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  • When I was younger and did a stand-up gig, it would take me two weeks to recover. Sometimes I'd get so panicked that I would stutter.
    -- Adam Sandler

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  • I was just thrilled to get the gig to begin with. Ten years later to still have it is not only thrilling but also somewhat of a puzzlement.
    -- Al Roker

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  • I see myself as a comic but the acting helps sell tickets for gigs.
    -- Alan Davies

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  • Basically, I live to do gigs.
    -- Amy Winehouse


  • We did a gig at the Marquee and we were supposed to be paid five pounds but we never got it, and it cost us something like 10 pounds in petrol to get there to do it. So what we did was steal some equipment from The Marquee.
    -- Andy Partridge

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  • It's worth turning up to an awards gig if you know you've won one but, since you never do know, it's not worth it.
    -- Arthur Smith

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  • Acting is a plum gig, and then animation is an even more plum gig.
    -- Aziz Ansari

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  • Every band I knew or played with had flyers and properly-recorded demos and contacts; I couldn't even get a gig.
    -- Beck

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  • The anxiety of not knowing what my next gig is keeps me hungry.
    -- Ben Schwartz

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  • The best practice you can get is on the bandstand, but in between gigs I feel I have to stay in shape.
    -- Bill Bruford

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  • I still remember the first gig where I got people going, it was Rascals in New Jersey, and the place was packed. I was scared. People were expecting me to be funny. I gotta be honest, every time I walk into a club, it's that same fear.
    -- Bill Burr

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  • The Stones always tried to do the odd smaller gig when they could.
    -- Bill Wyman

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  • Finding great songs is the hard part of my gig - it's not as hard as songwriting, that's much more daunting - but I love playing other people's music.
    -- Bonnie Raitt

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  • Placebo is music for outsiders, by outsiders and our gigs are like conventions of outcasts, which is cool.
    -- Brian Molko

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  • T.V.s weird because its both the greatest gig as an actor potentially because it can be all this work for all this time, but there are so many question marks at every stage of the process.
    -- Caitlin Fitzgerald

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  • I realized that performing was what I wanted to do when I did my first professional gig as a dancer with my company Synergy in Canada. I was overwhelmed with how it felt to perform in front of an audience.
    -- Catherine Mary Stewart

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  • I entered the work force cleaning breast pumps at a pharmacy! It was a part-time gig while I was at school... no interview required.
    -- Chris Hemsworth

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  • I decided I'd never do a series again, but I was offered a pilot for a series through Eddy Murphy Productions, and that was the gig that got me Parker Lewis.
    -- Corin Nemec

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  • I love the press; I even like the people that don't like me. If it wasn't for those people, no one would know who I was and I wouldn't have a gig.
    -- Criss Angel

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  • The worst thing about the life of a jazz musician on the road is getting to the gig. Once you're there and playing, it's marvelous.
    -- Dave Brubeck

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  • Stand-up is the kind of gig that'll show you where you're at.
    -- Dave Chappelle

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  • At the moment I have my family coming out with me on the road. We have our own vehicle and its more like a family vacation. I just stop, do some gigs, and take off. Its a lot more fun now with the family.
    -- Dave Lombardo

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  • To come out in the music business, you only really get one shot. A lot of people get to play small gigs first, and build up that way, without anyone really seeing them.
    -- Dhani Harrison

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  • I enjoy performing, always, but when you're taping a gig, you've got to blank out this mass apparatus of self-consciousness that's surrounding you, this invitation to drown in self-consciousness. Otherwise you just won't be able to do anything.
    -- Dylan Moran

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  • For The Truman Show, I worked for a few weeks, do my gig, then I was done.
    -- Ed Harris

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  • The more you write tunes, the better they will become. The more you do gigs, the better you will become.
    -- Ed Sheeran

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  • I've never really been a confident person, except from a musical standpoint. I had to push myself early on, but it got easier with each gig.
    -- Ed Sheeran

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  • I can do a gig without an instrument
    -- Gavin DeGraw

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  • At the end of '69 I did a gig with Jean Luc Ponty here in L.A. He was an electric violinist.
    -- George Duke

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  • Mary Gauthier's great. Yeah, we've played a lot of gigs together. She's really wonderful.
    -- Guy Clark

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  • Life is about women, gigs, an' bein' creative.
    -- Harvey Pekar

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  • I was fortunate enough to have my kids early, so being a mom always ended up being a better gig than these other parts that came along. So I always justified not really working a lot because I had a family.
    -- Heather Langenkamp

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  • What you do is, you just do the gig, enjoy, get on with it, and treat the rest as horse doodle.
    -- Ian McShane

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  • If the gig's going really well, I'm incredibly happy on stage and really feel good about my life and things.
    -- James Taylor

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  • I did a gig in the U.S. once for the homeless. I said 'It's nice to see so many bums on seats.'
    -- Jimmy Carr

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  • My nerves before a gig got worse; I had terrible bad nerves all the time. Once we started... I was fine.
    -- John Bonham

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  • I've never told anyone this. But I suffer from terrible stage fright. True. You can't tell though, can you? Unbelievable, the panic. I nearly die of fear before I go on stage. Something wicked. I can't eat a thing the day before a gig. It'd make me vomit.
    -- John Lydon

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  • Frasier' was a classy gig. I didn't for one minute think it was less prestigious or artistic than doing a play.
    -- John Mahoney

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  • I was rooming with Jimmy Bowen at the time, doing some gigs, then I went back to New Orleans and played there in '62.
    -- Johnny Ramistella

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  • Chris Hillman (of the Byrds) recounts...'What happened to the Buffulo Springfield at the Whisky was similar to what happened to us at Ciro's...everybody wanted to be there. It became the place to be...a great gig.'
    -- Johnny Rogan

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  • A lot of people don't think they can count on me, but I've never missed a gig in my life.
    -- Johnny Thunders

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  • Some gigs will go great. I figure you do a gig, and as many as can get there will get there.
    -- Jules Shear

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  • I do road gigs occasionally but I don't want to go out on the road for months at a time.
    -- Kathy Griffin

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  • Big shows are more like events and small shows are more like traditional gigs.
    -- Kelly Jones

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  • I learned so much about playing and touring being on the road and in the studio with Jeff, but I'd always played a lot of gigs in Seattle even prior to joining the Fusion.
    -- Kenny G

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  • I really worked with icons in the music business, which really had a strong effect on me. It wasn't just pick-up gigs.
    -- Kevin Eubanks

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  • Being as versatile as I am, I take offense to the notion that no serious musician would not be doing a late night talk show gig. One has to be open enough in other areas to be able to contribute to a show like this.
    -- Kevin Eubanks

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  • Luce blushed. "Then what kind of angel are you?" "I'm sort of in between gigs right now," Daniel said.
    -- Lauren Kate

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  • My friends are the ones I've had since primary school. They're really cool and such a good bunch of people. They came to every one of my gigs before all of this happened, you know; they were there in the smoky pubs, wherever.
    -- Leona Lewis

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  • The best gig is the one you've got.
    -- Liev Schreiber


  • I love the Stones, but I've gone to a lot of gigs.
    -- Marianne Faithfull

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  • Writing is a hard gig, and it's hard to convey a lot. That's why scripts tend to be a little bit overwritten.
    -- Mel Gibson

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  • I ended up an actor, did my first professional union gig in 1974, and I've been doing it ever since.
    -- Michael Ironside

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  • No matter what - rehearsed, under-rehearsed, over-rehearsed, doubts about rehearsing - the first gig is always the first gig, and you put on your little praying hat, batten down the hatch, and do what you do.
    -- Mick Fleetwood

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  • You never know which gig is going to be your last.
    -- Mika

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  • Sometimes there are no gigs, but the main thing is the music. You can't take that away. The only person who can take that away from you is you.
    -- Mike Stern

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  • I do some concerts. At the moment, I'm being helped a lot by a gig I play in London, which is Pizza Express.
    -- Mose Allison

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  • The best part was watching Journey grow into this monster. The band was huge, playing these enormous gigs.
    -- Neal Schon

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  • Nothing is worse than going home and having not played a gig.
    -- Nicki Minaj

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  • I hate complacency. I play every gig as if it could be my last, then I enjoy it more than ever.
    -- Nigel Kennedy

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  • If I have a gig in the evening, I get 'the doom' at about 5 P.M., when I think I'm getting flu.
    -- Nina Conti

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  • And I never missed one concert. In 89 shows, I think I did one a bit suspect show. In the old days, I'd pull gigs left, right and center because I was too f - - up.
    -- Ozzy Osbourne

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  • Why not go down the pub? A guy once came up to me at a gig and asked me if I had MySpace. I said, 'This is my space, and you're invading it.'
    -- Paul Weller

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  • My most favourite gigs that ever happened were solo, before The Monkees ever happened.
    -- Peter Tork

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  • No seriously... when there's families, you tend to go back to your room after the gig rather than go for a drink with the other guys. But there's always someone who's got something going, like the tour manager.
    -- Phil Collins

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  • My first gig was at Radio City Music Hall when I was 13.
    -- Questlove

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  • Sometimes, I have lost out on a gig because I was not high enough profile.
    -- Ray Stevenson

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  • It's a two-dimensional gig being a singer, and you can get lost in your own tedium and repetition.
    -- Robert Plant

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  • People get good gigs because they stand up....You don't get picked. Reject the tyranny of picked. Pick yourself.
    -- Seth Godin

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  • Every time I do a gig, my goal is getting new fans.
    -- Sharon Jones

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  • Music is a gut thing. You're working in a medium which is more in touch with the primal than the modern. A gig is a ritual. There's a congregation.
    -- Siobhan Fahey

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  • Now when I say Sophie Ellis-Bextor I feel that's not really me because that's become this entity from doing the gigs and the shows and the make-up contracts and whatever else.
    -- Sophie Ellis Bextor

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  • But I always communicate with the audience. I never pretend like I'm just in my bedroom making a track. The whole point of doing a gig is, like, a feedback thing between you and the audience.
    -- Squarepusher

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  • Being a rock 'n' roll star ain't a part-time gig.
    -- Steven Van Zandt

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  • I want to have a good time myself. I don't want to dread going to work no matter what the gig is. I think, selfishly, I will make sure that I have a good time; how about that?
    -- Tom Hanks

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  • My first big gig was an opening show for Frank Zappa, and I think that was difficult.
    -- Tom Waits

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  • Like most things that happen with Sabbath, it happened all of a sudden. I was intending on doing some recording, but out of the blue, Sharon called up and said she wanted us to do these gigs with Ozzy. I said that if everybody else was up to it then I would love to do it.
    -- Tony Iommi

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  • I've got about 27 gigs right now. I've got radio, I've got television, I've got The Washington Post.
    -- Tony Kornheiser

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  • I learned the songs and played the gigs, and then they called me about a month later. They told me they were like super stoked on me and asked me to join their band.
    -- Travis Barker

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  • The Bassbone works great in the studio or on the live stage. Throw it in your gig bag and take it wherever you go.
    -- Victor Wooten

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  • Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold, And the mate of the Nancybrig, And a bos'sun tight, and a midshipmite, And the crew of the captain's gig!
    -- W. S. Gilbert

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  • I can't imagine playing a boring gig. Like, a boring audience without reaction, I will play against them.
    -- Yann Tiersen

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  • When you're a regular on a TV show, they give you more of a backstory, so with these recurring gigs, you have to make up your own backstory.
    -- Alan Dale

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  • I saw my first gig here actually (Festival Hall in Brisbane) Duran Duran.
    -- Bernard Fanning

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  • As a fanboy myself, one of the fun things about the gig has been every time I get a new script, I get to find out more about his day - to-day life and what goes on and what his relationships are.
    -- Clark Gregg

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  • It's fun! Just fun...I don't think of it as a cabaret act per se, I call it more of a gig, if that makes any sense
    -- Frances Ruffelle

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  • Obviously I still gig on my own, but I've always heard my music with a band.
    -- George Ezra

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  • In the early days I was on the road 45-50 weeks a year, driving from gig to gig 6-8 weeks in a row. Not everyone can do that. The show becomes the easy part. Tt's the life on the road that is the hardest... and you can't get any good at standup unless you do the road.
    -- Henry Cho

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  • My first pilot gig; in fact my first job in television; was 'Freaks and Geeks,' and the experience of directing that pilot was probably the single most formative of my directing life.
    -- Jake Kasdan

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  • People don't recognize me from gig to gig. They have no idea. But, that's really what I strive to do. I strive to stip myself down completely and build another human and become them.
    -- Janina Gavankar

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  • It was like an explosion. You just don't get ready for it. I don't even know how you can, because you just don't expect it. For me, up until that point, you would do a gig, and then you'd go out and try to find the next job.
    -- Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

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  • I didn't get paid for my first gig supporting Usher Raymond in the Temple in Tottenham when I was 17 or 18. I bugged the promoter to let me play and it went down a storm. And after that I got loads of gigs, which were paid.
    -- Lemar

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  • Even to play a dead body; that'd be an easy gig.
    -- Maria Thayer

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  • Usually I'm only using my instruments when I'm recording or playing a gig.
    -- Max Tundra

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  • The only way to get better at stand-up is to do loads of gigs, and I don't know. I spread myself pretty thin to get the stage time. I'd love to do more, really.
    -- Peter Serafinowicz

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  • I write in English. My first album came out in Italy, and I toured and did gigs.
    -- Violante Placido

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  • ... I'm not conscious of the speed ... it's not my motive ... my motive is displaying a voice through the fingerboard ... it can get to the point where I don't have control over what I am playing ... I never end the gig until I can't sing anymore
    -- Alvin Lee

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  • I went to see John Mayall at the Marquee, with Peter Green on guitar, and that was a particularly good gig.
    -- Alvin Lee

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  • I've had the pleasure of working closely with Marc Von Em as a singer, but when I heard his original stuff, I asked him to open up a 10,000 seat gig. Just him, his guitar, and his songs. He killed it!
    -- Rob Thomas

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  • With every gig we have to prove ourselves better than the night before.
    -- Ronnie Wood

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