Pork quotes

  • I'm Muslim the way many of my Jewish friends are Jewish: I avoid pork, and I take the big holidays off.
    -- Aasif Mandvi

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  • I always use my 'Holy Trinity' which is salt, olive oil and bacon. My motto is, 'bacon always makes it better.' I try to use bacon and pork products whenever it can.
    -- Anne Burrell

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  • To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.
    -- Anthony Bourdain

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  • It was my pork chop. But that's ok. I ate his dog food.
    -- Bam Bam Bigelow

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  • I went to the juice isle, I learned something. Cranberries are taking over everything. What do you got, apples? Put some cranberrise in there, make it 50/50. Cran-apple. Grapes? Cran-grape. Mangos? Cran-mango. Pork chops? Cran-chop!
    -- Brian Regan

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  • Nobody can fail to lose weight in the jungle, unless they've got a secret stash of pork pies somewhere.
    -- Colin Baker

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  • Grapes are juicy. Strawberries. Oranges. Good pork chops are succulent," said Dusty. "But the word isn't accurately descriptive of a person." Smiling with delight, Ahriman said, "Oh, really, not accurately descriptive? Be careful housepainter. Your genes are showing. What if I were a cannibal?
    -- Dean Koontz

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  • I have wined and dined with kings and queens and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans.
    -- Dusty Rhodes

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  • The food in Yugoslavia is fine if you like pork tartare.
    -- Ed Begley, Jr.

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  • And for any agents or proxy of the regime interested in asking me questions face to face, I've got some bullets slathered in pork fat to make you feel extra special welcome.
    -- Eric S. Raymond

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  • Television was supposed to be a national park. (Instead) it has become a money machine... It's a commodity now, just like pork bellies.
    -- Fred W. Friendly

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  • As with most things in life, Lady Maccon preferred the civilized exterior to the dark underbelly (with the exception of pork products, of course.)
    -- Gail Carriger

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  • Pork was in 1971, and I stopped hanging out at The Factory by like 1973.
    -- Harvey Fierstein

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  • If I had to narrow my choice of meats down to one for the rest of my life, I am quite certain that meat would be pork.
    -- James Beard

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  • I object to you using words like squander and pork. What is pork in one part of the country is an essential project in another part.
    -- John Breaux

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  • I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so when I come to Washington, I'll know how to cut pork.
    -- Joni Ernst

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  • I'm such a foodie. If I see a pork chop, I'm eating it.
    -- Josh Henderson

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  • You can never put too much pork in your mouth as far as I'm concerned.
    -- Lewis Black

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  • The truth in acting is that we are all hired help. We are a commodity. There is no difference between being an actor and pork bellies.
    -- Lorraine Bracco

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  • She yanked my plate away and took it to the sink. She rinsed some bones that looked like pork shoulder, which was weird since we'd had chicken tonight.
    -- Margaret Stohl

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  • No sausage?" he asked. Apparently my pork consumption habits were a matter of public record.
    -- Maureen Johnson

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  • When I was a kid everyone used to call me pork 'n.
    -- Michael Biehn

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  • He who cannot eat horsemeat need not do so. Let him eat pork. But he who cannot eat pork, let him eat horsemeat. It's simply a question of taste.
    -- Nikita Khrushchev

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  • I'm carrying so much pork, I'm beginning to get trichinosis.
    -- Phil Gramm


  • There is poetry in a pork chop to a hungry man.
    -- Philip Gibbs

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  • I do not like onions. It's so funny because I am probably one of the least picky eaters ever. Pretty much any type of new food, I'll try it, I'll eat it. But onions, and pork. Pork and onions.
    -- Stacie Orrico

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  • Since this is the age of science, not religion, psychiatrists are our rabbis, ***** is our pork, and the addict is the unclean person.
    -- Thomas Szasz

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  • Jeb Bush cheated on his diet and had a fried Snickers bar, pork on a stick, and a beer. Jeb Bush said he ate it so at least he could see some of his numbers go up.
    -- Conan O'Brien

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  • Harvard has been almost as important to the American Jewish community as the pork-sausage industry.
    -- P. J. O'Rourke

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  • My message is use grass-fed beef, use heirloom pork varieties, use organic chickens, wait until wild salmon or wild seafood are in season, smoke organic vegetables.
    -- Steven Raichlen

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  • I love pork. I love a good BLT. I know that sounds horrible but I do. I'm a total foodie. I love cooking and I love traveling and I love finding new places to eat and new cuisines to eat. Don't be shocked if you see me munching down on a baby back rib.
    -- Bob Bergen

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  • The Concord Coalition in Virginia complained about pork projects and wasteful spending in the federal budget. Consider the Senate chaplain's salary. As occupations go, only mind readers in Los Angeles have fewer things to do all day.
    -- Argus Hamilton

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  • My friends decided to open a pub and asked me to be part of it. The day-to-day running is something I know little about. Luckily, I'm the demented figurehead, a kind of mascot. I get all the good stuff - like free pork scratchings - without any of the bad stuff.
    -- Jason Flemyng

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