Locks quotes

  • It has been wisely said that you can take a child of God, put him in a dungeon with a Bible and a candle and lock him away, and he will know more about what's going on in today's world with the Word of God than all the pundits in Washington.
    -- Adrian Rogers

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  • I've always said I'm not the kind of designer who likes to lock himself away in a studio and let the rest of the company deal with it. I work very closely with everyone on the team.
    -- Alexander Wang

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  • One does not need to lock up that which is not dangerous.
    -- Alexandra Adornetto

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  • But there's a beginning in an end, you know? It's true that you can't reclaim what you had, but you can lock it up behind you. Start fresh.
    -- Alexandra Bracken

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  • I like to think I'm a listener, and I'm fascinated by observing people - I suppose you just lock that in.
    -- Amanda Burton

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  • You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.
    -- Amit Ray

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  • If I had my way...We would lock ourselves away from that madness out there...
    -- Armistead Maupin

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  • Filmmakers need to realize that their job isn't done when they lock picture. We must see our films through.
    -- Ava DuVernay

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  • The gunner's mate came up and started breaking the locks on the ammunition. Everything was locked up for fear that someone might go in there with a cigarette or something.
    -- Barney Ross

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  • If the Poe Lock were ever rendered unusable due to a terrorist attack or natural disaster, it would halt commerce on the Great Lakes and these industries would be helpless.
    -- Bart Stupak

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  • I know I've got a lock on the Dutch Hall of Fame.
    -- Bert Blyleven

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  • If you're so pro-life, do me a favour: don't lock arms and block medical clinics. If you're so pro-life, lock arms and block cemeteries.
    -- Bill Hicks

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  • Act with purpose, courage, confidence, competence and intelligence until these qualities 'lock in' to your subconscious mind.
    -- Brian Tracy

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  • I believe any decline would lock in a Fed increase with some certainty.
    -- Bruce Bartlett

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  • Hardware is easy to protect: lock it in a room, chain it to a desk, or buy a spare. Information poses more of a problem. It can exist in more than one place; be transported halfway across the planet in seconds; and be stolen without your knowledge.
    -- Bruce Schneier

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  • To never see a fool you lock yourself in your room and smash the looking-glass.
    -- Carl Sandburg

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  • Playing the guitar, you kind of lock into a rhythm and a groove, and then it relaxes me to make up lyrics and sing.
    -- Cat Power

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  • My advice to you is please don't ever sit in your room and lock yourself away because you don't think you're good enough.
    -- Catherine Tate

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  • I've never been sent a lock of hair or anything like that, but I've gotten underwear with my face on it. That was weird.
    -- Channing Tatum

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  • It's linkage I'm talking about, and harmonies and structures, And all the various things that lock our wrists to the past.
    -- Charles Wright

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  • The trouble with wedlock is that there's not enough wed and too much lock.
    -- Christopher Morley

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  • I have shaved my head. My flowing locks are now quite a bit shorter.
    -- David Ginola


  • The first sentence of the truth is always the hardest. Each of us had a first sentence, and most of us found the strength to say it out loud to someone who deserved to hear it. What we hoped, and what we found, was that the second sentence of the truth is always easier than the first, and the third sentence is even easier than that. Suddenly you are speaking the truth in paragraphs, in pages. The fear, the nervousness, is still there, but it is joined by a new confidence. All along, you've used the first sentence as a lock. But now you find that it's the key.
    -- David Levithan

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  • American Morons is the work of an original. Like Hitchcock or Ramsey Campbell, the style is precise, alert, and well-mannered, inviting us to enter Hirshberg's private world so that he may lock the door behind us. If there is anyone in contemporary fiction worth watching, it is Glen Hirshberg.
    -- Dennis Etchison

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  • Any time you see signs or labels added to a device, it is an indication of bad design: a simple lock should not require instructions.
    -- Donald A. Norman

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  • Never to lie is to have no lock on your door, you are never wholly alone.
    -- Elizabeth Bowen

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  • Time is a measure of space, just as a range-finder is a measure of space, but measuring locks us into the place we measure.
    -- Frank Herbert

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  • Once you get a character, you lock it in your heart - it's there.
    -- Frank Oz

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  • If there are any cages in this marriage, it is I who have built them. And I who hold the key to their locks.
    -- Geneen Roth

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  • His golden locks Time hath to silver turned, O time too swift! O swiftness never ceasing! His youth 'gainst Time and Age hath ever spurned, But spurned in vain! Youth waneth by increasing.
    -- George Peele

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  • Prejudice locks the mind. Nothing can enter. Nothing true can escape.
    -- Gerry Spence

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  • When we lock things away," he said with conviction, "we're really imprisoning ourselves.
    -- Gordon Korman

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  • Every day the eye is subject to a thousand tiny shocks as a thousand industries compete for the eye-kick, the visual hook that will lock the consumer into product for that crucial second where the tiny - or not so tiny - leap of the imagination is made.
    -- Graham Joyce

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  • Why lock yourself in your own cage when someone is handing you a key?
    -- Gregory Maguire

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  • People are not like a business. You can’t buy and sell them like so much property. You can’t lock them up in a vault and expect them to appreciate it.
    -- Harold Robbins

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  • The only difference between the sane and the insane is that the sane have the power to lock up the insane.
    -- Hunter S. Thompson

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  • Sins are like chains and locks preventing their perpetrator from roaming the vast garden of Tawheed and reaping the fruits of righteous actions.
    -- Ibn Taymiyyah

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  • What is miraculous about the past is that we have succeeded--God knows how--in making thousands and millions of individual human beings, lock well enought into one another to give us what looks like a common past, a shared story.
    -- J. M. Coetzee

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  • The painter locks himself out of his own studio. And then has to break in like a thief.
    -- Jackson Pollock

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  • The Jake Gyllenhaal workout planstarts with growing long, long hairgorgeous greasy locks and then washing every day.Wash, shampoo, then condition. Washing works the biceps and then the triceps by conditioning. And vigorously rubbing all of your body with soap really defines the abs and the pectoral muscles. And if you do squats while you're bathing - that's it!
    -- Jake Gyllenhaal

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  • I just find it thrilling, especially when I totally lock in to the person that I am doing and I'm really flying... I suppose I am hiding myself when I sing as these other people.
    -- Jane Horrocks

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  • Valerie was crying, too. She was laughing and sniffling back sobs. “I’m going to marry my snuggy wuggums,” she said. Morelli paused, his fork halfway to the roast chicken platter. He slid his eyes to me and leaned close. “If you ever call me snuggy wuggums in public I’ll lock you in the cellar and chain you to the furnace.
    -- Janet Evanovich

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  • When you have competing companies that are engaging in the raising of prices in lock step with each other, you have to question whether or not this in coincidence or price fixing. With the merger of Exxon and Mobil and Chevron and Texaco, we have very little competition among the energy companies.
    -- Jeanine Pirro

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  • They're now turning those seeds into intellectual property, so they have a virtual lock on the seeds upon which we all depend for our food and survival.
    -- Jeremy Rifkin

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  • So we are being systematically trained to fear this false 'rising crime' tide. This is all part of a system to lock up more people, and impose more control and surveillance.
    -- Jerry Brown

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  • Done time in the lock-up, done time on the streets. Done time on the upswing, and time in defeat. I know what I'm askin'. I know it's a lot. Just to say that I love you. Believe it or not.
    -- Jerry Garcia

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  • The volatile natural gas market has affected us all, and we are giving our customers an option to lock in their electricity price for the entire year. This will allow them to anticipate their electricity bills and budget accordingly throughout 2006.
    -- Jim Burke

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  • I'm not in favor of the death penalty. But I'm in favor of locking these people away in maximum security units where they can never get out. They can never escape. They can never be paroled. Lock the bad ones away. But you gotta rethink everybody else.
    -- John Grisham

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  • This is why you can never reason true Christians out of the faith. It's not, as the adage has it, because they were never reasoned into it - many were - it's that faith is a logical door which locks behind you. What looks like a line of thought is steadily warping...
    -- John Jeremiah Sullivan

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  • The redundant locks, robustious to no purpose, clustering down--vast monument of strength.
    -- John Milton

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  • Mathematics is the abstract key which turns the lock of the physical universe.
    -- John Polkinghorne

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  • All of us are like locks. No matter how strong the bolt, there’s always a key out there that opens it.
    -- Jonathan Kellerman

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  • Time is painted with a lock before, and bald behind, signifying thereby that we must take time by the forelock; for, when it is once past, there is no recalling it.
    -- Jonathan Swift

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  • As soon as you think you've got the key to the stock market, they change the lock.
    -- Joseph Granville

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  • The doors of Hell, insofar as they have locks, have locks on the inside.
    -- Kallistos Ware

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  • My Caps Lock Key Is Loud!
    -- Kanye West

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  • I lock eyes with my reflection and don’t look away. The day you look away you start to lose yourself. I’m never going to lose myself. You are what you are. Deal with it or change.
    -- Karen Marie Moning

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  • I think that the best literature has a core that you can't lock to a time or place but that can generate lots of meanings and translations.
    -- Karl Ove Knausgard

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  • There is a lot of kissing in 'Boeing-Boeing.' A lot! And not pecks on the cheek or lips - although there's some of that, too - but full-on, farcical lip locks. My poor husband. He definitely wasn't prepared for as much smooching as there is.
    -- Kathryn Hahn

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  • So what I was essentially doing was, I compromised the confidentiality of their proprietary software to advance my agenda of becoming the best at breaking through the lock.
    -- Kevin Mitnick

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  • The problem with snapshots is that they replace actual memories. You lock down the moment and it becomes all there is of it.
    -- Lauren Beukes

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  • The idiot who invented instant grits also thought of frozen fried chicken, and they ought to lock him up before he tries to freeze-dry collards.
    -- Lewis Grizzard

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  • A crafty nightrunner died of late, And found himself at Bilairy’s Gate. He stood outside and refused to knock Because he meant to pick the lock.
    -- Lynn Flewelling

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  • When you're unhinged, things make their way out of you that should be kept inside, and other things get in that ought to be shut out. The locks lose their powers. The guards go to sleep. The passwords fail.
    -- Margaret Atwood

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  • Our chronic discomfort with ambiguity - which, ironically, is critical to both our creativity and the richness of our lives - leads us to lock down safe, comfortable, familiar interpretations, even if they are only partial representations of or fully disconnected from reality.
    -- Maria Popova

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  • [On Las Vegas:] I love that town. No clocks. No locks. No restrictions.
    -- Marlene Dietrich

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  • When there's more sick ones than well ones, by golly the sick ones will lock the well ones up.
    -- Mary Jane Ward

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  • But you must still know to respect other people's faith.' 'Why? We don't respect any other delusion. We lock up people who believe they're Christ, yet we're supposed to humour those who believe in him.' 'By definition, faith is irrational: a belief you hold against the normal rules of evidence.' 'In which case I believe in Jedi
    -- Michael Arditti

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  • And some people, you've got to lock up. If you don't, they're going to hurt you.
    -- Mills Lane

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  • I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice.
    -- Morgan Freeman

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  • Do not limit the shape and size in which your miracle can come. Sometimes the smallest keys turn the biggest locks.
    -- Neale Donald Walsch

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  • And when her eyes met mine, I felt something click, like a key turning in a lock.
    -- Nicholas Sparks

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  • We have one of those conversations where every thing clicks, meshes, corresponds, locks, where even our pauses, even our punctuation marks, seem to be nodding in agreement.
    -- Nick Hornby

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  • You want to be appreciated for all your work as opposed to one performance, but I'll always be 'that bloke from 'Lock, Stock'.' You've got to embrace it.
    -- Nick Moran

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  • You lil Fraggle Rock, beat you wit a padded lock
    -- Nicki Minaj

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  • And I am in love with light. Lock me in the sunshine.
    -- Nikki Gemmell

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  • The individual will always be a minority. If a man is in a minority of one, we lock him up.
    -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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  • There are no walls, no bolts, no locks that anyone ca nput on your mind.
    -- Otto Frank

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  • When you lock everything down tight so that the pain can't get out, you also keep good stuff from getting in.
    -- Rachel Gibson

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  • It's pretty hard to have faith when everybody is trying to lock you up.
    -- Richard Brautigan

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  • I know when something is done and when it isn't. There's been times working on movies when they [moviemakers] lock in a release date and so you're stuck to that schedule. But sometimes you're still editing and you feel like you're not really done, but they're sort of releasing the movie anyway - that's kind of depressing.
    -- Rob Zombie

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  • Again rejoicing Nature sees Her robe assume its vernal hues Her leafy locks wave in the breeze, All freshly steep'd in the morning dews.
    -- Robert Burns

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  • The Weimar system appeared to me like a father who locks his little boys in a room and stirs them up against one another and says: 'Beat each other up as much as you want.
    -- Robert Ley

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  • "You are old, Father William," the young man cried, "The few locks which are left you are gray; You are hale, Father William, a hearty old man,- Now tell me the reason I pray."
    -- Robert Southey

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  • Time wears all his locks before,Take thy hold upon his forehead;When he flies he turns no more,And behind his scalp is naked.Works adjourn'd have many stays,Long demurs breed new delays.
    -- Robert Southwell

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  • Now be silent. Let the One who creates the words speak. He made the door. He made the lock. He also made the key.
    -- Rumi

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  • Do not be misled by the fact that you are at liberty and relatively free; that for the moment you are not under lock and key: you have simply been granted a reprieve.
    -- Ryszard Kapuscinski

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  • Too many locks, not enough keys.
    -- Sarah Dessen

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  • Then I'd crawl back into bed, smelling her all around me, and tell myself that next time, I would lock that window. But I never did.
    -- Sarah Dessen

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  • When you see the crooked Warden," said Locke, twisting something in his hands, "tell hi that Lock Lamora learns slowly, but he learns well. And when you see my friends, you tell them that there are more of you on the way.
    -- Scott Lynch

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  • The function of the brain is to reduce all the available information and lock us into a limited experience of the world. LSD frees us from this restriction and opens us to a much larger experience.
    -- Stanislav Grof

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  • You nicked-named my daughter after the Lock Ness Monster!
    -- Stephenie Meyer

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  • My lips are just forming his name when his fingers lock around my throat.
    -- Suzanne Collins

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  • My mind is a warehouse of carefully organized human emotions. I lock away the things that do not serve me.
    -- Tahereh Mafi

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  • The key to success isn't much good until one discovers the right lock to insert it in.
    -- Tehyi Hsieh

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  • Many people lock a part of themselves away. It's a bit sacred.
    -- Tori Amos

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  • As soon as you find the key to success, somebody always changes the lock.
    -- Tracey Ullman

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  • Largeness is a lifelong matter. You grow because you are not content not to. You are like a beaver that chews constantly because if it doesn't, it's teeth grow long and lock. You grow because you are a grower; you're large because you can't stand to be small.
    -- Wallace Stegner

    #Long #Locks #Matter

  • You take the flotsam," I tell her, "I'll take the jetsam." You always get the jetsam,"she says pretending to pout. "Do you ever think if poeple heard our conversations they'd lock us up?" All the time.
    -- Wendy Mass

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  • My brain can think faster than I can, Im not fast enough. Who is there to talk to that wont lock me up?
    -- Youth Lagoon

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