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  • You may fill your heads with knowledge or skillfully train your hands, but unless it is based upon high, upright character, upon a true heart, it will amount to nothing. You will be no better than the most ignorant.
    -- Booker T. Washington

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  • The highest test of the civilization of any race is in its willingness to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate.
    -- Booker T. Washington

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  • I think I have learned, in some degree at least, to disregard the old maxim ""Do not get others to do what you can do yourself."" My motto on the other hand is; ""Do not do that which others can do as well.
    -- Booker T. Washington

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  • In all things social we can be as seperate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.
    -- Booker T. Washington

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  • That Islam you see on TV does not represent me, I'm too busy waging jihad against myself, My own nafs are my enemy. I'm sorry that Muslim and Muslim lands do not represent Islam, Our religion is perfect, but we on the other hand...
    -- Boonaa Mohammed

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  • One of the saddest sights to me has always been a human at a keyboard doing something by hand that could be automated. It's sad but hilarious.
    -- Boris Beizer

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  • But if people want to swim in the Thames, if they want to take their lives into their own hands, then they should be able to do so with all the freedom and exhilaration of our woad-painted ancestors.
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • You know, sometimes I don't understand what's wrong with us. This is just about the most creative and imaginative country on earth—and yet sometimes we just don't seem to have the gumption to exploit our intellectual property. We split the atom, and now we have to get French or Korean scientists to help us build nuclear power stations. We perfected the finest cars on earth—and now Rolls-Royce is in the hands of the Germans. Whatever we invent, from the jet engine to the internet, we find that someone else carts it off and makes a killing from it elsewhere.
    -- Boris Johnson

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  • Co-operative enterprises provide the organisational means whereby a significant proportion of humanity is able to take into its own hands the tasks of creating productive employment, overcoming poverty and achieving social integration.
    -- Boutros Boutros-Ghali

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  • I knew style and content went hand in hand.
    -- Boy George

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  • Keep the fire of your testimony of the restored gospel and your witness of our Redeemer burning so brightly that our children can warm their hands by the fire of your faith.
    -- Boyd K. Packer

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  • Nature is typified by strength; humanity by weakness. Nature adheres to an immutable order; humanity to an ever-increasing chaos. Nature recognizes no equality at any level of it's order; humanity preaches an all-prevasive equality and freely hands-out unearned "rights" in an attempt to make its doctrine a living reality. In short: humanity is Democratic, nature is Fascist.
    -- Boyd Rice

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  • All along the untrodden paths of the future, I can see the footprints of an unseen hand.
    -- Boyle Roche

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  • I slapped my face two or three times with both hands, as hard as possible. The slapping hurt. It snapped me to attention. My adrenaline started flowing... the Yugoslavs, sitting in the next lane stared at me in disbelief. The harsh slapping made me angry-exactly what I wanted. I did my best work when I was angry.
    -- Brad Alan Lewis

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  • Any more questions?" I ask, poking him gently in the ribs. "Do you still love me any?" Eliot asks, putting his hand over mine. "A little." "A little?" he asks, pulling away from me. "A lot." "How much?" he asks. "More than chocolate chip cookies." "Mmm" he says, kissing my shoulder. "More than walking on the beach." Eliot kisses me on the neck. "More than . . ." I pause, turning to look at him. "More than?" he asks, kissing my lips. I turn toward him. "Anything.
    -- Brad Barkley

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  • Well what's funny is, again, people say they believed what was going on, but again, Bob's hands are about three times bigger than his feet. So these are very caricatured.
    -- Brad Bird

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  • With his long sharp nails he opened a vein in his breast. When the blood began to spurt out, he took my hands in one of his, holding them tight and with the other ceased my neck and pressed my mouth to the wound so that I must either suffocate or swallow... Some of the...Oh my god…my god What have I done?
    -- Bram Stoker

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  • She is one of God's women fashioned by His own hand to show us men and other women that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth.
    -- Bram Stoker

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  • I think that strength levels go hand in hand with building a great physique. You've got to lift heavy weight to get big - period.
    -- Branch Warren

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  • You have to love with an open hand. The heart is like a bird and you have to let this bird fly freely, you cannot possess it.
    -- Brandon Bays

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  • The world's a rollercoaster and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air.
    -- Brandon Boyd

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  • Hello," Newel said. "Look, Doren, we have visitors. Kendra, Seth, and ... Muriel's weirdo puppet."....Newel grabbed Seth's hand and shook it vigorously. "Congratulations. You just found yourself a secret entrance." "So seriously," Doren said. "What's with the puppet?
    -- Brandon Mull

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  • The door slammed open. Vivenna jumped, putting a hand to her chest. Vasher walked in. 'Start reaching for that sword when you're startled,' he said. 'There's little reason to grab your shirt, unless you're planning to rip it off.
    -- Brandon Sanderson

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  • God's guiding hand, the guiding Voice, resting lightly upon us is best felt and heard when we are silent and still.
    -- Brenda Shoshanna

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  • A pedestrian ought to be legally allowed to toss at least one hand grenade at a motorist every day.
    -- Brendan Behan

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  • My grandfather played a mandolin, so I got my hands on that. Then on down to a banjo, and I found I couldn't play any kind of soft or mournful music with that so I took up the fiddle in my late 20s or early 30s - and that was far too late. But it keeps me off the streets. It has been a love of mine since I was 17 maybe.
    -- Brendan Gleeson

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  • One of the greatest barriers to connection is the cultural importance we place on "going it alone." Somehow we've come to equate success with not needing anyone. Many of us are willing to extend a helping hand, but we're very reluctant to reach out for help when we need it ourselves. It's as if we've divided the world into "those who offer help" and "those who need help." The truth is that we are both.
    -- Brené Brown

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  • To lend each other a hand when we're falling, perhaps that's the only work that matters in the end.
    -- Brennan Manning

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  • The confessing church of American Ragamuffins needs to join Magdalene and Peter in witnessing that Christianity is not primarily a moral code but a grace-laden mystery; it is not essentially a philosophy of love but a love affair; it is not keeping rules with clenched fists but receiving a gift with open hands.
    -- Brennan Manning

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  • This joy that He brings us transcends every human trial, it is a joy that can strengthen even the weakest of hands
    -- Brenton Brown

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  • ...there is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

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  • She sits before me, sullen but hopeful, characterless, about to dissolve into tears. I squeeze her hand back, moved, no, touched by her ignorance of evil. She has one more test to pass. Do you own a briefcase?” I ask her, swallowing.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

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  • A bird in the hand is a certainty, but a bird in the bush may sing.
    -- Bret Harte

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  • I build myself up with confidence with aggression, and confidence to control the game. If you're the bowler and you've got the ball in your hand you're controlling the game, so you've got to make sure the batsmen knows who's boss.
    -- Brett Lee

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  • In my dream the angel shrugged and said, if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination. And then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.
    -- Brian Andreas

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  • The melded nature of space and time is intimately woven with properties of light speed. The inviolable nature of the speed of light is actually, in Einstein's hands, talking about the inviolable nature of cause and effect.
    -- Brian Greene

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  • I think Cool Hand Luke was probably the first movie in which I was aware of the writing as its own separate thing. It was that speech when the guy reads Paul Newman the riot act. The speech about going in the box.
    -- Brian Helgeland

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  • Not a word of my writing has ever been changed by another person's hands, and I don't think many screenwriters can say that.
    -- Brian K. Vaughan

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  • When a kid says "smell my hand," it almost never smells like cinnamon.
    -- Brian P. Cleary

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  • The world seems to belong to those who reach out and grab it with both hands. It belongs to those who do something rather than just wish and hope and plan and pray, and intend to do something someday, when everything is just right.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • People are hurting out there, perhaps they are ready to start a conversation about whether an AR-15 belongs in the hands of a citizen, whether a citizen should be able 6,000 rounds on the internet.
    -- Brian Williams

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  • In the inheritance, I seek to dramatically distinguish between genuine, authentic Christianity on the one hand, and counterfeit, alternative spirituality on the other hand. One of my primary purposes is to demonstrate that there are two kingdoms operating in the earth today, the genuine, superior kingdom of Jesus Christ, which reigns supreme, and the counterfeit, occult kingdom of the enemy, which, through extreme subtlety, has led millions of deluded souls astray.
    -- Brian Williams

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  • I have no wife whom I love so well that I would not put a javelin through her heart, and I would do it with clean hands.
    -- Brigham Young

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  • Vadim was both my teacher and my husband. I placed myself entirely in his hands.
    -- Brigitte Bardot

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  • I couldn't say no to jobs and I couldn't say no to drugs. I'd get high from a movie, I'd be somebody else because I didn't particularly like me, so long as I had a script in my hand, I was okay. As soon as the movie was over, I didn't know what to do.
    -- Brion James

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  • I'm a clean freak and a germaphobe - I have hand sanitizer in my pocket.
    -- Brittany Murphy

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  • The boy planted his hands on his hips and a broad smile lit his face. "My name's Peter. Can I play too?
    -- Brom

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  • I think I'm a really hands-on mom.
    -- Brooke Burke

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  • The sorest afflictions never appear intolerable, but when we see them in the wrong light; when we see them in the hand of God, who dispenses them; when we know that it is our loving Father who abases and distresses us; our sufferings will lose their bitterness and become even a matter of consolation.
    -- Brother Lawrence

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  • It is not great men who change the world, but weak men in the hands of a great God.
    -- Brother Yun

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  • The celebrity thing, I mean, Lindsay Lohan - what's she for? I look at that and throw my hands up in despair.
    -- Bruce Dickinson

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  • Nowadays you don't go around on the street kicking people, punching people -- because if you do (makes gun shape with hand), well that's it -- I don't care how good you are.
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • I refer to my hands, feet and body as the tools of the trade. The hands and feet must be sharpened and improved daily to be efficient.
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • The second-hand artist blindly following his sensei or sifu accepts his pattern. As a result, his action is and , more importantly, his thinking become mechanical. His responses become automatic, according to set patterns, making him narrow and limited.
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • More and more I believe in the fact that you have two hands and two legs, and the thing is how to make good use of yourself - and that's about it.
    -- Bruce Lee

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  • I want to be in the studio. I want to be doing something. You just do whatever is at hand, and you don't even worry about whether it's going to be interesting or not interesting to anybody else-or even yourself. You just have to make something.
    -- Bruce Nauman

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  • I like to use my hands and make things... It might seem pretty stupid or pointless but that doesn't matter... some of the most interesting work is the stuff that starts like that - out of a raw need for activity.
    -- Bruce Nauman

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  • If bin Laden is in fact publicly killed, then the US military will find itself standing around with its hands in its pockets, wondering what's supposed to come next.
    -- Bruce Sterling

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  • On the one hand, we'll never experience childbirth. On the other hand, we can open all our own jars.
    -- Bruce Willis

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  • When drawing the sun, try to have on hand colored paper, chalk, felt-tip markers, crayons, pencils, ball point pens. You can draw a sun with any one of them. Also remember that sunset and dawn are the back and front of the same phenomenon: when we are looking at the sunset, the people over there are looking at the dawn.
    -- Bruno Munari

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  • Under the imaginary table that separates me from my readers, don’t we secretly clasp each other’s hands?
    -- Bruno Schulz

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  • I wish to cup knowledge in my hand and drink it as one drinks water by the side of the stream.
    -- Bryce Courtenay

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  • I struggle immensely with celebrities of all kinds. I get clammy hands and turn a little purple.
    -- Bryce Dallas Howard

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  • But most distinctly, I remember always saying to myself that when I get big, I'm not going to go to bed hungry, I'm not going to wear hand-me-down clothes.
    -- Buck Owens

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  • I can think of a lot better things to do with my hands than to cut them up on the rim of a drum.
    -- Buddy Rich

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  • No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.
    -- Buenaventura Durruti

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  • The paintings are transferred from my computer to a disk, and I can hand it to the printer this way; or I can modem the painting to the printer over the phone lines from my house in Hawaii.
    -- Buffy Sainte-Marie

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  • We found that just by the way we stood, affected women dramatically, and if you look at our show, you'll see that we always stood with our legs open our fists on hips and our bat bulges forward, which had a profound effect on women!
    -- Burt Ward

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  • Down through the years my face has been called a sour puss, a dead pan, a frozen face, The Great Stone Face, and, believe it or not, "a tragic mask." On the other hand that kindly critic, the late James Agee, described my face as ranking "almost with Lincoln's as an early American archetype, it was haunting, handsome, almost beautiful." I can't imagine what the great rail splitter's reaction would have been to this, though I sure was pleased.
    -- Buster Keaton

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  • I think the only safe medium are books, because people like to hold books in their hand.
    -- Buzz Bissinger

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  • Why did I become a writer? Because I grew up in New York City, and there were seven newspapers in New York City, and my family was an inveterate reader of newspapers and I loved holding a paper in my hand. It was something sacred.
    -- Buzz Bissinger

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  • If the Administration does nothing, high gasoline prices will continue to increasingly burden our economy, taking millions of dollars out of the hands of families and putting it straight into the pockets of OPEC.
    -- Byron Dorgan

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  • If you put your hand into a fire, does anyone have to tell you to move it? Do you have to decide? No: When your hand starts to burn, it moves. You don’t have to direct it; the hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand, through inquiry, that an untrue thought causes suffering, you move away from it.
    -- Byron Katie

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  • In avant garde drama ... primitivism goes hand in hand with aesthetic experimentation designed to advance the technical progress of the art itself by exploring fundamental questions: What is a theatre? What is a play? What is an actor? What is a spectator? What is the relation between them all? What conditions serve this best?
    -- C. D. Innes

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  • The mold in which a key is made would be a strange thing, if you had never seen a key: and the key itself a strange thing if you had never seen a lock. Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance, or a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions. Your place in heaven will seem to be made for you and you alone, because you were made for it -- made for it stitch by stitch as a glove is made for a hand.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • He cannot "tempt" to virtue as we do to vice. He wants them to learn to walk and must therefore take away His hand; and if only the will to walk is really there He is pleased even with their stumbles.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • He wants them to learn to walk and must therefore take away His hand.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • Christ says, 'Give me all. I don't want so much of your time and so much of your money and so much of your work: I want you....Hand over the whole natural self, all the desires which you think innocent as well as the ones you think wicked- the whole outfit. I will give you a new self instead. In fact, I will give you myself: my own will shall become yours.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • If you want to get warm you must stand near the fire: if you want to be wet you must get into the water. If you want joy, power, peace, eternal life, you must get close to, or even into, the thing that has them. They are not a sort of prize which God could, if He chose, just hand out to anyone.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • It doesn't really matter whether you grip the arms of the dentist's chair or let your hands lie in your lap. The drill drills on.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • The terrible thing, the almost impossible thing, is to hand over your whole self--all your wishes and precautions--to Christ. But it is far easier than what we are all trying to do instead. For what we are trying to do is to remain what we call "ourselves," to keep personal happiness as our great aim in life, and yet at the same time be "good.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • No natural feelings are high or low, holy or unholy, in themselves. They are all holy when God's hand is on the rein. They all go bad when they set up on their own and make themselves into false gods.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • The terrible thing, the almost impossible thing, is the hand over your whole self--all your wishes and precautions--to Christ.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • Well!' said Puddleglum, rubbing his hands. 'This is just what I needed. If these chaps don't teach me to take a serious view of life, I don't know what will.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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  • You can always tell when a woman is with the wrong man, because she has so much to say about the fact that nothing's happening. When women find the right person, on the other hand, they just... disappear for six months, then resurface, eyes shiny, and usually about six pounds heavier.
    -- Caitlin Moran

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  • A 'sign of weakness' for a male celebrity is being found to be unfaithful, or unkind to an employee, or having crashed their car while stoned out of their tiny minds. A 'sign of weakness' for a woman, on the other hand, can be a single, unflattering picture.
    -- Caitlin Moran

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  • My bitterness is not an abstract substance, it is as solid as a Christmas cake; I can cut it in slices and hand it round and there is still plenty left, for tomorrow.
    -- Caitlin Thomas

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  • So it is useless to evade reality, because it only makes it more virulent in the end. But instead, look steadfastly into the slit, pin-pointed, malignant eyes of reality: as an old-hand trainer dominates his wild beasts. Take it by the scruff of the neck, and shake the evil intent out of it; till it rattles out harmlessly, like gall bladder stones, fossilized on the floor.
    -- Caitlin Thomas

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  • Fearful as reality is, it is less fearful than evasions of reality. Look steadfastly into the slit, pinpointed malignant eyes of reality as an old-hand trainer dominates his wild beasts.
    -- Caitlin Thomas

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  • My approach to every game was to try to erase the games that were before and try to focus on the game at hand.
    -- Cal Ripken, Jr.

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  • I'm close with my parents. I have a lot of acquaintances, but my very good close friends are few I can count my very good friends on one hand. And that's how I like it to be.
    -- Calista Flockhart

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  • The more I study it [the Constitution], the more I have come to admire it, realizing that no other document devised by the hand of man ever brought so much progress and happiness to humanity.
    -- Calvin Coolidge

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  • With what dread and apprehension we entrust important jobs into the hands of others. Imagine the love of a needless God who is willing to want our work.
    -- Calvin Miller

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  • When it comes to rapacious 19th century capitalism, my family's hands are clean.
    -- Calvin Trillin

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  • Homeric mind is ingenuity, practical intelligence. There is no Rodin-like deep thinking, no mathematical or philosophical speculation. Odysseus thinks with his hands.
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • The [sexual harassment] situation has gotten so out of hand that, in 1993, in one of the first British cases, a plumber was fired for continuing to use the traditional term "ballcock" for the toilet flotation unit, instead of the new politically correct term, sanitized of sexual suggestiveness. This is insane. We are back to the Victorian era, when table legs had to be draped lest they put the thought of ladies' legs into someone's dirty mind.
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.
    -- Camille Paglia

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  • The valuable properties of this cement depend in a great measure on the mode of preparing it for use. The mixing should therefore be conducted with care in order to form a perfect union of the powdered cement, sand and water. This can be best accomplished by the use of the New England corn hoe on a board floor or by beating with a hand stamper; not much labour is required if properly applied. Mechanics can judge when the mixture is perfect by the appearance of the mortar, which, when properly prepared, very much resembles putty.
    -- Canvass White

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  • What is at a peak is certain to decline. He who shows his hand will surely be defeated. He who can prevail in battle by taking advantage of his enemy's doubts is invincible.
    -- Cao Cao

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  • If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.
    -- Cardinal Richelieu

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