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  • My mom is proud of me. But she might not be too happy about the hours I keep or how little I eat. I wake up so late that it would be inappropriate to have breakfast. At most, I will have a snack in the day and dinner. I realize that it's not the healthiest way to live, but it's all I really have time for.
    -- Aaron Levie

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  • The Freemen have 987 levels of membership, the first three of which are achieved merely by filling out an application. The 8th level is granted upon full acceptance into the local lodge, the 13th following Initiation, the 21st at the end of the Initiate's second week, and the 89th the first time he brings snacks.
    -- Adam Rex

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  • If 98 out of 100 doctors tell me I've got a problem, I should take their advice. And if those two other doctors get paid by Big Snack Food, like certain climate deniers get paid by Big Coal, I shouldn't take their advice.
    -- Al Franken

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  • I wasn't eating the right kinds of calories. I didn't know about healthy carbs such as brown rice and lentils. Now I eat small meals throughout the day: oatmeal with cinnamon to start, fruit and yogurt as a snack, and vegetables or with chicken or tuna, and a healthy carb, like a yam, for lunch.
    -- Alison Sweeney

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  • Appetites have only one word in their vocabulary - MORE. Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied. Even after the most satisfying meal imaginable, we eventually find ourselves rummaging through the pantry for a snack.
    -- Andy Stanley

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  • The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines.
    -- Anne Lamott

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  • I don't snack. I don't generally eat sweets or drink soda. I never eat between meals or even before big ones.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • Always drink at least 8 ounces of water or a sugar-free decaffeinated beverage with every meal or snack. If you are a heavy caffeine user, gradually reduce caffeine intake to zero whenever possible.
    -- Barry Sears

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  • I can't believe you're a professional golfer. I think you should be working at the snack bar.
    -- Bob Barker

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  • We incorporated new tastes and flavors into our kids' diets from a very early age, which helped to develop their palates and prevented them from becoming picky eaters. We don't buy junk food and give them options of fresh fruit, yogurt, raw almonds, or dried whole grain cereals for snack time.
    -- Cat Cora

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  • I will buy six pieces or so a day and just snack on them. Sometimes I wrap them up in my mini seaweed sheets.
    -- Chrissy Teigen

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  • While traveling, I love granola bars, trail mix nuts, dry cereal and fruit for on-the-go snacks. I also try and start the day with a high fiber and protein meal, such as whole-grain toast with peanut butter.
    -- Christie Rampone

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  • Do I midnight snack? Not a lot, but sometimes. And it's usually Doritos Cooler Ranch. I know that's terrible, especially for a pro athlete, but they're just so good.
    -- Clint Mathis

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  • Some people wonder why they can't have faith for healing. They feed their body three hot meals a day, and their spirit one cold snack a week.
    -- F. F. Bosworth

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  • The one snack I really love is YoCrunch yogurt. It's like an apple pie in a cup! You have your apples on the bottom, your yogurt in the middle, and piecrust crumbs on top.
    -- Gabby Douglas

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  • I Preserve the nonviable embryo in formaldehyde for future study. Lord Maccon has been drinking my samples. When confronted, he admitted to be enjoying both the refreshing beverage and the 'crunchy pickled snack' as well. I was not pleased" (Professor Lyall to Madame Lefoux)
    -- Gail Carriger

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  • It was not so very long ago that people thought that semiconductors were part-time orchestra leaders and microchips were very small snack foods.
    -- Geraldine Ferraro

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  • I don't snack all the time, but I do sometimes drink l more than I should.
    -- Gerard Depardieu

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  • We had only snacks last time, I think it was OK for a day time menu. But this time it will be late night when people gather so we should add some proper meals.
    -- Hidetoshi Nakata

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  • Arakawa: I'd follow three simple rules: 1) Never go within two kilometres of circus freaks. 2) Never go near the butcher shop in Dublith. 3) Always spend under 300 sen on snacks. That ought to keep me alive!
    -- Hiromu Arakawa

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  • He referred to you as his little snack." "He's a sweetie.
    -- Ilona Andrews

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  • I like almonds as a snack - keeps your energy up but doesn't fill you up.
    -- Ina Garten

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  • I like to stay hydrated with water throughout the day and snack on apples, but my guilty pleasure would definitely be a caramel macchiato from Starbucks!
    -- Janel Parrish

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  • If there's something in the kitchen I like, it must be eaten. I try not to leave any snacks I wouldn't want to eat on a daily basis in the cupboard.
    -- Jenna Ushkowitz

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  • I always leave a box of unsalted almonds in my house. A handful of those are a good snack that should keep you satisfied.
    -- Jenna Ushkowitz

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  • Food is like a torture device because hiking 47 miles a day is hard enough. And then you're trying to get down 6,000 calories a day. Every hour, I needed a snack, every few hours I had to take in a meal and it's just not food, it's fuel. You're not enjoying it - you're seriously shoving it in your mouth and following it with water, juice or Gatorade.
    -- Jennifer Pharr Davis

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  • Chocolate fends off all kinds of nasty stuff. And if you get hungry while warding off evil, you have a snack. It's multipurpose equipment.
    -- Jim Butcher

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  • She breathed deeply of the scent of decaying fiction, disintegrating history, and forgotten verse, and she observed for the first time that a room full of books smelled like dessert: a sweet snack made of figs, vanilla, glue, and cleverness.
    -- Joe Hill

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  • The Scooby gang doesn't travel because they are looking for crimes to solve. They travel because they're one step ahead of the deprogrammers. Somehow, Fred's got them all snookered. It probably has something to do with the Scooby Snacks.
    -- John Scalzi

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  • I will never be a skinny waif as I am physically unable to say "no" to free booze and snacks. Oh well.
    -- Katie Aselton

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  • They say you should never eat before you go to bed, but I've found just having a tiny little snack - like half an apple or something like that - before you go to sleep really helps.
    -- Kelly Osbourne

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  • Trent looked me up and down. “Is that all you’re going to do?” My pulse quickened, and I gazed at the front of the basilica where the scratching was coming from. “I might have a snack later if nothing comes through those doors.
    -- Kim Harrison

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  • I snack on fruit and nuts. In the middle of my long workouts, I'll have a protein shake.
    -- Lindsey Vonn

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  • Danger is the snack food of a true sleuth.
    -- Mac Barnett

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  • Rice cakes and peanut butter is my favorite snack in the whole wide world.
    -- Maggie Lawson

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  • Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack.
    -- Maira Kalman

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  • If you get hungry mid-day, a banana is the best snack at your desk, after a workout, or in between classes. Fruit is a very good snack in general.
    -- Marcus Samuelsson

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  • I have never owned a share of stock in my life, and the only time I've double dipped into anything is at the snack tray.
    -- Michael Moore

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  • People who snack sometimes sometimes eat kind of thoughtlessly and end up eating a lot more. But in principle, it's a really good idea if you can exert the kind of discipline needed.
    -- Michael Pollan

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  • Here’s what I think. One, people should figure out that if they go around bothering bears, chances are they’re going to end up bear snacks. Second, people suck.
    -- Michael Thomas Ford

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  • I've been into the habit of freezing white grapes and using them as a snack. Instead of eating peanuts or popcorn or something like that or pretzels, I just eat the white grapes.
    -- Mike Ditka

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  • I like vending machines, because snacks are better when they fall. If I buy a candy bar at the store, oftentimes I will drop it so that is achieves its maximum flavor potential.
    -- Mitch Hedberg

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  • I don't know why I love cherries and I love pickles. I eat about two or three Claussen pickles a day. Those are just things I snack on.
    -- Monica Denise Brown

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  • I work out and go to the gym, but I still enjoy my soul food and snacks. But I'm a pretty petite young woman, and I just do everything in moderation and make sure that I just keep everything together.
    -- Naturi Naughton

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  • I don't really believe in diets. I love food... If I deprive myself, I'm going to want it more. I snack on yogurt, raw cashews and cherry tomatoes.
    -- Nicole Scherzinger

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  • Starving to be skinny isn't my thing. When I don't eat, it affects my mood! On-set, I fuel up with small meals and I'm always grabbing high-protein snacks, like almonds. Chai lattes with espresso also keep me going.
    -- Nina Dobrev

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  • I recently have gotten into juicing as an in-between-meals snack. I think the more vegetable ingredients the better, especially if they are green. I find that a good juice can really curb my appetite when I need to wait for the next meal.
    -- Noureen DeWulf

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  • I receive a lot of snacks and yogurt that have nearly the same name as me.
    -- Onew

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  • It usually takes me at least ten days and a number of snacks to go from feeling something to being able to articulate what I felt.
    -- Paul Ford

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  • I believe in a benevolent God not because He created the Grand Canyon or Michelangelo, but because He gave us snacks.
    -- Paul Rudnick

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  • She was starting to feel a little like a hamburger at a dieters’ convention. Nobody was likely to snack on her, but absolutely everybody noticed she was edible.
    -- Rachel Caine

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  • Lets go eat a God damn snack
    -- Rex Ryan

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  • The peculiar habit, when searching for a snack, of constantly returning to the refrigerator in hopes that something new will have materialized.
    -- Rich Hall

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  • I can't 'make' you love me. But I can fill my pantry with your favourite snacks and offer you a weekly stipend of $75.
    -- Rob Delaney

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  • I will take my coffee black / never snack / hang with the wolves who are sheepish.
    -- Rufus Wainwright

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  • I don't see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack.
    -- Russell Brand

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  • I don't read a lot of magazines, but when I'm traveling, I'll pick up a copy of 'Vanity Fair' to read on the plane - it's like a full meal! The articles are so good, especially the crime stories. Browsing the Web is more like snacking - but I live on snacks.
    -- Sam Trammell

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  • I always have applesauce in my fridge, and when traveling I take protein bars just in case I get hungry. They're my go-to snack.
    -- Sloane Stephens

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  • I usually eat six times a day, small meals. For breakfast, an egg and a corn tortilla, salsa and cilantro, and some ham. For snacks, I'll have an apple, some string cheese, a yogurt. For lunch I'll have salad with protein in it and for dinner usually steamed vegetables and chicken or fish.
    -- Sprague Grayden

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  • Here's what I've learned about eating healthy when you're busy: It's all about preparation. Make your snacks on Sunday, and you will be good to go until Thursday or so.
    -- Summer Sanders

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  • I slice up a ton of cucumbers, celery, carrots and red and yellow peppers. Keep them in your fridge so you always have something handy to curb your snack attack.
    -- Summer Sanders

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  • I eat a lot. I eat three times a day and I snack.
    -- Suzanne Somers

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  • I'm really into Greek yogurt, fruit and almonds. Those are my 'go-to' snacks.
    -- Taylor Schilling

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  • These are different animals now. They're starting to winnow out the weak at the fringe of the herd. We need to hurry or this could affect our snack situation.
    -- Tim Dorsey

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  • I don't go long without eating. I never starve myself: I grab a healthy snack.
    -- Vanessa Hudgens

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  • My metabolism - I bring snacks with me all the time. My friends make fun of me, but I just run on very tight fuel or something.
    -- April Rose

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  • Snacking is important. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a great example of a perfect snack. They can go a long way.
    -- Jozy Altidore

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  • I am a creature of habit with my food and snacks. I make sure to get in all three meals and drink my Eboost every morning, and lots of hot tea keeps me going!
    -- Kristen Taekman

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  • The meal plan was hard at first because I am a snack eater, but the most challenging part is trying to change my pallet to like healthy food.
    -- Ruby Gettinger

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  • Sweet treats are as much a part of our culture as they are our taste palettes, and it can sometimes seem as though sugary snacks are everywhere.
    -- Homaro Cantu

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  • Think before you snack.
    -- Hua Mulan

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  • Most Americans are skipping meals and when they do eat, they're starving and they're eating an excess of sugar and calories. Really it's about eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner, and trying to feed yourself.
    -- Jackie Warner

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  • The Moon Pie is a bedrock of the country store and rural tradition. It is more than a snack. It is a cultural artifact.
    -- William R. Ferris

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