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  • I'm like Jane Austen - I work on the corner of the dining table.
    -- A. N. Wilson

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  • At the banquet table of nature, there are no reserved seats. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can hold. If you can't take anything, you won't get anything, and if you can't hold anything, you won't keep anything. And you can't take anything without organization.
    -- A. Philip Randolph

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  • Humanism is the philosophy that you should be a good guest at the dinner table of life.
    -- A.C. Grayling

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  • Obviously a fake Kyp. You distract him. I'll shoot him under the table." Han (to Leia)
    -- Aaron Allston

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  • I leaned forward on the table and leveled her with my steady gaze. “Do not ever speak to her that way again. If she hadn’t agreed to come with me I wouldn’t have come. Don’t underestimate her importance. She’s mine. Respect that.
    -- Abbi Glines

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  • Our response has been, 'Well, let's then make an effort to get the Israelis and the Palestinians to sit around the table.' That hasn't happened. So we only have ourselves to blame for this crisis.
    -- Abdallah II

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  • Whatever sense of professional competence we feel in adult life is less the sum of accomplishment than the absence of impossibility: it's really our relief at no longer having to do things we were never good at doing in the first place - relief at never again having to dissect a frog or memorize the periodic table.
    -- Adam Gopnik

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  • You know, you really can't beat a household commodity - the ketchup bottle on the kitchen table.
    -- Adlai E. Stevenson

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  • Food was celebration, conversation, and nourishment. The table is where the big decisions of the family are made and all the arguing takes place.
    -- Adriana Trigiani

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  • Art means nothing if it simply decorates the dinner table of power which holds it hostage.
    -- Adrienne Rich

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  • All I needed was a steady table and a typewriter...a marble-topped bedroom washstand table made a good place; the dining-room table between meals was also suitable.
    -- Agatha Christie

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  • At the small table, sitting very upright, was one of the ugliest old ladies he had ever seen. It was an ugliness of distinction - it fascinated rather than repelled.
    -- Agatha Christie

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  • I like the level of fame that I have. You get nice tables in restaurants sometimes, but fame isn't something that I find comfortable.
    -- Aidan Quinn

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  • I was raised by a single mother who made a way for me. She used to scrub floors as a domestic worker, put a cleaning rag in her pocketbook and ride the subways in Brooklyn so I would have food on the table. But she taught me as I walked her to the subway that life is about not where you start, but where you're going. That's family values.
    -- Al Sharpton

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  • Reagan didn't put anything off the table, if he felt it was for the good of the American people to tweak the tax system.
    -- Alan K. Simpson

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  • I sleep with my gun on my bedside table. I live alone; it is my protection and makes me feel safer.
    -- Alana Stewart

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  • It always seems that people who bring nothing to the table take the most from it.
    -- Alec Sulkin

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  • There goes a saying, and 'twas shrewdly said, ''Old fish at table, but young flesh in bed.
    -- Alexander Pope

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  • The things that you can't really foresee and that kind of surprise you, and a lot of times they are bad, but other times, they bring something different and new to the table.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • Cherie, did the table do something I did not see or were you just attempting to teach it a lesson?" "I was imagining it was Evor." "Strange that they do not resemble each other." "I have a good imagination." "Ah, in that case, I do not suppose you are imagining I'm Brad Pitt?
    -- Alexandra Ivy

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  • In those days, between the ages of 12 and 18 you meant nothing. You were the extra place at the side table if someone came to dinner. You were of no interest to anyone.
    -- Alexis Korner

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  • Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table.
    -- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • Our full humanity is contingent on our hospitality; we can be complete only when we are giving something away; when we sit at the table and pass the peas to the person next to us we see that person in a whole new way.
    -- Alice Waters

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  • My dressing table was willed to me, with some of my furniture.
    -- Alicia Markova

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  • She looked at him, watched hum toss the remote on the table and say," So maybe I'm going to handcuff myself to you the next time you decide to take a stroll.
    -- Ally Carter

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  • Look around the table. If you don't see a sucker, get up, because you're the sucker.
    -- Amarillo Slim

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  • You'd never catch me dancing on tables in public. I have no desire to be known for my personal life.
    -- America Ferrera

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  • I write by myself initially. That's the way I've always written, just working on pure thought by myself. Then I bring it to the table with whoever I'm collaborating with.
    -- Amy Lee

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  • Do not speak of repulsive matters at table.
    -- Amy Vanderbilt

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  • I know China are very good in table tennis. Let me see what happens in tennis. I am pretty happy with the way I am playing.
    -- Anastasia Myskina

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  • Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.
    -- Andre Simon

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  • The bed is now as public as the dinner table and governed by the same rules of formal confrontation.
    -- Angela Carter

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  • Life's like an hourglass glued to the table.
    -- Anna Nalick

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  • Society prizes a girl for being thin more than anything else she might bring to the table.
    -- Arabella Weir

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  • My tears simply broke through the fragile wallthat had held them, and with a terrible feeling of shame, I laid my head upon the table and let them drain out of me.
    -- Arthur Golden

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  • Alchohol doesn't make you make you Lean...on tables, chairs & random people!!!...
    -- Ashley Purdy

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  • I was a dishwasher at one of those Japanese places that cook on your table. Not too fun.
    -- Aziz Ansari

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  • Vee lowered her lashes and smiled wickedly. "This class isn't going to teach me anything I don't already know." "Vee? As in virgin?" "Not so loud." She winked just as the bell rang, sending us both to our seats, which were side by side at our shared table.
    -- Becca Fitzpatrick

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  • You cannot win if you're not at the table. You have to be where the action is.
    -- Ben Stein

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  • I'm looking for laughs, you know? If it take me to flip over a table, if I have to go physical comedy, I will do it. But whatever the joke needs at that particular time, is where I'm dedicated to. I'm not into beating somebody down and beating myself up. I don't do insults and things like that. I don't do it - I'm a storyteller.
    -- Bernie Mac

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  • Marriage is to family what legs are to a table.
    -- Betty Jane Wylie

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  • Charity depends on the vicissitudes of whim and personal wealth; justice depends on commitment instead of circumstance. Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table.
    -- Bill Moyers

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  • Charity provides crumbs from the table; justice offers a place at the table.
    -- Bill Moyers

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  • When I've got nothing better to do, I look down the league table to see how Everton are getting along.
    -- Bill Shankly

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  • My parents were the traditional Filipino parents who didnt talk about money around the dinner table.
    -- Bo Sanchez

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  • Don't underestimate the importance of having enough room to work. Grilling is much more relaxing when you are not trying to juggle a whole collection of plates and bowls as you do it. If your grill doesn't have enough workspace - and they almost never do - set up a table right next to your grill.
    -- Bobby Flay

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  • It snowed and snowed, the whole world over, Snow swept the world from end to end. A candle burned on the table; A candle burned.
    -- Boris Pasternak

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  • The most important thing is that Milosevic agreed to sit at the negotiating table with the Kosovo Albanians
    -- Boris Yeltsin

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  • I'm on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at Pastels since I'm positive we won't get seated but the table is good, and relief that is almost tidal in scope washes over me in an awesome wave.
    -- Bret Easton Ellis

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  • Creativity always dies a quick death in rooms that house conference tables.
    -- Bruce Herschensohn

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  • Under the imaginary table that separates me from my readers, don’t we secretly clasp each other’s hands?
    -- Bruno Schulz

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  • My uniform is sweatpants, so crusted over with dried paint that they're as hard as a table. I wear T-shirts that are also covered in paint, and Crocs.
    -- Caio Fonseca

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  • Dining rooms are really all about the table and the chairs.
    -- Candice Olson

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  • I know this is rather trivial - I will not be very deep about this - but it's great when you call the hottest restaurant in town and ask for a table for five at 8:00 P.M., and they say, 'Okay,' instead of, 'You have to wait two months.
    -- Caprice Bourret

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  • But I don't begrudge anybody, because I know how hard it is to have that dream and to make it happen, whether or not it's just to put a roof over your head and food on the table.
    -- Carol Burnett

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  • There was a note on my dressing room table that said, Call Neil Young.
    -- Carrie Snodgress

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  • I have a Damien Hirst spot painting which I love. It has pride of place over my dining-room table.
    -- Cat Deeley

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  • I am like a table that eats its own legs off because it’s fallen in love with the floor.
    -- Cate Marvin

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  • Republican women bring an important voice to the table.
    -- Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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  • This year women learned that if we aren't at the table, we're on the menu.
    -- Cecile Richards

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  • I started at 5 years old in the kitchen table with my family supporting me. I know where I'm from and I know exactly where I'm going.
    -- Celine Dion

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  • Theory of the true civilization. It is not to be found in gas or steam or table turning. It consists in the diminution of the traces of original sin.
    -- Charles Baudelaire

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  • Their kitchen is their shrine, the cook their priest, the table their altar, and their belly their god.
    -- Charles Buck

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  • I THINK the moments we are nearest to heaven are those we spend at the Lord’s table.
    -- Charles Spurgeon

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  • I waited tables in New York, and when you're in that line of work, you often have a horrible boss.
    -- Charlie Day

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  • Diversity for the sake of diversity is not an accomplishment or a step forward. It's what you bring to the table.
    -- Charlie Gonzalez

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  • I hate table reads. I hate anything where you have to say the words out loud.
    -- Charlize Theron

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  • A family unity which is only bound together with a table-cloth is of questionable value.
    -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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  • On reflection,’ Crake said to Frey, as they huddled behind an upturned table, ‘this wasn’t one of your better plans.
    -- Chris Wooding

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  • Constant companionship is not enjoyable, any more than constant eating. We sit too long at the table of friendship, when we outsit our appetites for each other's thoughts.
    -- Christian Nestell Bovee

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  • Cooking is about putting food on the table night after night, and there isn’t anything glamorous about it.
    -- Christopher Kimball

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  • I would not want to be a politician... Let me tell you this: If I was campaigning, and I go against my opponent and he started attacking my character, and I leap over the table and choke him unconscious, would that help my campaign?
    -- Chuck Norris

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  • Almost any questions can be answered,cheaply, quickly and finally, by a test campaign. And that's he way to answer them - not by arguments around a table
    -- Claude C. Hopkins

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  • I liked being able to work with all the different producers and take what they brought to the table and bring my own style to it.
    -- Clay Aiken

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  • My chair just broke by the way. It's a billion dollar corporation and I can't get a decent chair and somebody to come out here and fix this announce table.
    -- CM Punk

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  • This is not the Spanish announce table!
    -- CM Punk

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  • I am not interested in politics at all. At home, around the dinner table, we never discuss politics.
    -- Columba Bush

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  • I don't think I can remember a moment in my life where people didn't discuss politics. People discuss politics at the table.
    -- Connie Nielsen

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  • All women bring something different to the table and we have to appreciate them all.
    -- Crystal Renn

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  • Religion is like going out to dinner with friends. Everyone may order something different, but everyone can still sit at the same table.
    -- Dalai Lama

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  • I waited tables at Govnr's Park Tavern in Denver.
    -- Dana Perino

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  • Nebraskans have very strong opinions, but we sit down around a table and we solve our problems.
    -- Dave Heineman

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  • One must be able to say at all times--instead of points, straight lines, and planes--tables, chairs, and beer mugs
    -- David Hilbert

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  • Keep computations to the lowest level of the multiplication table.
    -- David Hilbert

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  • If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you.
    -- David Levien

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  • would be a simple way of solving the goiter problem. And in addition to that it would be the biggest thing in a medical proposition to be carried out in the state of Michigan, and Michigan is a large place. And as I thought of the thing the more convinced I became that this oughtn't to be a personal thing, This ought to be something done by the Michigan State Medical Society as a body. Recommending the addition of a trace of iodine to table salt.
    -- David Murray Cowie

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  • Some argued that the youth of today were poorly educated and insufficiently industrious, but one of them had sought to validate his generation by spending considerable time and effort chiseling an obscene word in the concrete picnic table, and he had spelled it correctly.
    -- Dean Koontz

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  • When your opponent's sittin' there holdin' all the aces, there's only one thing to do: kick over the table.
    -- Dean Martin

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  • Aren't we at the point where the closer we get to chaos, the more concern that there should be about coming to the table and compromising with Democrats? This is not leadership. This is almost like dictatorship.
    -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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  • With me, everything's right on the table.
    -- Dennis Rodman

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  • A film is just like a muffin. You make it. You put it on the table. One person might say, Oh, I don't like it. One might say it's the best muffin ever made. One might say it's an awful muffin. It's hard for me to say. It's for me to make the muffin.
    -- Denzel Washington

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  • I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.
    -- Desmond Tutu

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  • Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.
    -- Diane Ackerman

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  • The agendas on the management side of the table now are not in sync like they used to be because you have vastly different entities supplying programming to networks.
    -- Dick Wolf

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  • I have sat at the sumptuous tables of power, but I have not run away with the silverware.
    -- Diosdado Macapagal

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  • The most all penetrating spirit before which will open the possibility of tilting not tables, but planets, is the spirit of free human inquiry. Believe only in that.
    -- Dmitri Mendeleev

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  • I'd rather be at home with 12 people around the table.
    -- Dom DeLuise

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  • I see the same coffee table everywhere. It's mass marketing.
    -- Douglas Wilson

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  • Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.
    -- Drake

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  • I didn't grow up in a traditional family, and I never had a family dinner around the table, so whenever I actually had a dinner 'plan,' it meant a lot to me; it made me feel excited and safe.
    -- Drew Barrymore

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