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  • I've always giggled like a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber meet and greet. There's nothing I can do about it but I've never not been able to stop.
    -- Anderson Cooper

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  • When I was 7 years old I saw Jimmy Connors make someone carry his bag, as though he were Julius Caesar. I vowed then and there that I would always carry my own.
    -- Andre Agassi

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  • Well, you know, I've bonded with a lot of people over the years, you know. We played the same tournaments year after year and we go back to the same place and many times the seats have been full and that has meant the world to me for sure.
    -- Andre Agassi

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  • But, I would say when I was four years old and I was at the Alan King Tennis Tournament and I was hitting with all the pros that would come to town. They would get me on the court or take notice and that stayed with me.
    -- Andre Agassi

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  • It never seizes to amaze me how much I enjoy playing here and how much you fans have meant to me over the years.
    -- Andre Agassi

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  • How has The Grand Illusion held up over the years? It is not enough to say that it has retained its power. Not only has the stature of the film remained undiminished by the passage of time (except in a few minor details), but the innovation, the audacity, and, for want of a better word, the modernity of the direction have acquired an even greater impact.
    -- Andre Bazin

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  • I worked with people I admire; Josh Lucas, who I'd worked with many many years ago on a pilot called The Class of 61 and Kurt Russell, and so there were a variety of different people that I enjoyed working with.
    -- Andre Braugher

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  • I've always thought of myself as an Expo. I probably had better seasons with the Cubs. The fan base and the bleacher bums at Wrigley Field were so enthusiastic compared to later years with the Expos.
    -- Andre Dawson

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  • But can one still make resolutions when one is over forty? I live according to twenty-year-old habits.
    -- Andre Gide

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  • Every ten years you should delete from your mind a few ideas that your experience has proven to be false.
    -- Andre Maurois

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  • I am travelling half the year around the world, every year, so coming home is one of the most beautiful things.
    -- Andre Rieu

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  • I think the future for young chefs is much brighter than it was 40 years ago. Because people have become so much more interested in food. That will not stop. We cannot go back now. We cannot go back to frozen.
    -- Andre Soltner

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  • I got knocked down, I don't know how many years ago and I haven't been off my feet since, and I responded again against the best in division without the respect of having the chin I'm supposed to have.
    -- Andre Ward

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  • I've been dancing since I was 6 years old. That kind of relentless dedication and intensity is where I'm comfortable.
    -- Andrea Anders

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  • Avon invented the concept of direct marketing and direct selling beauty. And that's still very valid to us. We'll have a firm that will be around for another 114 years as strongly as it was the first 114.
    -- Andrea Jung

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  • Well I’ve been doing it for about twenty years, I did films when I was a little kid, when I was about six or seven, I was in films and I had this really high voice, I did a series called Dinobabies, that was my first one. And then after that I did Madeline, yeah so it just kind of happened and then never went away. Then everyone said your voice is going to change and you’ll be out... No, no, still on helium.
    -- Andrea Libman

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  • ... there was a part of me that wanted to be liked, and despite all my years of reporting, I never quite adjusted to the role of skunk at the garden party.
    -- Andrea Mitchell

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  • The fact that maybe I had some success playing G'Kar doesn't guarantee me three years later that I can still do it, so I have to keep my senses alive and still be working on it.
    -- Andreas Katsulas

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  • Well, you know, what's better? To play a character who stays stuck in the same baggage year after year, or to play a character who gets beyond that and goes to a new level?
    -- Andreas Katsulas

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  • It's still a mystery to me exactly how I learned the language. [But] I was 19 years old and I had very urgent things to tell girls.
    -- Andrei Codrescu

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  • What is the most precious, the most exciting smell awaiting you in the house when you return to it after a dozen years or so? The smell of roses, you think? No, mouldering books.
    -- Andrei Sinyavsky

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  • It is obvious that art cannot teach anyone anything, since in four thousand years humanity has learnt nothing at all. We should long ago have become angels had we been capable of paying attention to the experience of art, and allowing ourselves to be changed in accordance with the ideals it expresses. Art only has the capacity, through shock and catharsis, to make the human soul receptive to good. It’s ridiculous to imagine that people can be taught to be good…Art can only give food – a jolt – the occasion – for psychical experience.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • It is obvious that art cannot teach anyone anything, since in four thousand years humanity has learnt nothing at all.
    -- Andrei Tarkovsky

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  • I guess if you're a normal person and all of a sudden you're getting $10 million a year, it can go to your head.
    -- Andrew Bogut

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  • These days, to be seven years in one spot in any pro sport is a pretty long tenure.
    -- Andrew Bogut

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  • Winning the Rookie of the Year would be nice but making the playoffs would be even nicer for me.
    -- Andrew Bogut

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  • Playing in sold out arenas several nights a week is something I have never experience before. I want to experience that. I want to experience that in my first year and build on that.
    -- Andrew Bogut

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  • Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann represent an existential threat to the Democratic Party the way that twenty years ago Clarence Thomas as a black man represented to liberals and the Democratic Party.
    -- Andrew Breitbart

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  • There's no such thing as a 100-year flood.
    -- Andrew Cuomo

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  • A poll earlier this year showed that 42 per cent of Americans believe we're in the End Times,
    -- Andrew Denton

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  • The world is infinitely more complex than it appeared to me 15 years ago.
    -- Andrew Denton

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  • I never go see a comic. The only one I'd ever really want to see is Don Rickles. He might be 80 years old, but he blows everyone out of the water.
    -- Andrew Dice Clay

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  • The inquiry into Nature having thus been pursued nearly two thousand years theologically, we find by the middle of the sixteenth century some promising beginnings of a different method the method of inquiry into Nature scientifically the method which seeks not plausibilities but facts.
    -- Andrew Dickson White

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  • The establishment of Christianity . . . arrested the normal development of the physical sciences for over fifteen hundred years.
    -- Andrew Dickson White

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  • My early years abroad were spent mainly upon the European Continent, and public duties since have led me to make prolonged stays in various Continental states France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia where the study of Continental statesmen has been almost forced upon me.
    -- Andrew Dickson White

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  • I've been in Hamburg for about ten years and I just feel at home.
    -- Andrew Eldritch

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  • The men who were running the church in the late '60s and '70s panicked when they saw the chaos, which developed after the council. The relatively modest changes of those years thawed the ice in which Catholicism had been frozen since the French Revolution.
    -- Andrew Greeley

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  • If we get you in the early years of your life and we fill your head with all of the Catholic stories, then it's very hard for you to stop being Catholic. Catholics are Catholics because they like being Catholic.
    -- Andrew Greeley

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  • One cannot escape the harsh fact that as a ministerial profession, the priesthood has very serious problems. They are not new. They did not develop yesterday or last year.
    -- Andrew Greeley

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  • As the criminal, sinful war in Iraq enters its third year, the president goes to Europe to heal the wounds between the United States and its former allies, on his own terms of course.
    -- Andrew Greeley

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  • Safe care saves lives and saves money. Adverse events like high levels of infection, blood clots or falls in hospital, emergency readmissions and pressure sores cost the NHS billions of pounds every year. There is a serious human cost, too, with patients ending up injured, or even dead. Most are avoidable with the right care.
    -- Andrew Lansley

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  • I guess the thing is that we remained huge friends after the original Phantom movie, when we decided it wouldn't take place and we just saw each other socially over the years so we were friends.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • Two years ago I hadn't even thought of the Woman in White, and I was doing a television show and I said I hadn't found a story and the next day somebody rang me and said have you ever thought of the Woman in White.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • No more memories, no more silent tears. No more gazing across the wasted years. Help me say goodbye.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • Here's the truth. The proposed top rate of income tax is not 50 per cent. It is 50 per cent plus 1.5 per cent national insurance paid by employees plus 13.3 per cent paid by employers. That's not 50 per cent. Two years from now, Britain will have the highest tax rate on earned income of any developed country.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • The next few years are going to be horrendous in the UK. The last thing we need is a Somali pirate-style raid on the few wealth creators who still dare to navigate Britain's gale-force waters.
    -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

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  • My mother died of lung cancer last year. I felt helpless. As an economist, I thought, What can I do?
    -- Andrew Lo

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  • Like the vain curlings of the watery maze, Which in smooth streams a sinking weight does raise, So Man, declining always, disappears In the weak circles of increasing years; And his short tumults of themselves compose, While flowing Time above his head does close.
    -- Andrew Marvell

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  • After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I've decided that I'd like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today,
    -- Andrew Mason

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  • Local commerce, without question, will be one of the fundamental use cases enabled by mobile devices over the next several years.
    -- Andrew Mason

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  • There's no certainty to the next couple of years, but people are paying attention now. And I want to put out a record when people are paying attention, because that's when it has the best chance of being heard.
    -- Andrew McMahon

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  • I see nothing in the present situation that is either menacing or warrants pessimism... I have every confidence that there will be a revival of activity in the spring, and that during this coming year the country will make steady progress.
    -- Andrew Mellon

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  • It's hard for me to believe that World Trade Center building 7 came down by itself twenty years from now, people will look at 911 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn't possibly have been done the way the government told us.
    -- Andrew Napolitano

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  • Sometimes I'll be channel surfing or something, and I'll see a glimpse of something, and I'll quickly turn the sound down, and then what I look at, that's an interesting movie. But it's not me who made it. It's whoever that guy I was 10 years ago who made it.
    -- Andrew Niccol

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  • A refund for defective software might be nice, except it would bankrupt the entire software industry in the first year.
    -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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  • If anyone had realized that within 10 years this tiny system that was picked up almost by accident was going to be controlling 50 million computers, considerably more thought might have gone into it.
    -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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  • A couple of years ago this guy called Ken Brown wrote a book saying that Linus stole Linux from me It later came out that Microsoft had paid him to do this
    -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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  • Tokyo Sonata speaks to us, with feeling and passion, as one of the most eloquent statements on the world today that we are likely to see in this moviegoing year.
    -- Andrew Sarris

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  • No one would have known, from how he held my hand, [that] over the years of heartache he had hatched a plot to change my life forever. He held his grip and would not let me go. I do not know what joins the parts of an atom, but it seems what binds one human to another is pain.
    -- Andrew Sean Greer

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  • I'm just kind of taking a break now and enjoying the freedom of making my own choices. When you're on a television show for six years, they run your schedule.
    -- Andrew Shue

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  • The most important thing to remember about depression is this: you do not get the time back. It is not tacked on at the end of your life to make up for the disaster years. Whatever time is eaten by a depression is gone forever. The minutes that are ticking by as you experience the illness are minutes you will not know again.
    -- Andrew Solomon

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  • We have some fast guys out there. It's always fun to compete with each other at practice in the outfield. It's going to be a fun year out there.
    -- Andrew Stevenson

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  • If you want to take dance to an extra level, you have to be physically fit. You also have to put the years of work in. If there's no pain, there's no gain. You've got to sweat to improve.
    -- Andrew Stone

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  • I can barely remember what I wrote yesterday, let alone 10 years ago.
    -- Andrew Sullivan

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  • I think if someone is writing continuously for 10 years and has not changed their mind about something - there's something wrong with them. They're not really thinking.
    -- Andrew Sullivan

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  • Man's natural life span, 75 to 90 years or so, has not increased. It is the number of us who manage to attain it that has increased.
    -- Andrew Tobias

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  • The first life insurance societies where formed in England in the years between 1692 and 1720. In America, life insurance became available to the clergy through the Presbyterian Ministers Fund, founded in 1759(still in existence), and the Episcopal Corporation, founded ten years later (subsequently merged).
    -- Andrew Tobias

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  • Still, most people don't have much money. So finding ways to come out a couple of thousand dollars ahead every year still matters.
    -- Andrew Tobias

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  • The best thing I have are 5 percent bonds from 1780, denominated from $1 to $20. As far as I can tell, they are obligations from the United States of America, so I should be able to walk down to the Federal Reserve and redeem the uncanceled ones. With 217 years of accrued interest, for a $20 bond, that's about $800,000.
    -- Andrew Tobias

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  • I believe my publisher has shown a great deal of faith in me over a lot of years but I'm not prepared to be so arrogant to say that the long-term literary value of my work would compensate them for a financial failure.
    -- Andrew Vachss

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  • Chronic sexual predators [to Vachss, pedophiles] have crossed an osmotic membrane. They can’t step back to the other side - our side. And they don't want to. If we don't kill them or release them, we have but one choice. Call them monsters and isolate them.... I’ve spoken to many predators over the years. They always exhibit amazement that we do not hunt them. And that when we capture them, we eventually let them go. Our attitude is a deliberate interference with Darwinism - an endangerment of our species.
    -- Andrew Vachss

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  • I have argued for years that we do not have a health care system in America. We have a disease-management system - one that depends on ruinously expensive drugs and surgeries that treat health conditions after they manifest rather than giving our citizens simple diet, lifestyle and therapeutic tools to keep them healthy.
    -- Andrew Weil

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  • Some mathematics problems look simple, and you try them for a year or so, and then you try them for a hundred years, and it turns out that they're extremely hard to solve. There's no reason why these problems shouldn't be easy, and yet they turn out to be extremely intricate. [Fermat's] Last Theorem is the most beautiful example of this.
    -- Andrew Wiles

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  • You think you're developing and getting better and then you see something you did years ago. Looking at your early work.. sometimes it has a depth that surprises you.
    -- Andrew Wyeth

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  • It's a shock for me to go through and see all those years of painting my life, which is very personal for me. It's a very difficult thing for an artist to look back at his work.
    -- Andrew Wyeth

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  • If I wanted to develop a scenario to destroy America, I would do what the Republicans are doing. Take the brightest and best young black men off the streets, put them in jail, make them meaner than hell for 8 or 10 years and then turn them lose in a society where there are plenty of guns for them to play with.
    -- Andrew Young

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  • It’s just starting. I think it’s going to take another year and a half to get up to critical mass, but everybody loves Chinese food, Thai food, Japanese food, and it’s all been exploited. The Filipinos combined the best of all of that with Spanish technique. The Spanish were a colonial power there for 500 years, and they left behind adobo and cooking in vinegar — techniques that, applied to those tropical Asian ingredients, are miraculous.
    -- Andrew Zimmern

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  • Nevertheless, in the theatre, and in the cinema, the contemporary reality of Poland has been represented only to a minuscule degree in the last 12 years.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • In the first years after the systemic transition, our screens showed American entertainment that had not been available before, or had been available only sporadically.
    -- Andrzej Wajda

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  • Welcome delegates to the 2012 Republican Convention! Remember to set your watches back 400 years.
    -- Andy Borowitz

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  • I always knew I wanted to be in front of the camera. But even after 10 years behind the scenes at CBS News producing live segments, celebrity profiles, and breaking news, I still hadn't been given the chance to be on TV.
    -- Andy Cohen

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  • I will be the 43-year-old guy in the jumpsuit. In my estimation and my image of myself is that I am 23 and can get away with it. If I didn't have the show, I would be in one right now. It would be denim, but I love a terry.
    -- Andy Cohen

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  • When I was a 21-year-old intern at CBS, I was told I had crossed eyes and shouldn't try to be on air. That's when I decided I was going to be behind the scenes.
    -- Andy Cohen

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  • I always wanted to be an anchorman, but after college I wound up working behind the scenes at CBS News for 10 years.
    -- Andy Cohen

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  • Why is it that so many people start to value money so much that they trade in most of the hours and years of their life in order to get it?
    -- Andy Couturier

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  • I believed in God my whole life, and then strayed away from it in my teen-age years, until recently.
    -- Andy Dick

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  • I've been working at performing for five years now. I've been working in Australia and Spain and England. When I was only 15 or 16, 1 was performing in bars; I could have had legal problems, but it's also the only way to get to know what music is all about.
    -- Andy Gibb

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  • Even my older brothers' early success 10 years ago didn't change me since there was such an age difference.
    -- Andy Gibb

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  • In 1973 we moved to the British Isle of Man, and I put my first band together for one year, named Melody Fair.
    -- Andy Gibb

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  • Winter makes a bridge between one year and another and, in this case, one century and the next.
    -- Andy Goldsworthy

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  • There are occasions when I have moved boulders, but I'm reluctant to, especially ones that have been rooted in a place for many years.
    -- Andy Goldsworthy

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  • One of the beauties of art is that it reflects an artist's entire life. What I've learned over the past 30 years is really beginning to inform what I make. I hope that process continues until I die.
    -- Andy Goldsworthy

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  • I was baptized alongside my mother when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have tried to walk a Christian life. And now that I'm getting older, I realized that I'm walking even closer with my God.
    -- Andy Griffith

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  • I still play that guitar. It's a Martin D-18 with a clear pick guard. I've played that guitar on and off my TV shows for nearly 50 years.
    -- Andy Griffith

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  • We were developing an innovative Personal Information Manager called Chandler but a couple years ago I took off from that to do a project writing down my memoirs essentially, reminiscing about the development of the Macintosh.
    -- Andy Hertzfeld

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  • Apple was our benefactor at starting General Magic, but about a year later decided they would rather BE General Magic and tried to make us blink out of existence... which we eventually did, but it took a few years.
    -- Andy Hertzfeld

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  • I haven't been in a good mood since I was 6 years old
    -- Andy Jenkins

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  • I'm going to do a lot of weird stuff that's not going to be like me prancing around like an insane 12-year-old. I showed everybody that side of me and I think it's time to do different stuff, even when it comes down to the type of humor. I want to do some drier, weirder stuff.
    -- Andy Milonakis

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  • This year its just about winning the big matches because if youre going to get into the top 20 then youve got to do well at the Masters Series and the grand slams. I dont have any ranking points to defend for the first few months of the year so if I do well over the next few weeks then Ive got a chance of doing it.
    -- Andy Murray

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  • I try to anticipate the ball well. That's something that's helped me since when I was a kid. Just learning to anticipate and read the game well. That's helped me. When I moved over to Spain and I was 15 I was playing with big guys who were 22 years to 28 years old and I was 15 so I couldn't beat them with power. I had to beat them with touch shots and variety and anticipation and all of those things. I learned a lot when I was over there.
    -- Andy Murray

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