under statism one can at least change nationalities but you can't avoid subjection to one nation-state or another. But freedom means more than the right to change masters.
    -- Bob Black

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  • President Ronald Reagan on his 1980 opponent: "I had a dream the other night. I dreamed that Jimmy Carter came to me and asked why I wanted his job. I told him I didn't want his job. I want to be President."
    -- Bob Dole

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  • You have won the Cold War. ... [Your] underappreciated valor [helped] topple the Berlin Wall, and bring down dictators the world over. ... For the past four decades the world behind the Iron Curtain ... looked to Americans for hope, and America looked to you to get the job done. Today, the free world says thank you.
    -- Bob Dole

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  • Somebody had to be Bob Dylan. I guess I was best equipped to do the job.
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • The government’s not going to create jobs. It doesn’t have to. People have to create jobs...
    -- Bob Dylan

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  • When you make a bad pitch and the hitter puts it out of the park and you cost your team the game, it's a real test of your maturity to be able to stand in front of your locker fifteen minutes later and admit it to the world. How many people in other professions would be willing to have their job performances evaluated that way, in front of millions, every afternoon at five o'clock.
    -- Bob Feller

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  • I've never had a problem with a dumb client. There is no such thing as a bad client. Part of our job is to do good work and get the client to accept it.
    -- Bob Gill

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  • I know that being an in-house person is much, much harder than being outside...that's why I've never had a job.
    -- Bob Gill

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  • Here's our job as believers, love everybody ALWAYS!
    -- Bob Goff

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  • People have a pathway to citizenship right now- It's to abide by the immigration laws, and if they have a family relationship, if they have a job skill that allows them to do that, they can obtain citizenship.
    -- Bob Goodlatte

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  • With support jobs moving to China and India, it's not surprising that English-speaking countries' top frustration revolves around the difficulty of understanding customer service representatives. However, even if the level of customer service is exceptional, the extent to which poorly-understood accents trump quality of service speaks to English-speaking customers' growing intolerance of non-native speech, more so than in other countries.
    -- Bob Hayes

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  • Acting is the best job in the world. Look at the way they treat you when you turn up for work. They give you breakfast and a cup of tea and ask, 'Are you all right' They tart up your face, you say somebody else's words, then pick up your check and go home. And you get days off. I tell you, it really is the way to live.
    -- Bob Hoskins

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  • Steve Jobs was a great friend as well as a trusted advisor. His legacy will extend far beyond the products he created or the businesses he built. It will be the millions of people he inspired, the lives he changed, and the culture he defined.
    -- Bob Iger

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  • To me, it's not work. When I draw and I write, I find it relaxing. It's not like 9-to-5, where a man goes to a job and he isn't really interested in the job. Luckily, I get paid for doing what I'd do for nothing.
    -- Bob Kane

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  • The husband who 'serves' his wife by continually yielding to her desires or her wishes is in fact asking her to do his job for him. He's ignoring his responsibility to lead.
    -- Bob Lepine

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  • I think either party would have seen the wisdom in bailing out the American automobile industry, because one job in ten in the United States is either directly or indirectly connected to the automobile industry. You just could not let these companies go down.
    -- Bob Lutz

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  • Jobs are what give people a sense of fulfillment and self-reliance.
    -- Bob McDonnell

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  • Republican governors are leading the way in helping the private sector create new jobs, reforming government and getting our economy back on track.
    -- Bob McDonnell

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  • The right server for the right job.
    -- Bob Muglia

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  • All comedians are, in a way, anarchists. Our job is to make fun of the existing world.
    -- Bob Newhart

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  • Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge stands to not only increase the United States' oil reserves by nearly 50 percent, but it will create thousands of good U.S. jobs.
    -- Bob Ney

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  • After two years of hard work and debate, Congress has passed a highway bill that will help fuel our economy by creating roughly 500,000 new jobs, as well as address many critical transportation needs in Ohio and the 18th Congressional District.
    -- Bob Ney

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  • My godfather was a Chicago policeman, and I've always looked at law enforcement as a challenging and interesting job.
    -- Bob Odenkirk

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  • Go Daddy is not just a job; it's a way of life. Our employees work hard, and offering great incentives is fun and productive for the company.
    -- Bob Parsons

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  • Jobs and money are never the primary cause of stress. Thinking, negative thinking causes stress. The real cause of all problems lie in our thoughts, not in things or circumstances. You and I possess the power to change our thoughts. It is our greatest power - the power to choose. If you are feeling stressful, choose to relax. Look at your problems as a stranger might then do something about them - NOW!
    -- Bob Proctor

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  • I ask you: turn a deaf ear to the special interests. Let politics stand down for a while. don't waste anytime thinking about future elections until we've done our jobs here.
    -- Bob Riley

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  • Government does not create jobs. It only helps create the conditions that make jobs more or less likely.
    -- Bob Riley

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  • You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy.
    -- Bob Ross

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  • It was a JOB; the video show was a JOB; you don't tell the Aristocrats joke at 8 o'clock at night on network tv, it would be funny though. But those guys know I like dirty stuff, I like clean stuff too.
    -- Bob Saget

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  • We now assume that when people turn on the evening news, they basically already know what the news is. They've heard it on the radio. They've seen it on the Internet. They've seen it on one of the cable companies. So that makes our job a bit different.
    -- Bob Schieffer

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  • I can't think of any other job in journalism where the newsmakers come to you.
    -- Bob Schieffer

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  • If we are to create tomorrow's jobs, we can't remain frozen in time in yesterday's tax system.
    -- Bob Taft

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  • In this global economy, no jobs are safe. High-speed Internet connections and low-cost, skilled labor overseas are an explosive combination.
    -- Bob Taft

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  • NBC is excited about the investment in WWF Entertainment, .. The WWF is widely recognized as having created a leading brand and has done a remarkable job gathering large audiences in the coveted male demographics.
    -- Bob Wright

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  • Work hard but work smart. Always. Every day. Nothing is handed to you and nothing is easy. You're not owed anything... No job or task is too small or beneath you. If you want to get ahead, volunteer to do the things no one else wants to do, and do it better. Be a sponge. Be open and learn.
    -- Bobbi Brown

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  • Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or on the red carpet, or in Afghanistan, the better you feel, the better you do your job.
    -- Bobbi Brown

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  • He died right after he retired, and seeing that made me feel more conscious of a man needing a motive to live. If I ever got out of coaching, I would have to get a job somewhere, or I'm afraid I'd wilt on the vine, too.
    -- Bobby Bowden

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  • Integrity makes my job easier. It's deception and dishonesty that requires so much diligent effort.
    -- Bobby Bowden

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  • I was not such a great student, .. So, when I graduated high school, I went to work cooking. I cooked a little at home, but back then, cooking wasn't really a profession that you aspired to, unless your family was in the business. I looked at it as a job. My first job was at Joe Allen's, and I remember there was a photo over the bar of the Triple Dead Heat from the 1944 Carter Handicap.
    -- Bobby Flay

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  • I'd love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job
    -- Bobby Heenan

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  • My job is to suggest and ratify and use any expertise that I might have gained over the 23 years in professional hockey to make our game a better game.
    -- Bobby Hull

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  • 'Elections have consequences,' President Obama said, setting his new policy agenda just three days after taking office in 2009. Three elections later, the president's party has lost 70 House seats and 14 Senate seats. The job of Republicans now is to govern with the confidence that elections do have consequences, promptly passing the conservative reform the voters have demanded.
    -- Bobby Jindal

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  • Higher taxes still does not create prosperity for all. And, more government still does not grow jobs.
    -- Bobby Jindal

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  • When we're playing a good scoring center, we tell our team that it is not our defensive man's job to stop the center. It's the responsibility of our perimeter people to stop the ball from going inside.
    -- Bobby Knight

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  • I've never felt my job was to win basketball games - rather, that the essence of my job as a coach was to do everything I could to give my players the background necessary to succeed in life.
    -- Bobby Knight

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  • I went to Tokyo three years ago. It was a job, though. I did an ad campaign for IBM, so they flew me out there to take pictures of me. It was IBM Global. It went to Australia, France, London, all over the world. But I think the ad campaign was a failure, because of me.
    -- Bobby Lee

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  • To me, it's our job as artists. You must bring joy.
    -- Bobby McFerrin

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  • I think we listen to music because we want to be changed. Music is not solely for our entertainment. Music has such tremendous power to bring joy. To me, that's our job as artists. Not happiness, not a groove, whatever. You must bring joy. I think that's the assignment. I have no doubt about it.
    -- Bobby McFerrin

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  • We've got to do a better job with our kids. Teach good values, teach the fundamentals.
    -- Bobby Orr

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  • If the intelligence we send forward support the views that the administration has, it is welcome and we are told what a great job it is. And if the intelligence that gos forward don't support the views of the policymakers, it is instantly condemned.
    -- Bobby Ray Inman

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  • And what is needed to prevent them from joining gangs was ample recreation for boys as well as girls, jobs and internships for training and money, and assistance to allow their families to live in decent homes.
    -- Bobby Scott

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  • I lost my job, well I didn't lose it, I know where it is, there's just some other guy doing it now.
    -- Bobcat Goldthwait

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  • I don't mind being identified as any character as long as I'm doing a good job as an actor. I have done all kinds of roles - from an editor, judge, police officer, murderer to a corrupt businessman.
    -- Boman Irani

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  • Since I was 20 years old, I've been a kind of corporation. I'd wake up in the morning and my job was to be 'Bonnie Raitt' in capital letters.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

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  • It's incredible to see labor unions and environmentalists getting together to stop the corporate mentality that destroys both jobs and the environment.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

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  • I think we have responsibilities to be active in the things we believe in, regardless of what our job is. At least in my lifetime, there has been a tremendous combining of activism and music, that came up in the era of Pete Seeger and the Weavers and Joan Baez and Bob Dylan and Peter Paul & Mary.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

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  • I'm sure I would have been considered a more significant artist if I was a singer-songwriter. It's just not the way I roll. I love being a curator and a musicologist. People write me letters and thank me for turning them on to Fred McDowell and Sippie Wallace, and that's partly my job this time around.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

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  • The job of art is to chase ugliness away.
    -- Bono

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  • There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.
    -- Booker T. Washington

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  • The suit-and-tie job is very nice, but it's not really who I am in my heart.
    -- Boris Becker

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  • The job of mayor of London is unbelievably taxing, particularly in the run-up to the Olympics.
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • London is a fantastic creator of jobs - but many of these jobs are going to people who don't originate in this country.
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • I feel like I just want to enjoy life and spend time with my daughter who is about to turn two, which is full-time job and the hardest job I've ever had in my life.
    -- Bow Wow

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  • Being a goalkeeper gives you quite a unique perspective on things. You are part of a team yet somehow separate; there are no grey areas, with success or failure being measured in real time; and you have a physical job which you can only do well by paying attention to your mental well-being. A great goalkeeper has to have the keys to a great mindset. To be able to work well in the box, I believe you have to be able to think outside the box
    -- Brad Friedel

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  • I did a really good job of sticking to the tennis court.
    -- Brad Gilbert

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  • I'm lucky to get to do the job that I do. I'm really lucky to be able to work in so many different areas of this industry.
    -- Brad Goreski

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  • For only by nurturing the minds and strengthening the values of our children can we give them an opportunity to be full, productive citizens, to reach their God-given potential, and to have good jobs right here in Oklahoma.
    -- Brad Henry

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  • When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new. It always winds up feeling more like a job interview.
    -- Brad Paisley

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  • We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don't even have to go to the hospital.
    -- Brad Park

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  • I look at my kids and I feel I'm at the precipice of this job, like just kind of tipping over the other side. I'm very conscious of time I guess is what I want to say, and I want to be there as long as I can with my kids, and I also want to make sure I do all the things that are important to me.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • Get into something that's really personal that means something to you, where you have something to say and is something really individualized. I wish I was more aware of that when I started my career instead of doing a few things I was told would be good for me. And they weren't, because it left me empty, so I didn't do a good job anyways. I think that's what's key to what we do: It's got to be personal.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • When I received my first paycheck from my now known day job, I spent it on a period Craftsman chair and a Frank Lloyd Wright-wannabe lamp. With my second paycheck, I bought a stereo.
    -- Brad Pitt

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  • As a homosexual, my job is simply to sodomize mediocrity.
    -- Bradford Cox

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  • I always sort of talk about - to myself at least, or to my friends, about wanting to just keep life very simple. I've found it most simple here in New York. You know, it's basically I have a, in a way, a 9-to-5 job, you know? I do eight shows a week. I live in New York City. I get to walk everywhere, and you know, just be one of the people of the city. And it's actually wonderful.
    -- Bradley Cooper

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  • Cal Ripken is steady, he focuses on his job, and he's a good guy.
    -- Bradley Whitford

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  • Fame is one of the potential hazards of this job, but I really just want to make movies. I want to be respected, sure. Who doesnt? But famous-famous? I just dont care about it. And if you genuinely dont give a damn about that stuff, you really are free.
    -- Brady Corbet

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  • I don't care if I was a ditch-digger at a dollar a day, I'd want to do my job better than the fellow next to me. I'd want to be the best at whatever I do.
    -- Branch Rickey

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  • My mother is very wise and intelligent. If I have children and can do half as good a job as she did in keeping me in line, I'll be very happy.
    -- Brandon Lee

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  • I could finally quit my job as a bartender and stop dreaming that I might be Superman and know that I was. Then I started thinking about how cool it was.
    -- Brandon Routh

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  • Christopher Reeve did such an amazing job that to give him some kind of accent or more bravado would have been wrong. Audiences wouldn't have responded to that either.
    -- Brandon Routh

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  • My job is to write songs that have emotional meaning to me.
    -- Branford Marsalis

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  • I always had two or three jobs at the same time. I started doing yard work when I was 7 or 8. When I was 13, I got my first state job doing road construction. Between working, sports and school, I hardly ever had free time.
    -- Breaux Greer

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  • I took a gamble in becoming an actor and my dream job has been realised.
    -- Brendan Coyle

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  • I don't want people poking around in my private stuff. They've no business in it. My work is what I give to people, that's my job, and that's where it stops.
    -- Brendan Gleeson

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  • And Grace calls out, 'You are not just a disillusioned old man who may die soon, a middle-aged woman stuck in a job and desperately wanting to get out, a young person feeling the fire in the belly begin to grow cold. You may be insecure, inadequate, mistaken or potbellied. Death, panic, depression, and disillusionment may be near you. But you are not just that. You are accepted.' Never confuse your perception of yourself with the mystery that you really are accepted.
    -- Brennan Manning

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  • You have to take your job seriously, but you can't take yourself seriously.
    -- Brent Musburger

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